Not Driving that Car: Weekly Flow Tarot, Jan. 5 – 11


To me, this is an almost invisible weekly forecast. It’s like the most important stuff going on is between your ears, you know? Not that is unusual in and of itself, but it’s pronounced this week. We’ve got 3 Major Arcana cards, so the week is officially a big deal. And all the other suits are represented. Hence, some variety.

But another thing that jumps at me, both the affirmation card and the advice/overview card give the same, very clear directive: Go with the flow and do not try to control it. Ride, don’t drive. And backseat (or passenger seat) driving counts!

Monday, Significator – Seven of Swords: Self-deception is definitely a temptation today. This can go either way, incidentally. You can decide you’re being so much more awesome (or blameless) than you really are, or you can decide you totally suck and take responsibility for what’s not yours. Just try to sidestep the temptation by prodding yourself to back up self-assessment with facts today, okay?

Tuesday, What is Hidden – Temperance: You don’t see everything that’s gone into the mix. If something doesn’t make sense today, understand there are other factors that you cannot see. Partial information, and hidden influences at play. Sit tight.

Wednesday, Future Life – Judgment Reversed: Who did what ceases to be as important once the mess is cleaned up. I’m reminded of a quote I cannot find at the moment, about ignorant people seeking to lay blame, whereas the wise seek to find solutions. It’s relevant to understand how things happen, sure. But who’s at fault matters a lot less than how to clean it up.

Thursday, Friends and Family – Three of Wands Reversed: Loved ones are dealing with their own disrupted plans. Doesn’t mean the world is blowing up, but they may be distracted or under stress. Be kind.

Friday, Health – Ace of Pentacles Reversed: Improvement on the health front is likely, but more needs to be done. Ace of Pentacles would suggest food and exercise is relevant. Hello, New Year’s Resolutions!

Saturday, Present – Seven of Cups Reversed: Confusing! Reversed, the Seven of Cups doesn’t say you’re being fooled. It says you cannot TELL if you have a clear view or not.

Sunday, Lesson – Justice Reversed: Sometimes circumstances are not fair. Sometimes people don’t seem to get their due. But this lesson isn’t so much “life isn’t fair” as I’m reading it; I’m taking it as a notice about how life responds to our personal sense of balance and groundedness. If you’re not balanced, your life is not, either. Get yourself aright, Grasshopper!

Advice/Overview – Five of Wands Reversed: It’s not worth fighting what happens this week, simple as that. Not worth fighting family or friends. Not worth fighting to have everything just your way. Look for calm, Zen, peace this week. Let events unfold. Don’t try to force. Be the grass in the wind, not the brittle branch, okay? That’s your assignment.

Affirmation – I let go of all expectations. Pretty self-explanatory, huh? Don’t try to script out the whole “life movie.” Take what comes and look to find what you’re grateful for not only each day, but each morning, afternoon and evening. Allow the Universe to do it’s thing. You may as well accept the Universal schedule because seriously? No other choice.

Zen is the keyword this week and I’d repeat that affirmation–I let go of all expectations–over and over every time you feel anxious. It’s a good one.

How’s your week looking?

Not Driving that Car: Weekly Flow Tarot, Jan. 5 - 11 1 Not Driving that Car: Weekly Flow Tarot, Jan. 5 - 11 2 Not Driving that Car: Weekly Flow Tarot, Jan. 5 - 11 3 Schedule a session with Dixie.

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Optimistic Resolutions: Weekly Flow, May 26-30

Weekly Tarot May 26 - 30

Well, I’m delighted and relieved to see a more pleasant outlook for the coming week than I got for the weekend! Plus looks like a nice day off for those of you who get that sort of thing. I’m expecting an active week with those Wands showing up and the generally active tone of the overall forecast. Possibility of some sort of resolution on Friday. Overall, this week is feeling optimistic!

Monday, Ten of Cups: Great day for relaxing with loved ones, friends and family alike. Looks harmonious and happy. Yay!  Be sure to let the folks around you know how much you appreciate them. It will be well received. Caveat: Any time we’re talking Cups, there may be alcohol flowing so please, no unnecessary risks.

Tuesday, Three of Wands: A day of expectation. Look for news, feedback or an update coming in on something you’ve initiated previously, especially via mail although not necessarily. Most likely it’s positive, and deserved. This card often foretells a payout of some sort. Hope that’s how it works out for you!

Wednesday, The Hierophant: Well, it’s the New Moon in Gemini, and the Hierophant would TOTALLY approve of a spiritual ritual of some sort. New Moons are for new starts. What do you want to start? If you can incorporate traditional symbolism into the mix, it will be all that much more effective. In the everyday, muggle world, make any calls you need to make to big institutions today, tie up loose ends and present yourself conservatively and traditionally. Your best bet is going old school.

Thursday, Five of Swords: I often struggle with this card, trying to decide who is defeating whom. But here, I want to say the victor will be the one who has the clearest communication and sharpest ideas. So if you’re facing off, have your points outlined and stick to the facts for the best outcome. Quick, concise and to the point for the win.

Friday, Eight of Wands reversed:  Good chance what you thought was up in the air, not so much! I’m seeing this as a likely conclusion to something or end to uncertainty.

Affirmation for the week: I love and approve of myself. It’s so easy to play what-if, second guess and doubt ourselves to death. I’m horrified at some of the self-talk I hear—people tell their Tarot readers things, you know. I often suggest that people treat themselves with as much kindness, compassion and understanding as they would a good friend. Because some of the things people say to themselves, they would never dream of saying to their dog, let alone another human being.

First of all, forgive yourselves your mistakes. We all make them, and you don’t get the privilege of doing without. And secondly, it’s much easier to approve of yourself if you do your best. Your best today will probably be better than your best last year or last week. That’s not a reason for self-scorn. It’s evidence  of growth.

So cut yourself some slack for the past and focus on doing what you can now. I’m willing to bet life will flow smoother when you do that.

How’s your week looking?

Optimistic Resolutions: Weekly Flow, May 26-30 4Optimistic Resolutions: Weekly Flow, May 26-30 5 Optimistic Resolutions: Weekly Flow, May 26-30 6Optimistic Resolutions: Weekly Flow, May 26-30 7Tarot Illuminati by Eric Dunne & Kim Huggens

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02/05/14: Oddly Wrapped Gifts / 3 of Wands Rx

Reversed 3 of WandsThe Three of Wands reversed in the “Situation” position says that (probably) through no fault of your own, what you expect may not come in the manner you expect it. This doesn’t mean your preparation is pointless. The card doesn’t show up for me at all unless there is some semblance of it’s energy present, and this card shows reasonable exception of efforts being rewarded.

Just stay flexible! Don’t have a set, preconceived notion of how everything must manifest. If you have rigid expectations of how everything must go down all the time, well…how’s that working out for you?

I know. Not very nice of me.

I would say expect SOMETHING, but be aware your dream date may arrive in an odd outfit. A gift may arrive in plain, unassuming brown paper. You could overlook a real prize if you are only open to acknowledging what you expected to show up with glitter and lace instead of truly looking at the heart of what is before you.

Also understand, what comes in is an answer to the efforts you have put out there. The expectation of payoff is reasonable. A stubborn insistence of what the payoff looks like is what will get you in trouble.

Be present, fully. Expect, but don’t put boundaries around how “it” shows up, and you will most benefit from this energy.

Discovering any oddly-wrapped gifts?

02/05/14: Oddly Wrapped Gifts / 3 of Wands Rx 8 Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

02/05/14: Oddly Wrapped Gifts / 3 of Wands Rx 9 02/05/14: Oddly Wrapped Gifts / 3 of Wands Rx 1002/05/14: Oddly Wrapped Gifts / 3 of Wands Rx 11
Deck of 1000 Spreads
by Tierney Sadler Schedule a session with Dixie.02/05/14: Oddly Wrapped Gifts / 3 of Wands Rx 12

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12/29/13: Investing in the Future / 3 of Wands

3 of Wands Tarot of New Vision

Hazards of working on the floor, aka what’s Tarot without an interfering cat?

Captain Virgo refers to putting off chores until tomorrow as “screwing his future self.” It doesn’t stop him from doing it sometimes, but he’s aware of the choice he’s making in the moment.

That’s looking at the Three of Wands in terms of cause and effect. One thing leads to another, which leads to another. Sometimes it takes a minute for the ship to appear on the horizon. That ship holds the merchandise you’ve purchased–this is another “paid your dues” kind of card. But the ship is not going to arrive if you have not made the proper arrangements, huh?

I’d advise responsibility and taking a long-term view today. Think marathon training, not sprint running. Immediate gratification ain’t gonna cut it. What you do today with tomorrow in mind comprises an investment in the future.

You’ll be damn glad you invested, when that future shows up.

Do you tend to invest in the future?

12/29/13: Investing in the Future / 3 of Wands 13 Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

12/29/13: Investing in the Future / 3 of Wands 1412/29/13: Investing in the Future / 3 of Wands 15Free Kindle version when you buy the paperback of my book.

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Off Your Arse: Weekly Video Tarot, 7/1/13

Don’t let Mercury retro keep you from doing your thing…even if your camera dies without you noticing.

Short answer: Hey, two takes, twice as good, right?!? But ANYWAY…I didn’t let a little glitch stop me, and neither should you. Get busy! Go back to the stuff you’ve been planning on getting around to “eventually” and get cracking. Put your heart in it and keep plowing through.

You feeling the need to get busy?

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Weekly Tarot Forecast, 6/24: Do Not Cling!

Oy vey! It’s another toughie this week.

Short answer: You may not be getting what you planned upon (or deserve). Don’t let that trip you up and above all, stay flexible! The nature of this energy suggests that letting go of what ain’t working is your best bet.

Are you feeling this? God, I hope not!

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