Facts over Freakouts = Weekly Tarot Forecast 07/08/13

Weekly Tarot Forecast shows up as a face-off between facts and emotions.

Short version: Don’t go getting all sloshy-emotive, isolated and martyred it up. Stick to the facts and stay calm to build yourself some support.

Have you used this strategy to manage during stressful times?

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I realized much as I dig the Transparent Tarot and connect to the deck easily, I don’t normally do client work with it. It’s just too…unusual, you know? But then I thought, “Hey, why not?” Why not, indeed!

So for the next week–from now until June 14–I’ll do focused, 1-question email readings with the Transparent Tarot for $20. Normally, my briefest reading runs $35. If you’ve been thinking about getting a session but haven’t yet, it’s a good opportunity. Hint hint, nudge nudge!

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06/12/13: Transformation via Specialization / Death, 8 and 2 of Pentacles


An interesting addition on Declaring your Major from a few days ago…we’ve again got the Two of Pentacles and the Eight of Pentacles, but here they team up with Death, shown majestically as the Phoenix.

See, I do shuffle the cards! To me, it looks like an exclamation point after that message.

Moving from the place of following (or believing) EVERYTHING to mastering ONE THING leads to transformation. And probably irrevocably alters your vision of “everything” in the process.

Are you ready to specialize?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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06/11/12: Ditching Drama / Knight Cups, 4 Cups, Page Swords


One of the things I dig about the Transparent Tarot is how it seems to hand out such fluid, clear messages…here it’s the Knight of Cups, Four of Cups and Page of Swords talking.

Emotionality (and maybe a teensy penchant for drama) may be getting things carried away and leading to unnecessary dissatisfaction. Seek clarity and rationality to break free.

Are you feeling this?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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06/10/13: Faceoff and Resolution / 2 Wands, 5 Cups, Hanged Man


2_of_Wands 5_of_CupsTarot_12_The_Hanged_Man This version of the Two of Wands from the Transparent Tarot emphasizes the conflict that I’ve found lives in the more traditional versions but sometimes remains unacknowledged. It’s usually pretty well in hand (in the favor of the questioner), but this rendition shows a more evenly-matched battle of wills (Tarot Wands).

The Five of Cups shows us a sadness and grief over the situation, although it could probably be mitigated by acknowledging the areas of commonality, i.e. the three remaining cups standing upright. They are to the figure’s back here, not see or appreciated.

And for advice, we have the Hanged Man, envisioned as a cocoon in the Transparent Tarot. Wait and see what the whole situation gives birth to ultimately. There will be a transformation over time.

Have you had one of these sorts of confrontations?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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06/09/13: Declaring Your Major / 2 & 8 of Pentacles


2_of_Pentacles8_of_Pentacles First, we juggle our responsibilities, actions, needs and drives trying to keep it “all under control” in our lives. But as time progresses—providing WE are progressing, that is—we become better at what we do. We refine and perfect our craft, our knowledge and workmanship in creating our lives.

The Two of Pentacles juggler is trying to be all things to all people. Or maybe, he’s just trying to stay centered, afraid to lose touch for even a moment with the demands placed upon him. He’s managing…but just for now!

The Eight of Pentacles workman, however, is in a different place of development. He’s not a generalist. He’s a specialist! He’s focusing not on everything, but on one thing, and getting that one, main theme of his work right.

You can start with a sampling, juggling all the “truths” that come your way, giving it all equal weight and importance. But sooner or later, if you want more than to just get by, if you want to truly master any idea or concept, you’ve got to make choices. It’s like declaring your major in college.

Pick your focus and refine that skill. Once you’ve mastered it, you can return to one of the other Pentacles (or not). If you don’t, you’ll always be tired and never quite feel like you’ve truly got it.

Do you have a major focus right now?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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