Rewriting Your Childhood: Weekly Flow Tarot, June 23 – 27

Tarot Forecast, Jun 23 - 26

Mid-week bump:  This week has been…odd. I guess that’s the word for it, odd. Nothing happened, really. Nothing to speak of. But the vibe is…off. Like a video where the sound is just a little off sync, you know? Even today’s Gemini moon, which I was looking forward to, didn’t do it for me. I generally love Gemini moons. Today, I have the attention span of a 3-year-old hopped up on soda and Pixie stix.  I did the best I could with it.

And I took a mini-nap. Because one of my intentions has been to value and honor my natural rhythms. And my natural rhythm said stop trying to focus for a minute and just be…

As far as the forecast this week for me, personally, mostly I’ve just been thinking about these family issues. What being a mom means to me, how my mom and family has colored who and how I am. Wondering if I’m a good mom sometimes, butting in not too much, not too little, but “just right.”  I was one of those people that didn’t seek out becoming a mom. I wanted to play! Being a mom found me. I think I’m pretty good at it, most days. But then again, I have a reasonably high opinion of my opinion.

And I’ve been trying, really hard, to pick up more Lenormand! I enjoy the group we have and am really glad I opted for a private venue. It feels like coffee with some friends or something. Very nice vibe.

How y’all doing out there?

With the appearance of 3 Majors in 6 cards drawn, I know we’re looking at a week whose events reverberate for a long time after. I want to suggest you treat this week as sort of a microcosm of the life you’d like to build for yourself, you know what I mean? This week is like a play, and in extemporaneously acting it out, you’re writing the script for the coming months. Don’t script anything you wouldn’t like to sit through in reruns.

It’s also notable that the week is flanked with the Empress (as “What to Avoid”) and the Emperor (as “Negative Influences”). Venus and Mars will each have their say, and tend to a bit more than their say, apparently. With appearance of the Queen of Cups reversed (another maternal card), the Seven of Pentacles (in the “Friends and Family” position no less) and the Six of Cups reversed as an overview (nostalgia), it looks to be a week utterly brimming with issues having their root in childhood.

Is that a chorus of rejoicing I just heard? Har!

I just pull ‘em, I don’t pick ‘em, man.

Monday, What to Avoid – The Empress: Don’t fuss, muss or over-mother. Don’t jump into someone else’s creative process. Don’t pick up that pencil and finish the paper yourself if it ain’t got your name at the top. Meddling is a bad idea today! Take care of yourself and let others do the same. As I often say, butting out is an act of respect, demonstrating your faith in others to handle their own business.

Tuesday, Positive Influences – The Fool: Beginner’s mind and a fresh, unjaded outlook are the keys to exciting discovery. Curiosity and stepping forward without fear or preconceived conclusions take you the furthest. Consider the day an exciting experiment, and you are the scientist. No telling what will turn up!

Wednesday, Friends and Family – Seven of Pentacles: The emotional color of your inner circle relationships was planted long ago. If you feel good about how it has blossomed, awesome! If not, time to do a little weeding. But understand, we are definitely reaping what we’ve sown in this arena. Do you need to rethink your gardening plan?

Thursday, Future Life – Queen of Cups Rx: It’s not easy going forward. Emotional tides (sometimes enough to make you feel crazy) are to be expected. This is HOW you grow, so don’t think you’ll be able to sidestep it. But do know it’s temporary. What washes in, also washes out. Let it flow. A hot bath, peaceful music or a glass of wine are Dixie-approved coping mechanisms today. Drunk-dialing, not so much.

Friday, Negative Influences – The Emperor: Control freaking, a BAD idea. Dictators can expect a coup. Don’t put your foot down unless you’re okay with a potential revolt resulting. Ultimately, the person it’s most important you be able to control is yourself. But you know this!

Overview – Six of Cups Rx: Nostalgic moments from eons ago aren’t quite a magical the second time around, you know? I want to say a lot of the function of this week is learning to see our past with new eyes—adult eyes. Some bits of the past lose some of their luster looked at from an adult perspective. But some of what towered as insurmountable, you’ll find much less imposing. There’s a bittersweet feel to this process to me.

Affirmation: It is natural for my body to be well. In the context of the weekly flow, seek to heal whatever is “unwell” instead of living your life with a limp. This can be (and often is) an emotional limp, naturally. But the task this week is realizing that you don’t need to walk funny anymore. If you’ll skip the bossy-boss routine and focus on yourself, you will be able to make strides potentially releasing some very old angst. That’s worth a few scrapes over, if you ask me.

The bonus here is that your physical health may well improve for your efforts.

Do you see something different in this week?

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02/02/14: Knowing Better / Fool Reversed

Fool Reversed

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”
Henry David Thoreau

I am really digging this Deck of 1000 spreads for the dailies. It makes the focus so easy. A reversed Fool paired up with “What to take from the past” almost writes itself.

Learn from your former naivety, inexperience and wishful thinking. It’s not about self-denigration, which is useless anyway. It’s about growth, damnit! Guilt and embarrassment are deflating. Looking with new eyes is empowering. I think you know which I would advocate.

Because otherwise? You’ve wasted some perfectly good pain. I’m all about using the pain as strong medicine, man. No sense letting it go to waste.

Do you “know better” now?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

Deck of 1000 Spreads
by Tierney Sadler Schedule a session with Dixie.

12/04/13: Shocking the Fool!

Funny to see The Fool (associated with Uranus) show up right after The Star (associated with Aquarius).  What I was just saying about The Star applies largely to The Fool as well: readers love to pick and choose only friendly, sunshine and flowers interpretations. But breaking this vibe down, it’s easy to see how it’s just not that simple.

Electricity improves our world in countless ways, even saving lives. Electricity also takes lives. The difference is not in the current, but how it’s applied. Electricity is Uranian energy. The energy of the Fool is electric! The journey of the Fool is simultaneously thrilling and terrifying, both with good cause.

That adventure the Fool sets off on, so happy and carefree? It WILL change his life forever. But there’s no telling if it will “make him” or “break him.” The answer to that question is entirely up to the Fool. You dig?

Expect shocking news, or perhaps a completely unexpected opportunity. Know the option is incredibly powerful, sudden, and absolutely without guarantee. You have to make the call yourself, if the risk is worth the potential benefit. I’d suggest the best argument could be made for “yea” if you’re in it for the experience and knowledge versus a specific outcome. Experience you’ll get! A specific outcome, the outlook is much more hazy. So it more or less depends on your goals here.

Are you looking at a sudden opportunity?

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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11/10/13: Travelling a Path Not Walked / Fool

Fool New Beginnings Psychic Tarot Oracle

Well, Mercury is going direct. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of y’all are still integrating from that eclipse not so long ago. Scorpio season is serious business! And what do we have here but the Fool, arriving in the guise of “New Beginnings.”

It’s no secret I have a special place in my heart for this energy. Hello? Notice where you’re at? “A Fool’s Journey” is not a name I picked randomly.

I don’t think I know it all. Hell, even when I “know” something, I don’t assume I “know-know” it. As in today’s final word is the tiny piece of the puzzle upon which tomorrow’s “getting a clue” is based upon. And next week, well, that clue has become a stepping stone to a greater truth.

That’s not only the way I like it, but it’s the only conclusion I’m comfortable with. I don’t want to be a guru, because gurus have to sit high upon a throne and preach. Gurus have to know everything and only get talk about the landscape. I want to take it in, every little bit of experience. I want to be a tour guide! Helping those I can but always walking the path at the same time. My taste for travel grows with each new adventure.

I’ve you’re stepping into a whole new world of new beginnings…well, you know better than I do, what that’s about. Embrace it, because it’s exciting! Keep a walking stick handy to lean upon—that’s a framework of how you see the world at present to support your step. But don’t become so dependent upon the stick that you lose use it as a crutch instead.

The thrill isn’t the specific destination. It’s the personal expansion due the travel experience, you know?

Are you travelling a path not walked before?

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards: a 65-Card Deck, plus booklet!
by John Holland

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09/25/13: Listening to the Dog / The Fool

The Fool Steampunk TarotDo you know where you’re going? The Fool doesn’t have a clue, beyond the idea it’s an adventure and it’s definitely outside known definitions of reality. That little white dog friend provides both companionship and the barest of protections in the form of timely warning barks if the Fool is inclined to listen.

It doesn’t matter if your journey is physical, psychological, or spiritual. The destination is uncharted (at least in your world) and the approach is in curiosity and anticipation. On the flip side of the trip, the Fool may feel damned foolish for not realizing how demanding or perilous the journey actually proved to be.

But the Fool does have help. His dog is like a direct connection to his soul, in a tiny, humble little package.

The little white dog can “bark” via intuitive messages—nudges, gut feelings, serendipitous circumstances or apparently random occurrences. Look for those occurrences that sort of stick in your head, ring in your ears, just somehow feel weightier and more noticeable. Those are the barks of your little white dog! The extra punch is your clue, these communications are meaningful.

The dog’s senses are keen, and he can smell trouble—or dinner—before it his your consciousness.

Have you noticed  “barking” before? Did you heed it?

Steampunk Tarot
Barbara Moore and Aly Fell

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08/22/13: Detour, Damnit! / Fool Rx


Damn it! The Fool is upside down, about to fall off his funny, friendly cat. I’m getting the feeling of a grand adventure, once undertaken, and shit just ain’t going right!

Here’s the thing to understand, down and dirty for my foolish friends on a schedule: where you thought you were going may NOT be where you need to go. Things happen the way they do for a reason, grasshopper. You start your trip full of optimism and wonder, maybe with a clear idea of what “arrival” means.

Except things don’t go the way you expect! There are forks in the road, and turns that are not marked and…complications. Life is bloody well rife with complications.

Does it mean you’re an idiot? Hardly!

It may not feel like the trip you planned, but you can bet your ass you’re going SOMEWHERE. And you’re learning something in the process. Embrace the scenery where you are. Listen to those birds and smell the flowers and for God’s sakes, look around! Because even if you’re off-itinerary at this point, you’re still moving.

So alter your schedule if need be, embrace the detour and make the most of the trip you’re ON now to get that Foolish energy flowing upright.

Are you finding yourself on a detour?

Tarot: The Complete Kit
by Dennis Fairchild

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