12/04/13: Shocking the Fool!

Funny to see The Fool (associated with Uranus) show up right after The Star (associated with Aquarius).  What I was just saying about The Star applies largely to The Fool as well: readers love to pick and choose only friendly, sunshine and flowers interpretations. But breaking this vibe down, it’s easy to see how it’s just not that simple.

Electricity improves our world in countless ways, even saving lives. Electricity also takes lives. The difference is not in the current, but how it’s applied. Electricity is Uranian energy. The energy of the Fool is electric! The journey of the Fool is simultaneously thrilling and terrifying, both with good cause.

That adventure the Fool sets off on, so happy and carefree? It WILL change his life forever. But there’s no telling if it will “make him” or “break him.” The answer to that question is entirely up to the Fool. You dig?

Expect shocking news, or perhaps a completely unexpected opportunity. Know the option is incredibly powerful, sudden, and absolutely without guarantee. You have to make the call yourself, if the risk is worth the potential benefit. I’d suggest the best argument could be made for “yea” if you’re in it for the experience and knowledge versus a specific outcome. Experience you’ll get! A specific outcome, the outlook is much more hazy. So it more or less depends on your goals here.

Are you looking at a sudden opportunity?

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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11/10/13: Travelling a Path Not Walked / Fool

Fool New Beginnings Psychic Tarot Oracle

Well, Mercury is going direct. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of y’all are still integrating from that eclipse not so long ago. Scorpio season is serious business! And what do we have here but the Fool, arriving in the guise of “New Beginnings.”

It’s no secret I have a special place in my heart for this energy. Hello? Notice where you’re at? “A Fool’s Journey” is not a name I picked randomly.

I don’t think I know it all. Hell, even when I “know” something, I don’t assume I “know-know” it. As in today’s final word is the tiny piece of the puzzle upon which tomorrow’s “getting a clue” is based upon. And next week, well, that clue has become a stepping stone to a greater truth.

That’s not only the way I like it, but it’s the only conclusion I’m comfortable with. I don’t want to be a guru, because gurus have to sit high upon a throne and preach. Gurus have to know everything and only get talk about the landscape. I want to take it in, every little bit of experience. I want to be a tour guide! Helping those I can but always walking the path at the same time. My taste for travel grows with each new adventure.

I’ve you’re stepping into a whole new world of new beginnings…well, you know better than I do, what that’s about. Embrace it, because it’s exciting! Keep a walking stick handy to lean upon—that’s a framework of how you see the world at present to support your step. But don’t become so dependent upon the stick that you lose use it as a crutch instead.

The thrill isn’t the specific destination. It’s the personal expansion due the travel experience, you know?

Are you travelling a path not walked before?

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards: a 65-Card Deck, plus booklet!
by John Holland

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09/25/13: Listening to the Dog / The Fool

The Fool Steampunk TarotDo you know where you’re going? The Fool doesn’t have a clue, beyond the idea it’s an adventure and it’s definitely outside known definitions of reality. That little white dog friend provides both companionship and the barest of protections in the form of timely warning barks if the Fool is inclined to listen.

It doesn’t matter if your journey is physical, psychological, or spiritual. The destination is uncharted (at least in your world) and the approach is in curiosity and anticipation. On the flip side of the trip, the Fool may feel damned foolish for not realizing how demanding or perilous the journey actually proved to be.

But the Fool does have help. His dog is like a direct connection to his soul, in a tiny, humble little package.

The little white dog can “bark” via intuitive messages—nudges, gut feelings, serendipitous circumstances or apparently random occurrences. Look for those occurrences that sort of stick in your head, ring in your ears, just somehow feel weightier and more noticeable. Those are the barks of your little white dog! The extra punch is your clue, these communications are meaningful.

The dog’s senses are keen, and he can smell trouble—or dinner—before it his your consciousness.

Have you noticed  “barking” before? Did you heed it?

Steampunk Tarot
Barbara Moore and Aly Fell

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08/22/13: Detour, Damnit! / Fool Rx


Damn it! The Fool is upside down, about to fall off his funny, friendly cat. I’m getting the feeling of a grand adventure, once undertaken, and shit just ain’t going right!

Here’s the thing to understand, down and dirty for my foolish friends on a schedule: where you thought you were going may NOT be where you need to go. Things happen the way they do for a reason, grasshopper. You start your trip full of optimism and wonder, maybe with a clear idea of what “arrival” means.

Except things don’t go the way you expect! There are forks in the road, and turns that are not marked and…complications. Life is bloody well rife with complications.

Does it mean you’re an idiot? Hardly!

It may not feel like the trip you planned, but you can bet your ass you’re going SOMEWHERE. And you’re learning something in the process. Embrace the scenery where you are. Listen to those birds and smell the flowers and for God’s sakes, look around! Because even if you’re off-itinerary at this point, you’re still moving.

So alter your schedule if need be, embrace the detour and make the most of the trip you’re ON now to get that Foolish energy flowing upright.

Are you finding yourself on a detour?

Tarot: The Complete Kit
by Dennis Fairchild

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08/15/13: What are you waiting on? / Fool Rx


The Gaian Tarot is a very soft, gently-pagan flavored deck with modern scenes. I would find it a stronger choice for personal development work than most readings, although I’m sure many disagree. That’s just my preference for reading decks; I have Scorpio and am comfortable using decks with bite. While Osho Zen smacks you in the face, Gaian politely taps on the shoulder to invite you to a drum circle. There’s nothing wrong with drum circles. I may even enjoy one sometimes. But when I’m getting down to business reading, I prefer the edge.

That having been said, here we’ve got the Fool reversed, in the avatar of the Seeker. The butterfly symbolism on her jacket is pretty self-explanatory—transformations, yo—and she’s accompanied by a fox instead of a dog. The mountains in the background are reminiscent of the traditional fool, vistas to climb. But the element of danger, standing on the edge of a cliff, is replaced by a winding but apparently safe if narrow path.

I want to ask, what is holding you back from getting started on pursuing your goals? It’s all laid out in front of you. You’re already packed. Yes, there is some unknown there but if there were not, you wouldn’t be nearly so enchanted with the adventure now, would you?

Ask yourself, “Why am I waiting?” If the reason is not good, get going! If it is valid, address it. Either way, don’t use lack of definition to maintain the status quo.

Are you hesitant to get started?

Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert; this deck is not going to be reprinted so if you fall in love, get one while you can!

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08/06/13: Charged Messages / Fool


Buzzed. Transmitting. Alive. Crackling. CHARGED. This is what I’m seeing in this version of the Fool from the Zodiac Tarot, focusing exclusively on the Golden Dawn’s astrological association of Uranus. Here we’ve got a radio tower sending out waves.

Tarot readers like to look at the Fool as all sunshine and roses of a grand adventure but he’s not. Pessimists may look at the Fool as clueless, naive or idiotic, but that doesn’t capture the full spirit, either.

The Fool is neither all light or all dark. The Fool is potential, possibility as of yet unrealized. One thing you know about the Fool for certain, however, is that the journey undertaken will effect change.

There is electricity in the air and the messages transmitted pack a punch. These words going out today? They can change you. However, like the broadcast from this tower, the power of messages today is not in the words themselves. The real power lies in the heart and minds of the listeners. Words not heard have no impact. Without fail, the Fool’s journey is a personal one.

Are you feeling the charge?

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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