Robin Spirit Totem: Talk it Out

I’ve been seeing robins lately. For a while now…long enough for me to take notice. They are not subtle birds. They stand out. They stop. They look at me, clear and direct. I like that directness about them.

The first ones became prominent right after I’d set the intention of communicating from my heart. Does that seem like a trivial intention? It’s not trivial to me. Because sometimes it’s hard, to communicate from the heart. Harder than you’d think.

“The male American robin, as with many thrushes, has a complex and almost continuous song. Its song is commonly described as a cheerily carol, made up of discrete units, often repeated, and spliced together into a string with brief pauses in between. The song varies regionally, and its style varies by time of day….The robin also sings when storms approach and again when storms have passed. In addition to its song, the American robin has a number of calls used for communicating specific information such as when a ground predator approaches, and when a nest or robin is being directly threatened.” – Wikipedia

The robin’s song is often said to sound like, “Cheerily, cheer up, cheer up, cheer up.” This upbeat song, along with the Robin’s tendency to be one of the first birds to announce the arrival of spring, I’m seeing as encouragement to remain optimistic.

Singing is very important to the robin. In fact, territorial battles between robins are generally carried out in song. Physical confrontations are unusual and largely symbolic. Sort of like when I smack my husband for being difficult. Largely symbolic–but unlike the robin’s gestures, not too unusual and utterly ineffective.

Robin's Eggs Spirit TotemThe Robin’s eggs are a beautiful powdery blue, a color associated with the throat chakra. It’s interesting that their song is reserved for the spring, mating season, although warning calls when threatened are year round. And the poor female robins are both lighter in color and cannot sing the spring song, but do make the warning call.

There is no mistake to be made however: robins are communicators! Robins make excellent totems for writers, public speakers, and others who need to communicate with special effectiveness, or who make their living in the public eye (or ear).

Robins have notable hunting methods, too. They often hunt on the ground, with a run-and-stop pattern. Run, stop, cock their head a bit, and nab! Different sources attribute their success to visual cues of prey, listening, or using other skills. Personally, I like to think the robin is tuning in to intuition before a nab.

Robin Spirit AnimalIn mythology, Robins are frequently associated with service, sacrifice and spirituality–as when earning the red breast via injury when trying to remove the thorn crown of Jesus. Some Native American tribes considered robins to be connected to the sun because of their red breast or their brightly colored beaks, a reminder to speak only the highest truth. The white around the eyes indicated clarity of vision and prophetic ability. Robins were called upon when wisdom, understanding and clarity were required.

Robin tells me it’s time for new growth–spring IS here, and all sorts of new life is emerging. His pretty, upbeat song encourages me to remain optimistic. His emphasis on clear communication and speaking the highest truth reminds me to fearlessly do so as well. Actually, his timing is pretty much perfect. I can use both the encouragement and advice right now and am very grateful for his prescence.

Do you see robins? What do they say to you?

Zodiac Tarot Spread

Zodiac spread, 1 card for each house and an overview in the middle.

P.S. I’m still doing those Zodiac readings and have been really pleased with the results. So I probably will be adding them to the regular fare soon. They are just very, very practical and fun to do, too. If you’d like to get one while it’s still discounted, though, get on it!

04/22/12: Knowing your truth to speak it | Chariot

Can’t very well do a Chakra for the Everyday Tarot, but that was the first card I drew. So I followed it up with Triumph, better known as the Chariot (Cancer).  This version emphasizes the focus and dedication, not really hitting upon the idea of channeling of both light and shadow that’s often seen in more RWS-traditional renditions as white and black horses or similar. Of course, he is riding a dark horse, so there’s a hint of having mastered his darker nature, making it possible for him to ride it ahead.

Together, these cards make an excellent prescription for Triumph—speaking your truth, clearly and without embellishment. Words that come directly from the heart, words that honestly and truly convey deep conviction, carry immense power! Others may recoil (depending on your chart), but it doesn’t matter. Stay true to YOUR Source, you belief, your heart. Honestly facing both that which you’re proud of and that which you’re not so much, and staying true to both—grants even great wells of power.

The parts that feel broken, the parts that are scuffed and muddy and beat up…? Whatever feels unlovable needs love the most! Amidst reaching one’s lifetime quota of growth, we sometimes collect pockets of energy that helped us out of a fix but no longer serve. Maybe there was a threat,  pain, or a difficult situation, and we developed special coping skills. Thank the Gods, it saw us through the night. But sometimes, we cling, unconsciously long after the night is done.

Thank your mind, thank your body, for serving through adversity. Appreciate how you’ve grown through each challenge and acknowledge the love with which your soul has protected you. Then ask to release all thoughts, habits, and patterns that are no longer helpful and adaptive. Never denying what’s there, never hating who you are, it’s safe to see all as it is. You can find your truth. That’s the first step to speaking it.

Do you feel free to speak your truth? Why or why not?

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards: a 65-Card Deck, plus booklet!
by John Holland

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Gemstone Guides: Wishy-washy Aquamarine?


Aquamarine is a stone of WATER. Aquamarine is a blue-green variety of beryl, and a sister of the Emerald. The word is from the Latin words “aqua” and “mare,” meaning water and sea respectively. Like the sea, some are blue and some are green.


Heat treatment makes this stone more blue…

Associated with psychic abilities, intuition and healing, it’s also used for protection for traveling by water—place one in a container of water for a protective amulet. Like water, it’s also used for cleansing and purifying emotions and charkas. It can help you manage emotions and find relief, washing away worries and overwhelm. It’s used for managing fear and dealing with tidal emotion. Pisces and those with heavy Neptunian influences would likely find this an especially friendly stone.

This stone can actually feel like waves, washing over and around you as you hold it. (Or at least, it does to me!) Not drowning, but more like a seashell on the beach, when the tide comes in. There’s a sense of flowing, acceptance in this stone’s personality, you know? It seems sympathetic and soothing.

It’s most associated with the Throat Chakra–which cracks me up, as I notice all these stones I have been picking up lately seem to be associated with the Throat Chakra. Like I need help in running my mouth? Ha!

Physically, Aquamarine is used for cleaning and purifying the digestive system and any fluid elements of the body. It’s also long been used for vision and eye health.

Caring for your Aquamarine—this is a fairly hardy stone that doesn’t require special handling. For energy cleansing, I would suggest water. Go figure.

Do you have or use Aquamarine? Do you like this stone?

Gemstone Guide: Soft Wings of Angelite

Angelite Gemstone ProperitesBefore I write about a gemstone, I like to take it out and play with it a bit. Getting attuned, reminding myself of the impressions it leaves. Grabbing my little Angelite ball, I noticed how very similar it  feels very similar to Celestite. Good reason, it turns out. It’s formed of Celestite under pressure, over millions of years.

This stone is actually named Anhydrite, but commonly known as Angelite. “Angelite” is from the Greek word  “anhydra,” meaning “without water.” It’s a sedimentary mineral that forms in massive rock layers, without water it’s in crystal structure.

Angelite is known as a stone of awareness.  Associated with Aquarius, it’s used for communication with angelic guides, connection to the unseen realms, ethereal knowledge and development of psychic abilities. Think higher perspective. Astral travel, vision quests, and protection during these types of endeavors would be considered a good use of this stone.

For healing, Angelite’s associated with the regulation of water in the body, weight, throat concerns, the thyroid, and circulatory and blood-related issues. It’s also said to impact the auto-immune system and be helpful for inflammation.

The stone has a very soft, soothing feel about it. I find it gentle and calming. It’s said to help align the physical body with the auric body. It’s also associated with the Throat Charka, so it’s a good stone to help you speak your truth.

This is a lovely stone for meditation, to help connect to higher realms and retain a sense of being protected at the same time. It’s as peaceful as being enveloped in an angel’s wings.

Caring for your Angelite: physically, this is a soft stone and should not be left in water, as that will damage it. I’d also avoid storing it with anything abrasive (i.e. not storing in a bowl of sea salt).  This gentle stone wants gentle handling.

Do you use Angelite? What do you think of it?