New Tarot Deck: Tabula Mundi

Some of you may remember the Thoth-inspired deck I posted about once upon a time ago, the Rosetta Tarot. Well, the same artist, M.M. Meleen, is working on her second deck. It’s called Tabula Mundi Nox et Lux edition (black and white/line drawings). Right now it’s Major Arcana/ black and white only, although eventually she plans to release a fully colored, full deck version.

This is another Thoth-y flavored deck in terms of inspiration and symbolism. And if you’re interested in getting a grasp on the esoteric symbolism, I would highly recommend getting the book to go along with the deck. I have the Rosetta book and it’s BEYOND obvious the woman knows her stuff, with a very in-depth treatment of the symbolism behind each card. It’s so rare to find decks where the creator is both a gifted artist and a gifted Taroist. But I’m confident that’s what you can expect from this one.

Here’s a little peek into the deck’s birth, with an time lapse video showing the creation of several cards.

How cool is that?!

What do you think?

Relative Ruin 10 Swords

From the archives: pulled up an old piece with a few more 10 of Swords thoughts…

I was talking to a client who also reads card for others. She was talking about a recent gig, noting an absence of the light and frivolous.

“It’s heavy out there! Every single one of these people were facing life-altering situations.”

I’ve noticed the same thing, but added that I’m of seeing many folks deal with an amazing amount of grace anyway. Hard times come and go, but integrity and character sustains. So keep your handy!

Ten of Swords, dubbed “Ruin” in the Thoth deck. Even though it’s associated with sun in Gemini, this card doesn’t scream Gemini to me at first glance. But that doesn’t mean the Gemini’s not there. Swords are Air, after all, so realize we’re in the realm of thought. You can reframe, intellectualize or think your way out here. It’s the Gemini prerogative!

You see this card most often when we’ve hit overkill—backstabbing or reaction to perceived backstabbing is complete (and possibly over the top). There’s nothing left to rescue. The only thing left is pulling those swords out, one at a time.

When I see the Ten of Swords, significant pain is given. But I also know we’ve hit the worst of it, right there. Status quo ruined, yes, but YOU are still breathing. There is nothing else to lose. Healing commences the second you realize that.

Realize, that puts you in a very powerful position.

You have any Ten of Swords thoughts?

10/01/12: Stability via Flexibility | Adjustment


“Balance” isn’t something you go out and buy at the store one day, forever to have it displayed on your mantle. It isn’t the result of an eventful afternoon of meditation or a single spiritual insight. It doesn’t come about courtesy an epiphany of the soul that arrives via dream one day. It’s a very active, ongoing proposition.

The Rosetta Tarot is usually as close as I venture to the Thoth deck. I am not (and will probably never become) a Thoth Chick, but I do at least see the value in exposing myself to the work and decks inspired by Thoth, such as this one.

Here we have Adjustment, also known as Justice (Libra). It’s all in the balance, man! While we traditionally consider justice being about fairness—Libra likes that!—here, it’s not fairness in the sense of right or wrong, but a management of polarities that creates equilibrium.

Adjustment here shows a portrayal of Maat, the goddess of Truth. In her scales are the Alpha and the Omega, or in other words, the beginning and end, suggesting an all-encompassing quality about her energy.

This energy is not a static proposition—the word “adjustment” itself implies constant weighing, shifting from one side to another in order to maintain the equilibrium. Flexibility is in order here. Stability comes directly from flexibility and willingness to change. Like tacking on a sailing trip, forever correcting for the waves and winds, you arrive at your destination courtesy of your willingness to make adjustments as you go.

Can you use Adjustment to your advantage now?

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01/07/12: Thinking it to death? | Prince of Swords


“One must marry one’s feelings to one’s beliefs and ideas. That is probably the only way to achieve a measure of harmony in one’s life.” Napoleon Hill

Today’s Tarot is the Prince of Swords, associated with Air in Air. (As the equivalent position to the Page, I’d normally associate him with Earth in air, but this is a Thoth-style deck with Thoth-style attributions.) Holding both a sword and a sickle, this fellow slays his ideas almost as fast as they arrive. He’s got the whole “thinking something to death” down pat!

When you don’t have full information, it’s easy to conjure up ideas to fill in the blanks, one after another making up a flurry of mental activity that doesn’t really mean much of anything. The prince here reminds us that all ideas are not created equally, but they may be getting equal attention. Look in your life for what he’s missing: the emotional threads running through the ideas, to help give weight (read: energy) to those worth feeding. Let the others go, cutting them from your life.

Time to call on some Earthy superpowers! Channel your inner Virgo (everybody’s got Mercury SOMEWHERE) to discern, dissect, and discriminate your ideas. Group like-minded thoughts together to get a feel for the general direction of the energy. Organize, classify, and prioritize here, and you’ll manage to ground some of those ideas into something that resembles a reality, now or soon.

The Prince of Swords is brilliant, and has outstanding powers of reason and perception. USE those powers to your full advantage by discriminating, and you’ll be adding weight to the best ideas. That’s where you can move ahead.

You have a head full of ideas that need sorting? (I do!)

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11/13/11: Devil’s in the Details! | The Devil, Knight of Disks

“I want to know all Gods thoughts; all the rest are just details.” Albert Einstein


Today’s Tarot Forecast is the Devil and the Knight of Disks from the colorful Rosetta Tarot (now available for purchase). As clarification, this is a Thoth-style deck where the Knights are equivalent to the RWS Kings—they are the Queen’s consorts, associated with fire-y part of the suit. Which kind of bugs me, since it makes the Queens seem like cougars, but nobody asked me. So this “Kingly” Knight is associated with Fire in Earth.

When I saw this combo, first thing leapt to mind is “the Devil’s in the details.” Usually, that phrase means details matter, but I’m thinking there is a devil on the flip side as well. Sometimes, we can get stuck, all myopic over such little, insignificant bits and pieces of life when the whole, the big picture is much different. We can suck away days and nights focused on minutia when the reasons behind the attention in the first place get all but forgotten. At least, if we have Virgo, we can!

If you’re feeling stuck, trapped, tied down, hemmed in, or otherwise thwarted, review your goals. Maybe it’s a type of insanity to keep doing the same things and wondering why they don’t magically start working differently. Try reviewing your decisions, but work backwards from the objectives to strategies for achieving them. Or maybe ask yourself if your goal is worthwhile still, and working for you? Because frustration is often a sign you’re getting stuck. Most times, there is a way out. Look to what really matters most, and dismiss the trivia. It streamlines your life and makes best use of available energy.

Do you get hung up or worked up over little things?

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Rosetta Tarot: Thoth and RWS “Love Child”

Rosetta Tarot The Fool Card

“The Fool is the archetypal initiate, a Dionysian or Bacchus figure stepping through a portal formed by a revolving Ouroboros. His number is zero, and as a representation of the Alpha, and also the Omega, he relates to the Zero Point of the zodiac which is both the beginning and the end.” -Book of Seshet

I’ve been watching the new Rosetta Tarot for a while now, following the artist’s progress. She describes it as the “Love Child of Thoth and RWS,” with Thoth ending up dominant. That doesn’t surprise me. Thoth is kind of like that, from what I can tell.

I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on it, because…well, it solves a problem for me.

I’ve always felt I “should” become better-versed in the Thoth and really, all things Golden Dawn–it’s the foundation of so much of today’s Tarot–but I never really had my heart in it. I have a Thoth deck, but it sits in a drawer. I like less abstract artwork. So much Tarot occult material feels heavy and dense, like I should set aside a few years to sort it out. It just didn’t call to me. So I’ve been waiting, for when it speaks to me a little louder, with a more appealing tone, I suppose.

The Rosetta Tarot provides the same arcane wisdom I’ve felt important to explore, but with that “more appealing tone.” The color scale and correspondences are Thoth and Golden Dawn, but the artwork provides some of what made RWS so enduring. And with so many mediocre decks out there, it’s always refreshing to see the work of an artist who is also truly a student of Tarot. I relish the education that lies within, hidden between well-formed lines. The deck will have a companion book, Book of Seshet, explaining the symbolism in detail.

One notable feature is choice of artistic mediums–the Major Arcana and each suit were created in mediums appropriate for that suit’s qualities.  Details like this serve to further infuse the suit’s energy in the cards. From the Rosetta Tarot site:

“The Major Arcana as the element of spirit, with their plasticity and elastic nature, were done as original acrylic paintings. The suit of Wands as the element of Fire and thus wood, were done in a combination of colored pencils and acrylic. The suit of Swords as Air were done in a dry-point etching technique…The Cups as Water were done in a mixed media technique of watercolor, water-based ink and acrylic. The Disks as Earth were done in oil pigments (which come from earth) and acrylic. The acrylic in all suits ties together the look and the spirit element of the cards.” –artist, M.M. Meleen

I’m very much looking forward to working with this deck, and will no doubt be featuring it in Everyday Tarot when it’s available. The deck is finished, and will probably have a limited edition release from the artist before it’s picked up by a publisher for mass distribution. Keep informed by signing up for the email list on the Rosetta Tarot website.

How does this Fool strike you?

(Artwork and excerpts used with permission.)