03/15/13: Seeing the Shiny / 2 of Cups


Mrs. & Mr. look as happy as two peas in a pod, holding hands in the Housewives’ Tarot retro Two of Cups. What stands out to me about this image is the fact both cups are equally full, as if we’re talking an equal emotional investment between the two. There is a beauty in that balance.

They are also, of course, holding hands and smiling like lovey-dovey goofballs. They look at one another and see what they love about the other and little else. I’m not saying that’s all you’ll ever notice. But it behooves you to put the good first whenever and however you can.

If the very best of your loved ones is reflected in your eyes, not only will YOU be happier, but they will shine that love right back at you (and you’ll get more of the best). Give it a try and see what I mean. Look with loving intention and a multitude of flaws melt away.

Can you see the shiny in loved ones?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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03/03/13: All your Mothers / 2 of Waves


You’ve gotta laugh at the cards. Case in point: I’ve been talking about the recurring appearances of the Lovers lately. I just now realized as I sat down to write the column up, this is the “Two of Waves” from the Zodiac Tarot, same as the Two of Cups, which is, Ta Da! A lesser version of the Lovers card. And again, we’re inverted.

This version shows Mama smiling outside the motor home. And you just know, wherever the family is at, it’s her smile that makes it “home.” Mama (Cancer) is beautiful (Venus).

home is not the walls you live within or the furnishings you stick between those walls. A home is made from the people who live there and the love they bring. Even if you live alone! (Maybe especially if you live alone.) Otherwise, it’s just a box with a door, man.

But let’s extend the metaphor a bit. Maybe your real-life Mama isn’t around or leaves something to be desired.Do you have someone else in your life who feeds you, cherishes you, who cheers on? That person may not have given birth to you, but there is some mothering going down regardless. (Bonus hint: That person can be YOU. And sometimes, should be you.)

Seeing this card inverted, I think there may be some lack in the acknowledgement department.

For God’s sakes, appreciate the people who support you, be it in body, mind or spirit! Don’t take their goodness for granted. Don’t nitpick inconsequential flaws. Such support is more precious than gold. Repay it with kindness or even better, offer some to others. If you’re well fed, share a meal with someone who is hungry.

Do you mother or get mothered?

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

Everyday Tarot, 06/10/11: Last Call / Rev. 2 of Cups

two-cups-reversed-daily-tarot-forecastSaturn (work, responsibility) is fixing to go direct in in Libra (partnership, balance) in a couple of days, and it’s a big deal. Saturn is a slow mover anyway, and in Libra, it’s sign of exaltation, there is particular opportunity for positive impact if you make good choices.

That makes today’s Tarot forecast is right on schedule!

We have the inverted Two of Cups or “The Lord of Love,” associated with Venus in Cancer. People prefer this card upright, but even reversed, it’s still not unpleasant energy to work with. You’ve got a primarily harmonious union that might just need some tweaking. It’s an “almost there” connection.

Saturn in Libra demands fairness above all else, if you want a positive outcome. Coming out of a a retrograde period, the time for review is ending, whereas the choices you make now will have significant impact on partnerships moving forward.

lastcallThe reversed Two of Cups reminds us to attend to our unions—discovering areas that are out of whack, lacking balance, distorted or off-kilter. The prescription for effectively working with Saturn energy is always more or less the same—do the right thing! Definition, boundaries and sustained efforts are primary tools for doing so.

If you consistently do your best to act with integrity, and only remain paired with others who do the same, you’ll be sitting pretty. If your relationships are not win-win, though, move fast to correct. It’s last call now and you don’t want to wake up all hung over in a strange bed, wondering where your pants went to.

How are you doing with your relationships?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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Everyday Tarot, 05/09/11: Reflecting Better Relationships/Two of Cups Tarot

two-cups-tarot-card-meaningDoing a daily Tarot column for a while now, I’ve been known to fuss and cuss repeat appearances. I draw these cards specifically for the daily Tarot forecast, relying on Tarot to give what is most needed. So I mean no disrespect to the cards as a tool—I know better than to do that! It just makes my job of thinking of something insightful to say that much harder is all. But hey. I’m not one to shy away from a challenge.

Today’s Tarot is the Two of Cups (again), aka “The Lord of Love” and associated with Venus in Cancer. Nice to see this one upright! Tarot twos speak to union, duality and balance and cups, as representing the Water element, speak to emotion. So the Two of Cups is, at it’s most basic level, a coming together of feelings, balancing interests of two people in a loving (Venus), nurturing (Cancer) way. The relationship may be personal or business, but the feelings are quite real either way.

The good news about seeing this card again, now upright, is that the loving energy and sense of connection that was sketchy a few days ago is now expressing freely. The air has been cleared!

golden-rule-law-of-attractionOne point you’ll often hear mentioned about the Two of Cups is the reflective nature of the relationship. See how the pair mirrors one another? When you have a Two of Cups pairing, what you are experiencing is always comparable to what you are giving. You see yourself reflected in the other, and the other sees themselves reflect in you.

In terms of energy, like attracts like (aka The Law of Attraction). Energy vibrations can be either accidentally or intentionally directed, but we all have them nonetheless. If there is a disparity in vibrations with those closest to you, over time the rates either sync up or the relationship falls away. There’s no other way. If two people do not express a complimentary vibration, they cease to be paired. But since when is following the Golden rule ever bad advice?

So in considering the Lovers’ energy, ask yourself what you see in your partner because invariably, you are offering some version of the same vibration. You want more love, affection, trust or generosity? Express that yourself, and display gratitude when you receive it, which turns it up. Give freely what you want to have, and balance emerges naturally.

Do you see a reflection of yourself in your close relationships?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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Everyday Tarot, 5/4/11: Feeling Disconnected / Inverted 2 of Cups

inverted-reversed-two-cups-tarot-morgan-greerI don’t call myself an astrologer, but I am a sky-watcher. That new moon? Hit my 10th house; all this Taurus stuff coming up is dancing around my the top of the my chart. So we’re talking public persona and reputation.

That’s why I watch the sky. It makes me laugh!

Today’s Tarot is the Two of Cups, reversed. The “Lord of Love” is associated with Venus in Cancer. It speaks to who you love (Venus), the union where you most feel at home (Cancer).

While romance is sometimes referenced, not always. Any kind of coming together, can be implied. But it’s generally a good paring. Twos talk of duality—we have the yin and the yang in equal measure. Inverted, I look for mixed feelings, a holding back, or some kind of disruption in an otherwise comfortable, harmonious union.

You can also see this card inverted when you’re feeling isolated—unloved or unwanted, foreign or inscrutable. Separate. I usually don’t see the Two of Cups for an out-and-out breakup—that’s more the Eight of Cups or Three of Swords venue. The inverted two of Cups shows up more with emotional distancing.

I understand. I’ve had shifts in partnerships, and no matter what the terms, transition are by their nature unsettling. I often feel out of sync with the world at large, and it becomes exaggerated under stress.  So I’m doing my best to be aware of my feelings and deal with them as they surface. I’m focusing on where I want to go, looking to connect to what and whom I love (Venus), people and pockets of energy that feel like “home” (Cancer).

Being aware of your feeling process helps you stay on top of the situation, and finding other outlets eases the sting when you’re feeling less connected. It helps you work your way back to feeling more comfortable.

Are you feeling connected?

Morgan Greer Tarot Deck and Book Set
by Morgan Greer