End of the Fight? Weekend Flow, June 21-22

Tarot June 21-22

Damn! This weekend draw has all the characteristics of resolving a long-waged dispute. Whoa.

Saturday, Resolution – Justice: Cut to the chase. Take your lumps gracefully, and hand out whatever blame there is to be handed out just as gracefully. Justice is always (to me) an even-handed, dispassionate recounting of events. Credit where credit is due all around is the way to solve issues today.

Sunday, Partner – Two of Swords: You make choices, your partner makes choices. Today is one of weighing matters out.

Overview/Advice – The Chariot: Focus on what matters. You may not be able to budget for everything you’d like, but know what is at the top of your shopping list. Prioritize.

Affirmation: My emotions are vibrational interpreters. How you FEEL tells you what’s going on. Your gut won’t steer you wrong. So why do we argue so damn much with it? Keep looking for the next best step up.

Does this weekend’s forecast fit with your life? (You don’t have to say how, I’m just curious…)


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03/18/14: Body Choices / 2 of Swords

Two of Swords

The Two of Swords makes an interesting pair with “body.” What choices are you making about your health and activity? Are they reasonable, rational?

The Two of Swords also frequently points to turning points. Crossroads or decision points are highlighted with this card. You can do THIS or you can do THAT. Which will it be?

Here, I want to remind you that your everyday decisions do have an impact on your body, which also has an impact on both your mind and spirit. You cannot only listen to one and ignore the others. If you care for yourself well physically, your thinking will be clearer and your connection will be stronger. Your body and your soul are a package deal.

Think about that next time you’re shortchanging the old bag of flesh, will you? Ha!

Are you making choices regarding your body?

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01/21/14: Have or Eat the Cake? / 2 of Swords

Two of SwordsThis Two of Swords is pretty to-the-point, don’t you think? So I will be, too. Or two, ha!

Paired with “What you can’t change,” this combo clearly states you cannot have your cake and eat said cake. A choice has to be made. Weigh out options in terms of your goals and know that even trying not to choose IS choosing. There is no escape!

So embrace it. This is part of living, man. It sometimes helps me to remember that many choices do lead to the same destination ultimately in the bigger journey. It’s a question of what the scenery and road conditions are like along the way…

You still choosing?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems[Trimmed and Glittered]

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Deck of 1000 Spreads
by Tierney Sadler

01/12/14: More with the Tough Choices / 2 of Swords, Judgment

two of swords and judgment

Have you noticed how prominent the Judgment card seems lately? After I pulled the Two of Swords, I drew a follow-up because really, do we need Tarot to point out what everybody already knows? What I am looking for is something to DO with it!

Yes, there are choices in the air! And not easy, clear-cut choices. They are the kind of choices that stimulate mental conflict. To deal with the situation, we have to stand back, weigh it out (always a good Two of Swords activity anyway), and make our call based on what a detached, balanced weighing of multiple factors involved.

My advice is to start at the end of the maze: what is your end game, goal point, the desired outcome? Work your way backwards from that. That won’t make decisions for you, but it does keep the attention to where you’re going and helps eliminate potential responses that serve no purpose. And that in and of itself is helpful.

Are you facing tough choices?

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards: a 65-Card Deck, plus booklet!
by John Holland

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11/26/13: What Can I Expect? / 2 of Swords

Sometimes when I’m trying to make a decision, I close my eyes and consider each option, looking for a small, physical tug one way or another.

Yes, in public. Nobody notices this ever. Neptune reassured me.

Sometimes I’ll get a tug to one side. Sometimes I get a tug backward (i.e. it doesn’t matter, Dixie). Sometimes, I get nothing. I think that’s when my Spiritual GPS gets bored with my shenanigans, needlessly obsessing over the utterly insignificant.

“Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times.” –Aeschylus

In this traditional (albeit glittered up) version of the Two of Swords, a lady-justice-style blindfolded woman carefully weighs options. Those swords look heavy and by her posture, I’d say she’s quite attentive to weighing those options impartially. Hello, Libra!

I’m not seeing it as a division between right and wrong right now. Asking Tarot “Should I?” isn’t going to cut it today.

Rather, ask “What can I expect if…?” That will give you far more useful insight. Your decisions are your own. So man (or woman) up and make them.

What’s more, there is not one true, right path to your ultimate destiny. Some decisions are important and worthy of considered attention. But whatever path you take holds lessons. Look at each option facing you impartially, understanding all the while you have responsibility for choosing yourself.

And that happiness thing? It’s a lot less dependent upon what paths you take than the glasses of perception you use to look upon the path you walk.

Do you obsess over choices?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

[Trimmed and Glittered]

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10/09/13: Choice without Regrets / 2 of Wands

Two of Swords Tarot Nova

What a graphic version Two of Wands! You carry the weight of conflict and choices on your own back. Consider this carefully when you’re choosing your battles. For most any Tarot Twos, we are solidly in the area of choices, polarity and sometimes, the sense of being pulled in two directions. Today, I’m thinking of this in terms of quandary.

I’m not saying defending your stance is not worth it. It might well be incredibly worthy! I’m just saying consider the cost. (There are costs for walking away from a battle just as much as taking it up, by the way). Be prepared to carry the weight. It’s not a light, fluffy feeling I’m getting here, but it is solid and manageable.

What’s on my radar now is about retaining your wits about you. We are all faced with tests, conflicts and choices. This isn’t “bad.” It’s life!

No matter what, make your choices mindfully. Live in a way you can feel good about; live in a way you would feel comfortable defending. Do the best you know how with what you have to work with each and every day.

As I suggested recently, live as if Karma is instant and you cannot go wrong. Then no matter what happens, you will have no regrets.

Are you faced with a choice?

Tarot: The Complete Kit
by Dennis Fairchild

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