Everyday Tarot, 06/26/11: Where do you put your faith?

daily-forecast-transparent-tarotPulling up the cards now that I selected for Everyday Tarot a couple days back, they seem way too much in sync with a reading I did yesterday. But of course, there must be a lesson in there for the rest of us. Else, we wouldn’t be seeing it now.

Today’s daily Tarot forecast is another three card spread from the Transparent Tarot.

  • Five of Cups or “Lord of Loss in Pleasure,” associated with Mars in Scorpio
  • The Hanged Man or “The Sprit of the Mighty Waters,” modernly associated with Neptune
  • Seven of Cups or “Lord of Illusionary Success,” associated with Venus in Scorpio

With both Scorpio and Neptune energy involved, we’re talking about deeply rooted feelings, and the choice lies within the Hanged Man’s watery realm—escape versus transcendence.

Escape is like remaining in the cocoon, telling yourself how perfect everything is outside. Transcendence requires acknowledging the spilled cups, allowing yourself to feel those pain it in expectation it will lead to transformation. Neither are especially easy.

I guess the real answer is in where you lay your faith—is it in the power of your desires to shape your experience or the power of your love to heal whatever hurts arise?

What do you see here? Do you know where your faith lies?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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Hanged Man Says, “Transcend it, Baby!”

Hanged Man Tarot

From a reading–the “Take home” message:

The Hanged Man is all about letting go and having faith. It’s a lull, a time when it’s not only safe to rest and release what’s been worrying you, but also a time that’s actually the most effective strategy.

Things HAVE to take their course naturally and they are, right as it should be. When you see the Hanged Man, you know everything is stable and you answer any anxiety with exercising faith.

So when you find yourself asking, “Should I be bitch-slapping someone about now?” he would gently suggest transcending. So sayth the Tarot.

What do you see?