02/11/12: Taking Score | 4 Cups, 3 Pentacles, 7 Pentacles


Although we welcome growth, seeing results of long-undertaken efforts (Seven of Pentacles/Saturn in Taurus) and start putting all into place as planned (Three of Pentacles/Moon in Capricorn), understand there will still be questions of satisfaction (Four of Cups/Moon in Cancer).

Is this really what you want? Did you make the best decisions? Is it everything you dreamed it would be?

Maybe so, or maybe not. But the questions themselves are proper and right. Matching up what you have with what you dream seems a pretty relent signpost, don’t you think?

Just don’t forget to acknowledge what you’ve got. It’s a time for review, learning and reassessing. But always, the time is appropriate for gratitude.

Have you been assessing your course? How’s it holding up?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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08/18/11: Procrastination in a Pretty Dress | Knight of Pentacles, Ace of Wands, Two of Pentacles

transparent-tarotI’ve said before, “Perfectionism is just procrastination in a pretty dress.” For my Virgo at least, that’s proven true. But it’s not like you can’t have some of both. It’s a good idea to find that middle ground, the “sweet spot” between careful planning and instant, impulsive action. Neither serves so well in isolation.

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08/17/11: Heartbreak to Hope | 10 of Swords, 6 of Swords, Page of Cups

IMG_1528In the middle of crisis, every trial feels permanent. Every problem feels insurmountable. And every cloud in the sky looks like a killer storm brewing. It’s not really, but it sure looks that way.

Today’s Tarot forecast is a 3-card spread from the Transparent Tarot that seems to capture that feeling in the air while still suggesting a bright spot to sail toward. I like that!

  • Ten of Swords or Lord of Ruin, associated with Gemini Sun (Sorry, Gemini—it’s not personal!)
  • Six of Swords or Lord of Earned Success, associated with Mercury in Aquarius
  • Page of Cups or Princess of the Waters, associated with Earth of Water

The upshot—yeah, there have been betrayals, overreactions, possibly double-dealing and in general, folks in the vicinity have not always acted in good faith or with your best interests at heart. Whether it was conscious or not is a lot less relevant than we may care to admit.

The worst is definitely over—time to start pulling the swords out and let the healing commence. You are moving toward new shores here, but those wounds are still healing and sometimes, they still hurt.

Know the pain is both temporary and indication of a deeper understanding. Facing up  doesn’t permanently scar emotionally—it allows you to detach so you can sail away.

The best news, though—the Page of Cups promises heartbreak heals. The sense of newness, passion and emotional openness that may seem inaccessible in this moment is coming—that’s the point of all this letting go and moving on stuff, man. That’s how you get there.

Are you feeling this? How’s your trip?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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08/09/11: Ending Emotional Stalemate | 2 Wands, 8 Cups, Page Cups

transparent-tarot-daily-forecastThere’s a lot of disruption out there. Many relationships are strained. If you want to start afresh or significantly alter the dynamics, a smart approach gives you a huge head-start to being successful.

  • Accept individual perspective and priorities differ; theirs as precious to them as yours to you. Maybe you’ve got mixed feelings or frustration over differences, but you don’t have to agree, to be respectful. You will doesn’t trump merely because it stems from you. (Two of Wands/Lord of Dominion/Mars in Aries)
  • Decide what issues can be released without abandoning yourself. Some details are negotiable where others should not be. Not every hill is important enough to die on, although some surely are. Know the difference. Bonus: it doesn’t count as “letting go” if you just shut your mouth but remain wound up. Ha! Limit emotion over peripheral issues. remaining closely aligned with your higher principles. Then you can travel lighter. (Eight of Cups/Lord of Abandoned Success/Saturn in Pisces)
  • Proceed forward in good faith, with an open heart. Knowing you’ve truly set aside the unimportant, what’s remaining is reflective of your higher self, your most important vision. You’ve cut out the extraneous already. What’s left is a guidebook for living with emotional integrity. (Page of Cups/Princess of the Waters/Earth in Water)

What do you think?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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08/08/11: Celebrate While You’re Waiting


Got it, got it, got it, Tarot. Queen of Cups, Page of Swords (again), and Ten of Cups. There’s a prescription for happy somewhere in there, when you’ve got the Ten of Cups.

I feel it. You feel it. The person standing next to you feels it. The air is positively buzzing with emotional charge. Real or not, it doesn’t mean you have to DO something about it, right this minute. No need to run with it. Because, hey—you don’t know which way you’d like to run anyway.

I can’t fix you, you can’t fix me, and sure as Hell neither of us can fix the freaky neighbor. So stop trying to figure it all out. Let the facts arrive on cue. The pieces keep adding to the picture until it’s quite clear.

In the meantime, seek joy amongst your inner circle. Look away from reasons to worry, because there’s no sense cowering at shadows. Instead, look for reasons to celebrate. Those are real, right now, and they feel so much better to live.

Can you find cause for celebration?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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Everyday Tarot, 07/29/11: Can you hear me now?


Tarot Déjà Vu!

Damn, Tarot.

Ya’ll have been digging on this Transparent Tarot, so I grabbed the deck, shuffled it up, and pulled three cards. And wouldn’t you know it—they were EXACTLY the same three cards we got a couple days ago—don’t isolate (King of Cups, Ten of Wands, Three of Cups). I KNOW I shuffled. Um…again? Unless I’m missing something in the message. The cards will have to be blunt if that’s the case. Even us Tarot readers have our moments, y’know.

So I pulled a couple more—Seven of Wands and Two of Cups. You see what we’ve got going on here? In every life, there are some burdens that we carry alone, and some battles that we have to fight ourselves. But if we always act from the heart, celebrate (and console) one another, and keep our hearts open to love and partnership, this is what gets us through. Connection fuels our resolve for perseverance and passion for living and keeps the work worthwhile.

The long and short of it? There are breaks in the assault of responsibilities and demands. So when you see one, call a friend! Keep your heart open, connect with people who care about you whenever and however you can, and work through everything, one step at a time.

You can do this…just not yesterday. Be here, now, full present emotionally and you’ll get through. Much love to all who could use a hug!

You see anything else in here? ‘Cause there may well be, since the cards are getting louder!

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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