Perspective with Plans / Weekend Flow, May 31–Jun 1

May 31 Weekend Flow

Are you feeling the shadow of Mercury Retrograde yet? I’m seeing little signs of the next retro coming in now (June 7-July 1). I’ve got myself a boatload of Mercurial goodness, so I tend to tune in to his schedule anyway. But I’m thinking he’s already planning his retrograde hijinks now that the shadow has started. Be ready to think on your feet!

With two Pentacles cards and one from the Wands suit, it’s going to be a good weekend for grounding activities—going outside, exercising, cooking, gardening, or everybody’s favorite, sex! Being fully present, in the moment and in your body, along with a go-with-the-flow approach, helps keep life pleasantly on course this weekend.

Saturday, Reversed Three of Pentacles: Expect social plans going slightly awry. Flexibility has the potential to be the saving grace of the day. I wouldn’t expect an apocalyptic mess. Just don’t overreact to last-minute schedule changes or unexpectedly unavailable cohorts. I’d also avoid a rush to judgment over this behavior, because it’s likely the facts are not in.

Sunday, Seven of Pentacles: Patience IS a virtue today. The vibe favors long-term preparations of any sort. Of course, no question it would be a great time to work in your garden—that’s what the guy pictured is doing! But it’s also a good time to go grocery shopping, or update your budget (Pentacles, hello!) or wash clothes for the coming week or organize your closet by season and color. (Sorry, that was a Virgo moment we just had there.) The point is that anything you do today to make tomorrow easier has an especially solid payoff. But you’re totally good standing back and admiring your progress prepping for the future, too.

Coping, Queen of Wands Reversed: Avoid stubbornness or temper tantrums. I’m seeing the possibility for blurting criticism with immediate regrets to follow, so watch your mouth, eh? Too much type A behavior and you may be apologizing to somebody before the weekend is through!

Affirmation: “I see my parents as tiny children who need love.” Now, that’s kind of an odd affirmation (to me), but it’s interesting in the context that of something that’s been on my radar—how very much we carry our childhood with us, and how unconsciously. We give our parents such power over our own self-definitions, when in truth they are every bit as jacked up as we are. Sometimes more. We carry that into our relationships with one another and our own children.

In the context of this weekend’s forecast, that affirmation suggests knee-jerk reactions or out-of-kilter emotional responses that crop up may be connected to old childhood issues. And what’s more, your folks probably didn’t have any better idea of how that impacted you than the people that could be triggering the same thing now.

Does this fit with your weekend?

 Tarot Illuminati by Eric Dunne & Kim Huggens

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04/23/14: Follow that Scent / Lovers Rx, 3 Pentacles Rx

lovers reversed 3 pentacles reversed meaning

“Why am I dealing with this AGAIN? I thought I was done with it years ago!”

That’s what I’ve heard myself saying and it’s not a fun place to be. It is disappointing or even infuriating to realize that you aren’t as “over it” as you thought you were. Intellectually, maybe we know everything is not so simple as we want it to be when we’re cleaning house. But emotionally, it still doesn’t feel great. Some things take years to process and I don’t like it!

Hell, some things take damn near lifetimes to process. It is what it is.

Two cards fell out together for today’s draw, and the suckers were both reversed. But what are you gonna do, man? We have the Lovers reversed and the Three of Pentacles reversed, both paired with “mind.”

What do I want to say about this? We’re getting there. We don’t have it all put together yet. It’s not clear how the revelations of the last few weeks fit into the master plan, the bigger picture of our lives. But most people are at least going to have a whiff of what it all means by this point.

Follow that scent. You may not be able to identify all of individual components yet, but it will still show you where dinner is being served.

Have you gotten a whiff of things to come?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

[Trimmed and Glittered]

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04/11/14: Surprising Mixed Feelings / 3 of Pentacles Rx

3 of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Do you harbor a secret desire to see the work of the planning committee go down the tubes? Maybe the desire is that you haven’t even noticed? Because “Unconscious Desires” paired with the reversed Three of Pentacles suggests something along those lines. It’s unknowingly hoping plans do not come to fruition.

My advice for coping? Try to make the unconscious conscious. When you don’t know why you are feeling as you are, it can make for colossal confusion. Much better to understand where YOU are coming from before trying to figure out where everybody else is coming from.

Look within to see what you’re really rooting for, deep down inside. If you find yourself secretly relieved when plans get cancelled, hoping the planning committee fails, and especially if you’re surprised by these feelings, there is something deeper.

Don’t get personal, ego-related concerns mixed up with the bigger picture. I’m not saying don’t HAVE them. Hello, being a human being! I’m just saying know what you’re rooting for, and why.

Are you being surprised by mixed feelings?

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02/24/14: Outside-the-Box / 3 of Pentacles Rx

3 of Pentacles Rx

The “answer” is not what you planned with the Three of Pentacles reversed. There is a road to success in view, a virtual climb up the ladder, but it’s indirect. Think “around” instead of “over.” Think letting someone else take bows while you stroll off with the prize during the interminable speech-making.

Outside-the-box approaches have advantage over plans as laid it out today. Mutables, you are in your element.

You seeing plans going…all odd?

Tarot Nova Mini

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11/22/13: Micromanaging? / 3 of Pentacles

3 of Pentacles

This don’t always go as you plan, but that doesn’t make planning useless. It gets thing started, gets the wheels of manifestation spinning, and begins the process.

On this version of the Three of Pentacles, I can’t help but notice the length of paper the woman holds. You think she’s overthinking this project? Is that level of detail helpful or overkill?

Only you can decided what’s needed for your project. I will say, however, that flexibility and an ability to “go with the flow” will serve you well, no matter how carefully you plan. Because often, life will hand you something much different that what you’re expecting.

At least, that’s how it’s worked for me. I would be surprised if it worked differently for you, though. But this is a good reminder for me, as I can over-rely on the seat-of-my-pants techniques. A balanced approach would take into account a larger plan while remaining open enough to accommodate changing conditions.

Do you plan it all out or fly by the seat of your pants?

Tarot Illuminati by Eric Dunne & Kim Huggens

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10/07/13: One Step, One Step / 3 of Coins


No valid plans for the future can be made by those who have no capacity for living now. –Alan Watts

The Three of Pentacles is always an encouraging sight to me—it’s the gift of planning! By carefully working out the physical (Tarot Pentacles) details one by one and refining the specifics of your plan as you go and gain information, you can make real progress.

The trick is to keep doing as you’re planning, even if you don’t quite know the end result. Plan, do and adjust, man. Do pay attention to details but do not let the scope of the job overwhelm you.

One step, one step, one step strung after another and the next thing you know, you’ve taken a great journey! This card doesn’t assure us everything will necessarily go according to our plans, but clearly points out the benefits of planning anyway. And that’s good enough to recommend the practice.

Are you working on a plan? Is this how it’s working for you?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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