02/16/12: Experience Collectors | Wheel & The Fool


I love this combination of cards. Minimalist illustration, but pointed message! We have the Fool (Uranus) and the Wheel (Jupiter).  Our journey, our personal growth, comes from existing, accepting, and LIVING. Not from seeing, knowing, or controlling.

The Fool is all about potential, not guarantees. He’s the ultimate blank slate, trusting, unknowing, walking toward his destiny, wherever it make take him. And the Wheel heralds changes of fortune, whether you consider them result of Karma or fate or God’s will or utterly agnostic luck. Ups, downs, and in between, the Wheel promises nothing but change.

49239-the-value-of-sharing-your-wisdom-and-experienceCombining these energies gives incredible possibility. If you let go of outcome and start existing in the experience itself, you can find peace. Regret lies in the past; worries live in the future. Without attaching to either, you’ve got access to your full energetic allotment.

How much easier non-attachment is! There’s less to carry, less struggle. Less strife, if we approach live as an ever-evolving cycle, where our job is simply to grow by virtue of the experience. This is what we’re here to collect, not outcomes.

Experience, well consumed, grows the soul. I believe that’s why we’re here in the physical plane. Each life, we come, transform, learn and grow by virtue of experiences. Being a good “Earth student” means attending fully to each moment.

Go forth and live!

Do you usually live in the moment, or someplace else?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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01/10/12: Taking the Window | The Fool


“If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade.” Tom Peters

Today’s Tarot is The Fool (Uranus), numbered 0 or in some decks, presented without a number at all. He is everything and nothing—a blank slate, innocence, pure potential. Much as readers usually welcome The Fool, it’s not like he signals sheer, unbridled joy.

He just can. Or not. It really depends on how things progress, you know?

I see the Fool often to herald an opportunity, an open window. NOT a guarantee of what you’re going to find on the other side, though! Only that it will change you somehow. The Fool arrives to mark the beginning of a path that will alter who you are, what you believe to be real, change your destiny.

But always, it’s about your choices, your path. You know?

Know when the Fool arrives, you have the option of taking his journey. Know that it consists of the unknown! Realize, you’re arriving innocent and without a real understanding of where it will end up. What you learn along with way will afford you more personal control (as you get to the Magician), but starting out, that just isn’t there.

Deciding to take this trip is an act of Faith. That’s what you need to pack up and sling across your shoulder before setting out—your faith. It will come in handy. Honestly, it’s all you need.

Are you seeing “Foolish” opportunities in your life?

Tarot: The Complete Kit
by Dennis Fairchild

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01/01/12: Happy New Year! | Advice for 2012, Zodiac Spread

“Celebrate what you want to see more of.” –Tom Peters


In honor of the New Year, I did a simple Zodiac spread for 2012! One card for each of the houses and an overview card to pull it all together from the fun Housewive’s Tarot deck. It looks like we’ve got some challenges ahead, but Tarot’s advice should help us skim the most difficult with minimal bruising. So let’s get busy!

Houses 1 – 4


1st House/Self– Rev Page of Swords: Cutting edge? Only if you’re not slicing indiscriminately, friends. No snarky for sheer shock value; that backfires. Push outmoded boundaries, yes, and you’ll get somewhere. Elsewise, you may be sending a message you didn’t intend.

2nd House/Value – Five of Pentacles: You may not be able to hold on tight to every plate you’re juggling. Fair enough; it happens, man. But you can ask for some help sweeping up. That will make you feel better. And don’t forget, broken plates or no—you still have dinner. It’s worth being grateful over.

3rd House/Communication– Rev Ten of Swords: The worst has already been said. No place to go but up from here. You can get started by acknowledging what’s really about you and what’s SO not.

4th House/home and Family – Eight of Cups: You’ve had more than enough emotional stimulation. Back off already. Better yet, switch to decaf, and your loved ones will thank you.

Houses 5 – 8


5th House/Pleasure – Five of Wands: Everything competes for your attention! Schedule downtime, fun, and especially time with a partner. It keeps your stress levels below critical mass. Recreation is a constructive outlet for tension.

6th House/Health – Rev Temperance: Eat better, get some damn sleep already, and go easy on the booze, okay? You can fit exercise into your schedule more easily if you combine it with other activities.

7th House/Partnerships –Rev Page of Pentacles: Don’t be too nitpicky with others, and don’t take them too seriously if they’re nitpicky with you. Mars is going to be in Virgo and while, and anal retentiveness is just unnecessary fighting, right there. Be discriminating.

8th House/Reincarnation –Six of Pentacles: Whatever you give out reproduces and multiplies like mad this year. Bear that in mind when you’re deciding what treats to hand out.

Houses 9 -12


9th House/Philosophy – The Hanged Man: Drop the constraints on what you “know” to be true to expand your perspective. “Infinite” is a lot to grasp, after all. Release ideas, people and situations that limit you.

10th House/Social Status – Ace of Cups: Your reputation proceeds you. And it’s precisely rooted in how you make others feel. Be gracious.

11th House/Friendships – The Fool: Friends help you find a whole, new you. Especially those who you hook up with through do-gooding enterprises. Being a good citizen of the Universe pays dividends.

12th House/Self-Undoing – Seven of Cups: Beware seeing only what you want to see or think it’s safe to see. You may be operating unconsciously by rules that no longer apply. Avoid drunk-dialing—fewer hangovers that way.

Summing Up 2012

IMG_1928Eight of Swords–It looks to be a demanding year on many levels. But I’ve got to say, if you feel like the kabob, it your own doing. Not trying to be unkind—I consider that good news! What you’ve done, you can also undo.

I won’t lie to you. It will take a little work, and you could get nicked up in the process. But if you make a point of staying kind and connected, you’ll have plenty of support through the rough patches. There will also be fewer rough patches. And the best part is, the growth you do en route sticks. It’s SO worth it!

What are you expecting for 2012?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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12/06/11: Perils of Adventure | The Fool

“For there is a price ticket on everything that puts a whizz into life, and adventure follows the rule. It’s distressing, but there you are.” Leslie Charteris

20111130_111319Today’s Tarot is the Fool (Uranus)—one of my favorites! Why, I even named the site after him. Ha! But you know, much as we Tarot people love to spin up all sunshine and flowers, this card does have his downsides.

The Fool doesn’t point to instant, effortless traveling. He’s mere potential, a blank slate. Meaning he has the capacity for unbridled good…or unbridled disaster! He’s undone, unfinished, undetermined. He’s off on his trip, taking a leap of faith. But inherent in any leap of faith is the possibility you may fall flat on your face. So be aware. RISK is involved in working with the Fool.

I’m not saying it’s not worth the leap anywho! It may well be. I’m just saying the Fool’s perch is somewhat precarious by it’s nature. In our jubilation to celebrate an exciting new journey, you have to expect there will sometimes be rocky patches. Bumps, you know? Don’t be blindsided when you hit a few.

Soooooooo…if you see the Fool, understand the nature of his energy. It’s a grand adventure for sure, a Hero’s journey you’re undertaking if you travel. You will find out things about yourself you never dreamed of—but you may not like all you find. The new vistas definitely come at a price. I tend to consider the costs worth paying, but then again, I’m pretty big on personal growth. It’s kind of my gig.

You have any foolishness going down?

Tarot: The Complete Kit
by Dennis Fairchild

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11/27/11: Take it as it Comes! | Rev 6 Cus, The Wheel, The Fool


Today’s Tarot forecast is a 3-card spread from the lovely Legacy of the Divine deck: reversed Six of Cups (Sun in Scorpio), the Wheel (Jupiter), and the Fool (Uranus).

Don’t get stuck in what you used to want. Does it still suit you? Rather, embrace today as it comes, knowing full well this IS a grand adventure. To see it as anything less is to shortchange yourself. You get what you get and your success is not so much what comes down the pike, but in what you do with it.

So face it all, head on and with foolish optimism. Who knows what you might do if you don’t accept anybody’s word on what’s possible?

Are you ready to face the future?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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11/10/11: Travel Slowdowns | The Fool Reversed, Six of Cups


Today’s Tarot forecast is the Fool (Uranus) and the reversed and the Six of Cups (Sun in Scorpio). These are from the lovely new Rosetta Tarot. Pretty, huh? I was a little disappointed to see the Fool on my first official draw on them since I’ve just featured the card, but whatever. I know better than to talk back to Tarot!

When I see the Fool reversed, I usually ask, “What’s in your way? What’s blocking you from YOUR journey, your path?” Because while the Fool isn’t always sunshine and roses despite what Tarot readers might like to say, he IS about freedom, adventure, and a path of personal discovery. So upside down, he’s being held back somehow.  Paired with the Six of Cups, there’s almost a sense of being held to a particular vision of days bygone, your definition of perfect.

The strength of the Fool lies in his lack of definition, his blank slate. Instead of saying, “This is how it has to be,” look at plugging into the sense of adventure. This is where you get to the same FEELINGS as the Six. It’s the feelings you want to work with here, not the form. The energy is what you’re trying to lasso, not how it comes into being.

How’s your trip? Smooth flow or bumpy roads, or a little of both?