Flavors of Love (for Heart-Day Haters) / Hanged Man, 2 Pentacles Rx, Knight of Cups

Hanged Man 2 Pentacles Knight Cups
I wanted to give you all something special in the dailies for Valentine’s Day—and please hear me out if you find it a wretched holiday. I get it. People hate a reminder, of what it feels like they do not have. So I took that into account when pulling cards.

This mini-spread-on-the-spot is (left to right), the love we have, the love we want, and how to get it.

Hanged Man, as the love we have: Each of us no doubt has some “invisible love” in our daily lives. This is affection we don’t have to seek or to earn. We have family, we have friends, we have kitty cats or dogs or whomever, the souls who show up time and time again somewhere or other in our lives and act in a loving way. We have the universal, spiritual love of our fellow human beings, or the divine if your belief system is so inclined to acknowledge such a current. This is the love we may not notice, tears of strangers upon hearing of another’s pain. We may discount this type as meaningless since it isn’t what we’re looking for. But think of how much the world would suck if this love didn’t exist! And remember not only how much of this you have, but how much you give. It’s worthwhile. Acknowledging it directly amps up the vibration of love in your life overall, makes the world a better place and certainly cannot do anything but good. You can easily add self-love into this category.

Don’t you feel just a little better already?

Reversed Two of Pentacles, as the love we want: We don’t want to have to worry…no hiding parts of the self. We look for comfort that we are “okay” on the days we feel anything but. We look into another’s eyes for confirmation of our worth when we are not so convinced ourselves. We want promises and guarantees and someone with whom to share our load. We want to exhale! The trick about this love it cannot ever be complete. We can get genuine promises, but there are never valid guarantees between mortals. People can die without our permission. We may find those who accept and value us as we are, who may share our load, but they cannot carry the entirety of our self-esteem. They can only support us as we seek to more fully treasure ourselves. Self-worth is an inside job.

It’s true, damnit!

Knight of Cups, as how to get it: Putting aside the imagery of this young Casanova wannabe, he’s onto something. The Knight of Cups drinks fully and completely of every moment. He allows himself (and okay, his date) to become vulnerable in doing so. To open yourself up to love, you have to put yourself at risk for pain! Communicating affection opens up the possibility of rejection. Allowing someone in means you could hurt–perhaps a lot–when they are no longer there. It’s the great paradox of the heart: you cannot have love if you’re not willing to risk losing it. The fact that it’s something given freely (and with risk), lasting however long it does, is part of what makes it so incredibly precious.

FEEL the love in your life that you don’t have to seek, and give of that brand of love freely. Manage your own self-image, but allow those willing to support you in seeing your true value to do so. But no matter what, absolutely, positively allow yourself the risk to feel. Without that, you miss not only the hardest, but also the most rewarding part of life. Isn’t feeling what being human is?

I love you guys! ♥

You have anything to add?

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P.S. With a Full moon in Leo, it might be an excellent time to let go of anything getting in the way of loving yourself!

For the Heart Day VD Haters

Okay. So you hate Valentine’s Day. I get it. Maybe it reminds you of what you don’t have. It reminds you of what you want. And you know…it highlights the missing.

But you know what? That’s a good thing. That’s useful information.

That tug, that zap, that emotional twang that shows up is indication, something in your life is out of alignment.

It’s an oppotunity to get it in alignment.

No, you don’t control who shows up in your life and when. But you do control what your energy feels like…what it’s like to BE you.

Which, in turn, puts you in sync with other people who are at a similar place, energetically.

Happy, high energy people with lots of contentment and loving energy in their lives (expressed in a myriad of ways, not all of them necessitating a Victoria’s Secret credit line), these are the people who are attracted to others like them. And in the meantime, you are naturally going to lead a better life. When you keep your thoughts healthy, clear, when you take good care of your body, when you feed your mind a stream of uplifting and inspirational energy, it keeps you in good touch with your spirit. It makes you shine. Your light comes out and guess what: it attracts! That light not only attracts, but it attracts what’s at the same level as you. You get back exactly what you are putting out.

Don’t you see, it’s a win-win opportunity? People makes shifts. You make shifts. As your energy shifts, the people that come and go in your life with line up with where your energy is. It all syncs up.

You want more, better quality relationships in your life? Then develop a more engaging relationship with yourself.

By not being with the wrong person, you open the door for someone who is a good fit.

Every time you feel disjointedness  with something in your life, consider it gift. It’s a neon sign, lighting up what needs to be tweaked. It’s a big, red blinking arrow, saying, “Look here!”

On the other hand, if you just hate all the chocolate and sap factor, there ain’t much I can do.

You a VD hater?