If you’re having a bad day…

So you’re having an awful, terrible, upsetting or overwhelming day? Don’t just be miserable. Pull out some coping skills and give ’em a working! Here are random ideas to manage, in no particular order:

  • Gratitude listing. Yes, I know you’re probably not in the mood. But it pretty much always helps, and fast! If you have trouble coming up with anything, then make it into a game to find the most creative, ridiculous or imaginative things to list. I guarantee that you will feel better (and maybe get a chuckle out of it).
  • Quiet time-outs. If you can get a few minutes to yourself, do some deep breathing. Visualize something peaceful and beautiful. Breath out bullshit and breathe in peace.
  • Got Prayer? If you are a pray-er, it’s a good time for it! Release your worries. This technique works even better if you’re able to follow it up with a nap.
  • Shield thyself. Use the force, Luke! You don’t need emotional waves from others right now, whether the stress is generated from without or within. Take deep breaths and visualize them forming a translucent shield all around you, including above and below. I dig blue or golden hues, but use whatever colors you prefer. Fill it with light.
  • Smudge ’em if you’ve got em. Because it helps. Incense is a good backup choice. If you have neither, try to at least get a good smell going on around you.
  • Turn on the tunes. Music has wonderful power to alter our emotional states. So get your jam on.
  • Chocolate therapy. Okay, maybe it’s not your healthiest choice, so skip it if need be. But chocolate therapy or wine therapy for most are less risky than retail therapy.
  • Keep it in perspective. Most often, we’re talking time-limited stress that is mucking with our Zen, man. Use the situation as an opportunity to practice your skills in staying grounded, centered and calm. Because really, you need to be able to call on those skills not just in quiet time, but in stressful time, too.
  • Remember the point. Why are you where you are, doing what you are doing? If you can shift your frame of reference from pain to point, you’ve got something to work with in shifting your feelings about it, too.
  • Mantras are awesome. Have a favorite affirmation? Dig Ganesha? Find yourself a mantra that resonates and repeat it, aloud or under your breath. It helps attune you to a more pleasant frequency and tune out the yuck.
  • Draw and destroy. Create a symbolic representation of your stress. Doesn’t matter what as long as it works for you. Then tear it up, burn it, stomp it out or otherwise obliterate it. This is a little bit of magic and yeah, well, magic works.
  • Scrub it off. Baths or showers (with cleansing herbs if you have some, or pure intention if not) are MAGIC. Envision the water carrying all that ugly stress down the drain.
  • Tea time! Herbal teas are another great choice. Drink it or bathe in it, I don’t care. Just pick calming varieties.
  • Grab some sparkle! Gemstones are great for helping alter the mood. I love Rose Quartz to address an agitated state, and a rough cut can feel good turning over and over in one’s hands when it matches a rough mood.
  • Breathe. And breathe some more. Deep, long breathing, in through the nose on a count of 4, hold 4, exhale 4.
  • Tree-hugging. A few minutes outside does wonders. Actually hugging a tree is great but if it’s too…conspicuous, well, try to touch a tree, plants, or walk with your bare feet on grass. Imagine the stress and excess energy funneling into the Earth. This doesn’t hurt the Earth, by the way. Momma Earth can recycle that fertilizer into something beautiful, man!
  • Look for the lesson. I know, I’m being annoying as Hell with that one. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to feel pain without getting a benefit of it. And you can usually find one, if you look.

Do you have any favorites to add?


1-Card Tarot: Lilliput Wonders, What to Release?

“What or who should I let go of?” -lilliput

Open to whatever we can get, gotta love that! Let’s give it a go…

Short Answer: Whatever “truth” you etched in your soul after the “big breakup.” It’s not so true and it costs you. Hope that helps! Much love.

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Patty’s less stuck but…Video Tarot

“You did a reading a few months ago – I was stuck….struggling business and not great relationship. I feel like I’m handling things better, so not stuck so much, but in the icky place where things are transitioning and there’s still no bright side. Some days, it feels so awful, I’m not sure if I’m moving forward or sliding backwards in order to avoid the ickiness. Would love any advice — last time was very helpful. THANKS!” -Patti

Patty, I’m SO glad the previous reading was helpful. Let’s see if we can get you shifted to the next level!

Short Answer: Before, the issue was largely centering on other people’s negativity about you that you consumed and accepted as your own. You cleaned out much of that and felt encouragement, but you haven’t yet replaced it with more affirming messages to create the reality you want. Fear also plays a role here. Affirmations can help you become more aware of your strengths and rewriting that internal dialogue to something more empowering.

Hope that helps!

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Spring Cleaning Yourself a Void

Y’all know how I talk about my 3-times rule, right? Something hits my radar three times in a short span, I pay attention. Right now, it’s Spring cleaning.

Kind of metaphorical, kind of literal. I don’t make a clear distinction, you know? Because that’s the magical world I live in.

Objects retain energetic vibrations. They carry echos of memory, past uses, the emotional environment. Energy sticks like a layer of reside. Think of this this way: when you get something new, shiny that you just love? You glow. You’re happy using it, and it glows.

After you’ve had it a while, and it’s not longer your “favorite,” or when you’ve replaced it with something that suits you better now, it doesn’t shine quite as bright. It’s not longer a match for where you are NOW. Not that it’s bad. Only not a match anymore. Maybe time to pass it on?

How do you think psychomotry works, man? Objects retain vibrations!

Or think of your favorite outfit, one you always feel lucky and confident wearing? Those emotions get imprinted in the material, like a layer of emotional residue. (In this case, nice residue! But it’s still cumulative.)

Words retain vibrations, even words set in the electronic mediums. So your old texts and emails? Yeah, they carry the energy they were sent or read with, still hanging around in your archives.

You want new flowers? Clear the old flowerbeds.

You want some new projects and adventures? Clear out your old ones. Finish them or let them go, but clear them out.

You want to let go of past relationships? Get rid of the words and physical objects that keep them fixed and present inĀ  your life.

ANYTHING you don’t want in your life, get rid of it’s energy in all forms.

Anything new you want in your life, make a clean space for it.

Nature fills the void. But first, you must create the void, and allow it.

Have any voids to create?

Shipping your Dirty Clothes?

I was chatting with a friend. She and her family are coming back from a long vacation; because of the airline’s high fees for extra baggage, they are shipping their dirty laundry back UPS. I found this amusing.

I joked about shipping my emotional dirty laundry via UPS. Except, of course, it would end up back home.

“That’s funny,” she says. “Nothing like getting excited when the UPS guy delivers a big box, forgetting you shipped home dirty clothes.” I wondered just a second if she were speaking from experience.

It got me thinking. Most of the time, we don’t want to deal with our own “dirty laundry.” We may box it up and ignore it or better yet, ship it off someplace else. The parents, the ex, the boss, society are all candidates! Whomever, whatever we blame for what we don’t like about ourselves, that’s who we may try to push it off on.

We want to forget all about it!

But you know what? It always comes back home. It’s not a nice surprise if you have managed to forget. And if you have sent it halfway around the world a few times before accepting the package, I’m thinking it may be a little mildewy. Better to address it more directly. Less nastiness that way.

I’ll ‘fess up. I’ve tried to offload my own dirty laundry on occasion. I am as human as anybody else. But it always, always comes home. And I do find the quicker I accept the mess as my own and deal, the easier it is to get clean. Smells better, too.

Do you find this to be true?

Pain to Teach

What if you saw those who’ve been unkind to you as teacher and helpers who volunteered to share this life, undertaking the hardship inherent in living the shadow, for the express purpose of teaching you something you wanted to learn for your soul’s growth?

Would that change anything?