06/05/12: Oppressive Stability | King of Cups, 4 Pentacles and the Devil

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One of the things I really like about the Transparent Tarot is the impact of layering, one image over another. Even the simplistic artwork, the soft splashed of color, add to the overall impact in a way that doesn’t overshadow the message. Like today. We’ve got the King of Cups (Fire in Water), the Four of Pentacles (Sun in Capricorn) and the Devil (Capricorn). Think there’s some Saturn at work?

Are you sacrificing your heart’s desire, not acting on your feelings in order to maintain a semblance of stability?

When the Devil’s chains are upon you, it’s a good bet there’s fear involved. What are you afraid of?

And speaking of chains…those are your own, not someone else’s. You can change this anytime you see fit. Not that you have to, because you don’t. The point is to make it a CONSCIOUS choice to remain chained or not, understanding the decision belongs to you and only you.

Can you relate?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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02/16/12: Experience Collectors | Wheel & The Fool


I love this combination of cards. Minimalist illustration, but pointed message! We have the Fool (Uranus) and the Wheel (Jupiter).  Our journey, our personal growth, comes from existing, accepting, and LIVING. Not from seeing, knowing, or controlling.

The Fool is all about potential, not guarantees. He’s the ultimate blank slate, trusting, unknowing, walking toward his destiny, wherever it make take him. And the Wheel heralds changes of fortune, whether you consider them result of Karma or fate or God’s will or utterly agnostic luck. Ups, downs, and in between, the Wheel promises nothing but change.

49239-the-value-of-sharing-your-wisdom-and-experienceCombining these energies gives incredible possibility. If you let go of outcome and start existing in the experience itself, you can find peace. Regret lies in the past; worries live in the future. Without attaching to either, you’ve got access to your full energetic allotment.

How much easier non-attachment is! There’s less to carry, less struggle. Less strife, if we approach live as an ever-evolving cycle, where our job is simply to grow by virtue of the experience. This is what we’re here to collect, not outcomes.

Experience, well consumed, grows the soul. I believe that’s why we’re here in the physical plane. Each life, we come, transform, learn and grow by virtue of experiences. Being a good “Earth student” means attending fully to each moment.

Go forth and live!

Do you usually live in the moment, or someplace else?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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02/15/12: Passion & Compassion | Queen of Wands, Temperance

transparent-tarot -2

“Wisdom, compassion, and courage are the three universally recognized moral qualities of men.” Confucius

Today’s Tarot is the Queen of Wands (Water in Fire) and Temperance (Sagittarius)—another mixing of Fire and Water, more or less.

Temper passion with compassion. Temper compassion with passion. Stand for something, yes! Approach what matters to you with resolve and determination. This Queen wouldn’t think of anything less.

But all the while doing so, understand: other people NOT being you. They are not wrong for being not-you, any more than you’re wrong for being not-them.

You can co-exist gladly, combine your gifts with theirs, as long as you make peace with this truth.

Does it bother you when others think/act/feel differently than you?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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02/14/12: Springboard Spirituality | Hierophant, 8 Wands


“If you have a particular faith or religion, that is good. But you can survive without it.” –Dalai Lama

Happy Valentine’s Day!

One of the things I like best about the Transparent Tarot is the interpretation of the Majors—by using a single symbol for each, the meaning is distilled into a very symbolic, but graspable essence.

The Hierophant (Taurus) from today’s Tarot is a wonderful example. He stands for faith and especially, established religious traditions. He’s considered a holy, learned man—solid, unchanging, and yes, predictable. He gives shelter, comfort and continuity to many, bringing the spiritual down to earth. As our Wiccan friends could probably attest, the ancient Oak is a powerful symbolic icon for just this kind of spirituality.

When we pair  him with this version of the Eight of Wands (Mercury in Sagittarius), it creates a striking picture. This version feels less of uncertainly than the RWS, although that’s there. But with the figure riding those wands up in the sky, it seems the movement is, indeed, positive. Taken together, these cards encapsulates a spiritual journey quite beautifully.

We may well begin by studying established tradition, learning the religion of family and friends, understanding the morals, values and admonitions of our forefathers and mothers. For large parts of our lives, we may well just accept the dogma on faith.

Like Taurus himself, what we learn studying “the right way” is often solid and dependable and practical. Not necessarily exciting, but predictable nonetheless.

But once we have that understanding in hand, we have the option to take off from there! No long requiring an intermediary to commune with the divine, we can begin doing it ourselves. Our thinking (Mercury) expands (Sagittarius) to accommodate our OWN spiritual philosophy (Sagittarius). The movement’s quick (Mercury) and large (Sagittarius).

The cards today suggest using a safe, comfortable grounding in tradition as a launching pad for finding your OWN spiritual path. Once you open that door and walk through, expect your personal sense of spirituality to unfold very quickly and decisively. You don’t have to accept tradition wholesale, any more than you have to start out without any direction. Be open, listen, and learn. The sky is yours.

Does this model match how you see spiritual development?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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02/13/12: Private Moments |3 of Cups, Queen of Cups

“Truth should not be forced; it should simply manifest itself, like a woman who has in her privacy reflected and coolly decided to bestow herself upon a certain man.” –John Updike


Today, we have the Three of Cups (Mercury in Cancer) and the Queen of Cups (Water in Water)—looks a bit sloshy! The Transparent Tarot’s layering creates a very interesting composite. While the communication (Mercury) is full of feelings (Cancer), the watery Queen seems to be a bit in her own world, off to the side. Not surprising, as the Queen of Cups sometimes retreats to her own world.

She feels much more than she says—and her celebration may well be a private one. Look to events having not only a community impact, but also a very personal meaning as well. This is neither right or wrong. Just a reminder—you don’t  know what’s in someone else’s head or heart. I’m not saying you or need to know or there is some deep, dark secret. Only that each individual has their own path. Have faith that you get what you need, and may everyone else, as well.

Are you seeing (or having) private moments?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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02/12/12: Common Ground | 2 Cups, Page Pentacles


“A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity. The order varies for any given year.” Paul Sweeney

For Today’s Tarot, we have the Two of Cups (Venus in Cancer) and the Page of Pentacles (Earth in Earth). Find that sweet spot, where your goals and desires are in harmony with your partners’. THEN, move to create in the real world. Finding common ground first will make all the difference in the world.

Are you on the same page as people you’re working with?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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