Chariot & Tower Reversed: Productive Obstacles

Everyone’s life is filled with those outcomes that didn’t work as expected. I would venture a guess that the ratio of works-as-expected vs. not is minuscule. But that doesn’t mean you’re off track.

Those relationships that broke up, or the jobs that fizzled or the plans that fell apart may have been upsetting. But in the bigger picture, they become a part of the fabric of who we are and they contribute immeasurably to outcomes. How much drama and pause they offer, however, is up to you.

When what I want isn’t coming together, I find it good to remind myself that what IS happening is still useful. And that’s pretty much the topic this week.

Next Week in Tarot

Our weekly outlook is the Chariot, with advice coming in as the Tower reversed from The Good Tarot. Two major arcana cards (and especially these two) makes me think the week is likely to feel eventful and significant.

The Chariot is associated with the zodiac sign of Cancer the crab. One thing I often find with the Chariot: success is assured with follow through, but progress will be indirect. Crabs move sideways.

The black and white horses on this card (shown as Sphinxes on the traditional Rider-Waite deck) are both shadow and light–suggesting the conscious use of all forces and inclinations to guide the journey. There’s no right and wrong implied: only an overriding goal.

And the Chariot is always taking it’s rider home. It could be a new home certainly, but consider the newness as reflecting a deeper truth, a more honest rendition of identity. Things are moving ahead, even if it seems like the process is taking a very meandering course.

The reversed Tower for advice tells us not to freak out and scrap everything in the midst of trouble. Expect PRODUCTIVE disruption. Understand that what’s happening now is part of the overall process and not “certain doom,” okay?

I know. That’s easier to say than to do. But perhaps taking a step back and a few deep breaths will be helpful anyway. When is it not?

I also think it’s worth noting, the Chariot is numbered 7 and the Tower reduces to a 7 as well. Tarot sevens point to powerful force, stamina and challenge as being central to achievement.  The key to mastering the sevens is following your inner guidance and convictions, even if that isolates you from the approval of others. Definitely, Tarot Sevens are a call to follow the guidance of heart and let the rest of the world do what it will.

Slow-go is better than no-go. In the obstacles, delays, and setbacks we learn and accomplish so much that is usually vital for our ultimate success. And hey, who doesn’t want “ultimate success?”

It’s all a part of the journey, man. Accept it as such, seek it’s usefulness and the trek will be much more pleasant to traverse.

Are you seeing indirect motion?

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04/01/14: Acute Inflammation / Tower

Tower - Body

Ow! Who the Hell wants to see the Tower—and especially THIS version—paired with a “body” position? This card practically screams pain.

I’m going to call this acute inflammation. The Tower’s fall shows us weak spots that have been heretofore glossed over. It can be unsettling and abrupt. But it is what it is. Problems cannot surface that never existed.

Now obviously, this being a public-at-large forecast, not everybody reading this is going to have the same body condition to deal with. But do understand plenty are under major stress at the moment and said stress does wear people down physically. Factor this in to your choices and reactions. Allow for it. Schedule for it. If you are being hit, take this shit seriously. Look after your physical health.

And if you are not being hit, do what you can to support those that are. You’re either in the trenches or on the support staff.

You guys know I’m not a fear-monger, so I’m sorry to be handing you “sharp.” I hope I’m off by a mile! But I don’t like this one much. Please be extra mindful of your well-being out there.

Y’all doing okay?

rosetta-tarot-cards (500x525)

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12/31/12: Tools for Disaster | Tower


“Trusting our intuition often saves us from disaster.” Anne Wilson Schaef

The Tower—this one with an inset image or a cocktail party—kind of says it all. Do you see the storm brewing? Hear some thunder? Hear the sounds of apocalypse around the town? Feel the wind tremors of the walls?


Yes, I know I’m a ray of freakin’ sunshine. But what would you rather have? An always-sunny weather report, or one that’s potentially useful when inclement?

This is a hard card to deal with, even a pink-haired Tarot Pollyanna must admit, but sometimes, little warning is all we’ve got and as such, it’s damn valuable. Upon the Tower’s appearance, expect disruption of a significant scale and be as flexible as possible, ready to bug out and change plans on the turn of a dime. But don’t go all hopeless when whatever falls has to fall. That’s not the same as no more parties ever. Just that particular party coming to an end.

Many times, it’s not a complete shock if you’re paying attention, but that’s not always true.

Either way, willingness to release self-imposed restraints (the lesson of the Devil) and hope for the future (the promise of the Star) are some of your best allies and navigating Tower energy. Reconsider your addictions and start making adjustments now. Use your intuition and stay tuned in and ready to go with the flow. That’s how you handle it.

You feeling this (hope NOT)?!

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The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead

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11/17/12: Don’t be Static Cling! | 6 Wands rev, Tower Rev

I tend to do single-card draws for the Everyday Tarot, because they tend to be sharper, more focused. But when the Six of Wands showed up reversed, I wanted a clarifying card to further advise. An inverted Six of Wands is like a close-but-not-quite success, and I hoped we could find the path to finish that trip! Hence the reversed Tower follow-up card.

Have you refused to see the writing on the wall for a bit too long? That’s when a smack-down is most likely. Even something healthy and helpful and right, if not released when the time comes to move on, causes problems.

The past is just that…past, done, over. History indeed matters, but part of the import is for instructive benefit. Don’t cling to yesterday’s vision of reality, and you’ll hit the mark instead of getting stuck in almost-but-not-quite territory.

You ever lost the prize over not being ready to move on at the right time?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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05/20/12: Homework after the Crash | Tower, Knight of Pentacles

the tower tarot knight disks rosetta

If life comes crashing down around your feet, there IS a reason. No need to obsess, sure, but do pay attention what went down, okay? There are many grains of wisdom to be harvested here.

Those remaining in the Tower for the crash generally have colluded by ignoring clear indications something isn’t right long before any crisis. Take some time in the aftermath of chaos to reflect and review. The Knight of Pentacles often considers priorities and values.

What do you really want to manifest in your life? Is everything about how you live, whom you spend time with, what you do on a day-to-day basis, supportive of that vision?

Do you find gems of wisdom after after a crash?

rosetta-tarot-cards (500x525)
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04/16/12: Vigilant Attention | Rev 4 Swords, Rev Tower

Don’t nap on the job, Happy Housewife! Otherwise, you may miss early warning signs that Jell-O mold is gonna come crashing down. Then everybody goes without dessert. Ha!

I mean, okay. I’m not one to tell you not to take some time to yourself. I consider time off a schedulable responsibility. It keeps you sane, and operating at your best. But still, it behooves us to remain aware, of where we’re standing.  Are there areas of you’re life where you’re not solid? Anything wobbly? Now’s your chance. Shore yourself up there before you end up with a mess, okay?

Any parts of your life need special attention right now?