06/07/13: Suffering Optional / 2 & 3 Swords


3_of_Swords2_of_SwordsOkay, stop your kvetching! I know y’all hate the Three of Swords but sometimes, there is something for the card to say and we have to listen just as closely to it as we would the Sun for God’s sakes. Here, however, it pairs with the Two of Swords. And the message I’m seeing is empowering, okay?

All that suffering? It’s primarily choice—and one of thoughts, no less. Swords are all about thinking in the elemental paradigm I use at least.

It’s instructive that the Transparent Tarot’s Three of Swords shows the figure stabbing HIMSELF in the heart with one of the swords. You get that? He’s wielding the weapon of a belief against his own heart. But it’s crossed by the sword from the figure in the Two of Swords. On the left, it suggests the past. On the right, it suggests the future. He can stop that impending stab if he chooses to reframe the experience and move forward instead of back.

So sure, if you’re got a loss, acknowledge it. Three of Swords losses tend to be real, tangible and hurtful. The object of loss generally is not coming back…Understood. But also realize how PAINFUL that loss is depends a whole lot upon you and your choices in how to parse it. What it means is up to how you interpret, after all. Loss is not optional. But prolonged suffering is optional! Choose wisely.

Do you find this pattern to be true of losses?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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06/05/13: Overriding Sword of Freedom / Ace & 9 of Swords


9_of_SwordsWell, nobody much likes seeing the Nine of Swords, whatever version we have. It’s not a comfortable card, you know? But the thing about the Nine of Swords, the isolation of this energy comes from guilt and fear, and that’s almost always connected to choice.

The Ace of Swords following here gives us an option—the power of a single thought, idea or choice for breaking free. Because while swords can wound, they can also perform surgery. And that’s how I’m seeing this great big sword functioning today.

Swords cut. They release us. Now, it may not be a release from anything we want to detach from, but swords don’t distinguish based on emotion. The steel is hard and cold. Doesn’t mean we don’t need the release.

To escape the guilt and fear requires a detachment. The Nine of Swords is associated with Moon in Gemini, which tends towards an intellectualization of emotional concerns. Let others own their own thoughts, path and life. It’s not your job to save them! Own your life instead. Back up and observe emotions, but allow the waves to freely leave once noted. Don’t hold on. Talking it out may help—Gemini is chatty!

The escape from the multiple, sharp thoughts coming at this woman’s head is through adopting a much bigger, overriding idea. This is your surgical scalpel that removes the other unpleasantness. It could be an idea of personal responsibility, or influence of a higher power, or clear understanding of what truly matters and what doesn’t. I cannot tell you what that overriding concept of freedom is for you personally. I can tell you to seek it or ask for it and let go of the rest. There’s not much you can do about it anyway.

Are you seeking freedom from sharp thoughts?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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06/04/13: Esoteric Education / High Priestess, 9 Pentacles


Tarot_2_The_High_Priestess9_of_Pentacles Well, if ever there was a combo that emphasized esoteric education, this is it! The High Priestess is the knower of secrets, and the Nine of Pentacles is the woman blessed with the benefit of education.

The layering effect of the Transparent Tarot has the learned woman lounging upon the Pentacles of learning, providing support and a substantial benefit to her, with the foundational chair appearing as an extension of that crescent moon. Below her, the book of knowledge is wide open. And she holds one of the pentacles in above, balanced comfortably on her finger.

She uses what’s she’s learned to effect change in her physical world. Brilliant!

I take this as a good time for study, especially of spiritual or esoteric matters. It will yield real-world results.

Have you been feeling drawn to study?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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06/03/13: Roadmap for Manifesting /Queen Cups, Page Wands, 9 Cups

I realized it’s been a long time since I pulled out the Transparent Tarot and it’s a fun and interesting deck to work with, so come atcha, a slew of daily forecasts from this non-traditional work. A particular strength of this deck is the layering visually suggests complex interrelationships and ideas with very simple image.

Take this one, for example…


To begin creating what your heart desires, acknowledge and feel it deep within. Let yourself EXERIENCE it fully. The action needed to bring it to fruition will reverberate within you to generate a sense of childlike wonder and excitement. This is how you live your dreams.

Do you have use for such a roadmap?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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11/26/12: Seeing what you want to see | Tower, 7 Cups

IMG_2348 (485x620)

“How often it is that the angry man rages denial of what his inner self is telling him.” Frank Herbert

Ahhhh. The fellow here from the Seven of Cups is getting ready to walk right into the Tower’s thunderbolt, huh? The signs of trouble are clearly and unequivocally before him, but he’s eyeing all those Cups…options he’d much prefer to believe.

I usually think of the Tower as representing the inevitable destruction of what’s built on questionable foundation. There’s an element of denial always present. Here teamed with the Seven of Cups, I’d say the distraction is based on seeing exactly what you want to see. You’re complicit in the avoidance.

Ouch, huh? Been there, done that, have the scars from the fallout that followed.

Pay attention! Don’t ignore what you don’t want to see, nor allow yourself to be fooled with pretty-sounding lies. Your inner self knows the truth, so don’t turn up the radio to drown it out. While it may well be uncomfortable, it’s far more comfortable than stumbling along until you get hit by lightening!

Have you been looking the other way?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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11/25/12: Abandoning the Tree of Knowledge | Hierophant, 8 of Wands

IMG_2347 (492x620)

I love the ancient tree as the Hierophant—it’s so streamlined, yet still perfectly fitting. Huge, solid, firmly rooted, it’s a wonderful metaphor for the institution of accepted wisdom and knowledge. Here, paired with the Eight of Wands, we see a figure flying through the air, apparently above and away from the tree that’s no doubt given him shelter in the past.

Start with building foundational knowledge. Study long-accepted truths and consider the wisdom of those who came before you, the accepted ways of perceiving and doing. But don’t stop there! Once you’re good and familiar with the system, go seeking your own truth.

Test what you’ve learned, compare and contrast with what others know, and in general, look to connect to the divine spark WITHIN yourself. That tree is there to provide shelter and a start. But if you only climb up the tree, there’s a built-in limit as to how high you’ll reach. You’ve got to be read to move beyond if you want to complete your adventure.

Do you stick with the tried and true schools of thought, or go your own way?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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