Crafting your Life | Tarot Forecast, Week of 4/3 – 4/9/17

I once had an astrologer tell me that if she didn’t already know me, she’d think I was crazy (due the insane amount of Mercury’s influence in my chart). I laughed for days about that.

No denying I’ve got a touch of the crazy–the good kind that is; it’s entertaining crazy. Not the scooting-over-on-public-transit kind of crazy. My flavor of crazy would be welcome at parties. If I went to parties.

Basically once my thoughts get really moving, it’s like a barreling train. NOTHING is going to stop that train, or so it feels. The ideas! The plans! The inspiration! I want to do this and that and that and that other thing. Wouldn’t this be great?!? It goes all over the place and it moves very, very fast. It’s a wonderful ride.

Until I put the brakes on myself, that is.

How? What if this or that happens? How can I avoid this problem that I don’t yet have?

That bucket of cold water gets dumped right onto my steam engines, ending the thrill ride prematurely. I don’t fault myself because it’s never been intentional, but I do try to catch myself now. Because those little blasts of “crazy” are not only exhilarating, but the inspirations are priceless to me. The are a true expression of who I really am. Not to mention, it’s a whole Hell of a lot of fun.

This week, you can either put wood or water on the fire via how you steer your emotional state. 

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With 2 of the 3 cards I pulled being Pentacles–the Moon, the Four of Pentacles and the Three of Pentacles–we’re looking at real-world manifestations. My misreading the Moon as the Sun in the video doesn’t really impact the forecast in that the elements I was pulling was still applicable to the message I felt needed conveying. I like it when I can’t get it wrong!

The short version: Emotions first. Get stable. And then plan!

Get set, stable and firm emotionally, and then work on perfecting whatever aspects of your life that you’re focusing on now. The emotional work comes first: peace, groundedness, and centeredness. In your joy, you’ll see the world more in line with how your eternal spirit sees the world. The power of that perspective gives you tremendous leverage and “luck,” as we know it. This is exactly how you move forward.

And if you’re not feeling peaceful or you cannot find a hint of calm? Well, be okay about that, too! Wherever you’re at is where you’re at, and that’s okay too, you know? There is no way to be wrong here, no way to be “too far off the reservation” to go someplace you like. It could take a minute, if you’re not in the best headspace but it’s always, always, always possible. The Universe has many ways to deliver the goods, not just that one turn that you didn’t take back a ways. The real issue isn’t where you are right now, but only that you’re improving where you are. That’s all that matters.

You could go up or down. But choosing one intentionally is a lot better that sitting back and letting what you’re seeing out in the world decide for you.

BE the being of light and love that you are, fully. This makes your life a truer expression of who YOU are, the light of your soul. Remember that you’re crafting your life, day by day. Whatever you make at any given point will carry the energy you bring to it.

How’s your energy looking lately?

Be well!

This week’s Tarot features the Transparent Tarot, and Dixie (with a shaky video-holding hand). Get a private consult here.

08/26/13: Planning to Achieve / Page Swords, Knight Pentacles, 9 Cups


Damn! One thing I love about working with the Transparent Tarot, it just reads like a story to me. Here is the Page of Swords, Knight of Pentacles and Nine of Cups, to give a lesson in achievement. So let’s cut through the bullshit and get to it, shall we?

Clarify your ideas and especially, eliminate the extraneous. Plans need to be in place, but the most critical element of planning is probably not what you include, but what you exclude.

Elimination allows focus on the details of what you truly want to accomplish. Scattered resources do not go far, but directed energy has it’s impact. From this very clear picture which fosters focused action, you achieve your wish.

Are you working a plan?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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08/25/13: Recipe for Happy Relationships / 6 Cups, Wheel of Fortune, King Cups

As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live. –Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Emotionally satisfying connections are not just a stroke of luck.

The Transparent Tarot shows a formula. Luck (the Wheel of Fortune) is built through trust (the Six of Cups)—which requires both emotional sharing (Tarot Cups), cooperative and harmonious relations (Tarot Sixes). You have to be trustworthy as well as take the risk yourself. You give what you’d like to receive, give of yourself emotionally.

The Wheel blesses the interaction, leading us to the King of Cups—he lives outwardly (Tarot Kings) in accordance with his heart (Tarot Cups). Being a king, he impacts those in his kingdom. That little leap of faith—trusting and being trustworthy—amplifies blessings for many.

Does trust come easily to you?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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Weekly Forecast 7/29: Make Some Lemonade, Trust Optional

How do you come out of a tough situation, better for it?

Short version: Going from heartbreak to trusting again is largely a choice. You can wrap yourself in your pain and snuggle in tight, or you can learn what you can from it and use the experience to grow…and to appreciate what you’ve got. Your call! (I think you know which one I’d recommend.)

And you recovering from a loss that impacted your trust?

Weekly Forecast 7/22: Do Not Meddle, Meddlers! King Pentalces, Page Swords, Queen Cups

Uh oh; is there a fix-it urge in ya?

Short version: It looks to be a rather intense week. The urge to take care of others is strong, loved ones or even random, seemingly needy strangers. But trying to make decisions for other people is disrespectful and also pretty much asking for grief because you don’t  control those decisions. Support as you can, say your piece once with whatever persuasion you can muster, and then detach from the outcomes…

Are you feeling this?

Weekly Forecast 7/15: Don’t let perfectionism stop you from acting!

Interesting, to see the weekly forecast share today’s card (although I don’t read inverted on the Transparent Tarot).

Short version: Okay, so everything may not go “just so,” but that doesn’t excuse you from action. Maybe it’s me projecting again–hello, Virgo perfectionism! But either way, I know I’m not totally alone. Don’t just think, don’t just plan, but act. Use the call of your heart to give you info on the most appropriate, effective first steps to take.

You feeling this?