08/15/13: What are you waiting on? / Fool Rx


The Gaian Tarot is a very soft, gently-pagan flavored deck with modern scenes. I would find it a stronger choice for personal development work than most readings, although I’m sure many disagree. That’s just my preference for reading decks; I have Scorpio and am comfortable using decks with bite. While Osho Zen smacks you in the face, Gaian politely taps on the shoulder to invite you to a drum circle. There’s nothing wrong with drum circles. I may even enjoy one sometimes. But when I’m getting down to business reading, I prefer the edge.

That having been said, here we’ve got the Fool reversed, in the avatar of the Seeker. The butterfly symbolism on her jacket is pretty self-explanatory—transformations, yo—and she’s accompanied by a fox instead of a dog. The mountains in the background are reminiscent of the traditional fool, vistas to climb. But the element of danger, standing on the edge of a cliff, is replaced by a winding but apparently safe if narrow path.

I want to ask, what is holding you back from getting started on pursuing your goals? It’s all laid out in front of you. You’re already packed. Yes, there is some unknown there but if there were not, you wouldn’t be nearly so enchanted with the adventure now, would you?

Ask yourself, “Why am I waiting?” If the reason is not good, get going! If it is valid, address it. Either way, don’t use lack of definition to maintain the status quo.

Are you hesitant to get started?

Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert; this deck is not going to be reprinted so if you fall in love, get one while you can!

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08/06/13: Charged Messages / Fool


Buzzed. Transmitting. Alive. Crackling. CHARGED. This is what I’m seeing in this version of the Fool from the Zodiac Tarot, focusing exclusively on the Golden Dawn’s astrological association of Uranus. Here we’ve got a radio tower sending out waves.

Tarot readers like to look at the Fool as all sunshine and roses of a grand adventure but he’s not. Pessimists may look at the Fool as clueless, naive or idiotic, but that doesn’t capture the full spirit, either.

The Fool is neither all light or all dark. The Fool is potential, possibility as of yet unrealized. One thing you know about the Fool for certain, however, is that the journey undertaken will effect change.

There is electricity in the air and the messages transmitted pack a punch. These words going out today? They can change you. However, like the broadcast from this tower, the power of messages today is not in the words themselves. The real power lies in the heart and minds of the listeners. Words not heard have no impact. Without fail, the Fool’s journey is a personal one.

Are you feeling the charge?

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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04/18/13: Confused? Good! / Fool reversed


The Fool reversed makes me think a little of the Hangman reversed—confusing! Is he on a grand adventure, or is it a grand display of Foolishness? Maybe a little of both, I’m thinking. When we’re amidst a “foolish” period in our lives, it’s not always obvious, y’know. And even when it seems clear, perhaps not.

I’d say, don’t jump to conclusions. Keep your sense of adventure and wonder intact, absolutely. But also, be sure you’re open to new information. What you’re sure you know, you may not. What you’re sure you’re ignorant of, you may grasp more clearly than you realize.

Keep on walking ahead absolutely, but cautiously and be ready to question any sacred cows you’ve got home in the pen, you know?

Confused yet? Then you’ve got the idea! Because the big advantage of feeling confused over people that are feeling certain is that you know enough to seek clarity through additional information. This is your signpost to keep your eyes peeled and not dismiss notions simply because they don’t fit into your paradigm. If anything, stretch your paradigm to fit the facts.

Are you feeling confused?

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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11/24/12: Wilderness Unexplored | Fool, Wheel

IMG_2346 (498x620)

When my husband asked me to marry him—“Do you think we’ll always love each other this much?”—when I enrolled in college for the first time (and second, and third) , when I realized I was pregnant, and when I started reading Tarot professionally…all these were very, very foolish moments in my life. Take that declaration to mean whatever you like. It’s true on many levels.

Each represents a particular crossroads, a decision point that would end up having far-reaching impact in my future fortune, but I never knew exactly how. That’s what comes to mind with this card combo for me.

Okay, so I got the Wheel upside down in this picture. I’m ignoring that for now, okay? Or maybe not. I just don’t usually read reversals with this deck. Either way, it pairs up with the Fool quite nicely. The minimalistic Transparent Tarot provides self-explanatory butterfly imagery with a pure, white rose for the Fool. The Wheel is depicted as a Native American medicine wheel, meant to incorporate all in the circular symbolism.

When you start on a new path, a very Foolish journey, you have absolutely no idea what you’re going to learn from it. It very, very often is NOT what you set out to learn! What looks like good luck may be bad luck, and what looks like bad luck may well be good. Whether the Wheel here is read upright or reversed doesn’t make much difference in this context.

It’s all part of the trip, the cycle of life, the journey of education. It’s all part of our individual evolution. I’m good with that.

I’m also finding myself once again at this place, with my own journey of learning and personal belief structure. I’m not as disturbed by it as I have sometimes been, more syncing up with the higher sides of the energy, the joy and anticipation of stepping out into a new wilderness area, never explored. I like that!

Are you feeling this energy in your life?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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07/29/12: Mama’s still talking! | rev Empress, rev Fool


Damn! You ever get the impression the cards are trying to tell you something? We’ve got the Empress (again!), this time reversed, along with a reversed Fool. I think I should blame this on Mercury and Uranus being retrograde. Don’t you? Ha!

Let’s go with the short and sweet today: Care for yourself first, MAKE the time for creativity and self-nurturing. This is how you move along your path, not via head-banging and hand-wringing and pushing through. Otherwise, you’re stuck, baby. Divine inspiration comes via imagination, joy, and seeps into the empty spaces in our lives.

If you don’t clear some space for it, there is no where for it to go. That’s what I’m thinking.

So, what do you make of this? Why is the Empress haunting us lately?!

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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02/28/12: New Beginnings


“We come to beginnings only at the end.” William Throsby Bridges

Ah, one of my favorites—the Fool! Or New Beginnings, as portrayed in the Psychic Tarot Oracle deck. Ruled by Uranus modernly, there’s only one thing you can say for sure about the Fool: there will be surprises!

I’ve got some of my own fresh starts underway, and I feel good about them. They are both scary and exciting at the same time. The only way I know how to manage is calling upon some faith. Innocence, dropping preconceived notions, being OPEN to whatever revelations spirit can provide. Meditate, pray, and step out into the future with

But I’m interested in YOU today. Do you have any new beginnings underway?

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards: a 65-Card Deck, plus booklet!
by John Holland

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