02/13/12: Private Moments |3 of Cups, Queen of Cups

“Truth should not be forced; it should simply manifest itself, like a woman who has in her privacy reflected and coolly decided to bestow herself upon a certain man.” –John Updike


Today, we have the Three of Cups (Mercury in Cancer) and the Queen of Cups (Water in Water)—looks a bit sloshy! The Transparent Tarot’s layering creates a very interesting composite. While the communication (Mercury) is full of feelings (Cancer), the watery Queen seems to be a bit in her own world, off to the side. Not surprising, as the Queen of Cups sometimes retreats to her own world.

She feels much more than she says—and her celebration may well be a private one. Look to events having not only a community impact, but also a very personal meaning as well. This is neither right or wrong. Just a reminder—you don’t  know what’s in someone else’s head or heart. I’m not saying you or need to know or there is some deep, dark secret. Only that each individual has their own path. Have faith that you get what you need, and may everyone else, as well.

Are you seeing (or having) private moments?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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