Universal Fantasy Tarot Deck Review

Universal Fantasy Tarot Deck Review 1

Being a die-hard deck fiend, I’ve been known to pick up decks after laborious and loving consideration, or on a split-second of whim of impulse. The Universal Fantasy Tarot falls into the latter category.

I wanted some new blood—er, I mean cards—and have my work to justify my habit. I love playing Dungeons and Dragons based games with my man, and thought this would be a cool extension of that interest. The box was pretty. So I grabbed it and went! I would have benefited from giving it more consideration.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing exactly wrong with this deck. I mean, it’s non-traditional. I have no issue with non-traditional. Plenty of the decks I buy (and review) are non-traditional. I love the Truth of the Tarot can be translated and accessed so many ways!

What I wasn’t exactly computing is that the imagery wasn’t just done in the style of a fantastical world, but has specific elements and allegory directly borrowed from the genre of fantasy fiction. In some cases, the scenes mirror more traditional decks, but in many others, they don’t.

Without familiarity with the creatures and stories populating the cards, I have little hope of reading with them. As in, I’d shuffle through, see a puzzling rendition, mentally conjure up the image of the card’s traditional counterpart and try to merge the two. Not exactly efficient for the flow of intuitive insight, huh?

Cards are lightly coated on a stock weight that’s nothing special, a little taller and narrower than most decks. Card labels include multiple languages, same as the Zodiac Tarot, also a Lo Scarabeo deck. I find the Little White Books largely useless, and this one is no exception. And of course, nothing special for the astrology people.

I also have found I have a strong preference for cards that are not overly busy—as gorgeous as I find the artwork on Shadowscapes, I hardly ever pick it up. All that tiny detail just distracts me and leaves me feeling a little old, wishing for better eyesight.

For me, it was definitely a deck mistake. Perhaps your experience is different.

Random sampling of the cards:

Universal Fantasy Tarot Deck Review 2

What’s your opinion on this deck? You like it, want it or have it?

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