05/11/13: Self-Doubt Bravado / rev 2 Pentacles


Sometimes a defensively uttered “I got it!” means “Don’t question my ability to manage because I’m not so sure myself.” It’s the same as when the question “Are you alright?” leads to a firm yes followed by a barrage of tears.

That’s what I’m seeing in the reversed Two of Pentacles today: a ginormous heaping of self-doubt.

I’m also inclined to think the coin-juggler can manage, but with caveats. Time off, self-care, setting appropriate boundaries, and solid choices about which coins to juggle and how long he might be juggling them would all be some pretty strategies for this jester. That sea of emotional turbulence behind him belies his apparent singular focus. He IS feeling the stress, even if he “doesn’t have time for it.”

If you are the juggler and you don’t want to drop any of those coins, put some structure into that ride. If you see a juggler and they are yelling at you, “I’ve got it!” take that with a grain of salt and look to offer a little support anyway, even if it’s only emotional. Hell, emotional support may be the most useful gift now anyway.

Are you feeling the juggle?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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12/28/12: Choice in Hand | Two of Pentacles

On a lark, when I was having my Everyday Tarot card-pulling session, I popped some of the Zombie Tarot in the mix. So here we’ve got the Two of Hazards, aka Two of Pentacles. Even though it’s not Halloween. But then again, you never know when some Zombies are gonna pop up, huh?

Tarot twos show us polarities—most often in the form of choices and juggling multiple needs. Mr. Scientist here has everything in hand, although at times, he could get tired of his task or find himself seeking a break, you know?

Realize the choice is yours. Realize there will be plenty to juggle. Realize you CAN juggle it. Just decide, what’s the most important to you and handle it. It takes attention, work and dedication. But it’s fulfilling as well.

See Mr. Scientist? He’s happy and has that Zombie subject in hand. Sometimes it’s tiring, but he is clearly satisfied with his decision.

Do you feel like you’ve got your choice in hand?

The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead with Deck and Instructions
The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead

Hey, don’t forget the Zodiac Look-Ahead Spread for your personal predictions for 2013. These have been interesting and fun so far..I’ve really enjoyed them!

What’s the stumbling block in Ingrid’s Career? Mini Chakra Tarot Check-in

“Career is my main are of concern. It feels like there is a huge blockage here. But if something else comes up that’s just fine too =). I’m open to whatever the cards have to say.” -Ingrid

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Short Answer: All work and no play makes Ingrid a dull chick! In other words, the block in your career is you–you don’t have enough joy in your life, m’dear. There is always a long list of things you have to accomplish before you “earn” a break. Except it’s harder to hit your milestones because you’re not feeding your spirit. A little joy in your personal life becomes the grease on the wheels of your professional life. As a bonus, if you’re joints have been stiff, they should clear up. Ha!

Hope that helps get things back in the flow, dear Ingrid!

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Sulrosscat asks about moving; Video Tarot Reading

“Should I move to the house in Valley Mills?” -sulrosscat

I’ll be glad to see what we can get for you!

Short Answer: It depends. Yes, it will have the benefits you hope. And yes, it will require the sacrifices you suspect. So making the decision is a question of prioritizing which is the bigger deal to you. Don’t expect this to be your only or last chance to get what you’re looking for, either.

Hope that helps!

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10/11/12: Put it Down Already! | Rev 2 of Pentacles


Let’s get to the point—I’m busy! Juggling Pentacles takes it out of you, man.

The reversed Two of Pentacles is looking pretty clear to me today: drop the extraneous or you’re going to lose track of something you’re trying to hang on to. That’s not what you want now, is it?

Delegate, release responsibility (especially if it isn’t yours to begin with), hand off, let go, put it behind you. If you don’t do it willingly, the universe will do it for you.

Do you have anything you could stand to put down about now?

Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

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10/04/12: A-juggling! | 2 Pentacles

20120920_160810 (427x620)

home and work. Family and self. Kids and friends. When you see the Two of Pentacles (Jupiter in Capricorn), invariably you have your hands full!

See the anchor on the housewife’s apron? She is the grounding force, what keeps the chaos all together. She’s pretty deft at handling it all, obviously, but it doesn’t mean that sometimes, she doesn’t feel tired, you know?

Maybe look for help. Maybe plan for easing the juggling down the road. Maybe just look for opportunities to relax. But whatever you do here, acknowledge what you’re managing. It helps you forgive yourself a little when you struggle, and it’s empowering to recognize all that you contribute.

Are you a-juggling?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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