07/28/13: Activating the Creative Force / Empress Rx


Still inverted, but at least a warm, nurturing card, the Empress reversed offers some comfort from the harshness you may have been feeling of late. It’s incomplete comfort perhaps, but comfort nonetheless.

Look to invoke the maternal, life-affirming qualities of the Empress to get the greatest benefit (and get this energy righteously flowing). This is both invoked and evoked creative energy. Become her inside and you begin radiating her energy, drawing it to you on the outside. Understand that your subjective experience is a direct blossoming of your inner experience.

If bothered by injustice, look to generate justice within. If disturbed by lack of compassion, cultivate your own. If feeling put upon by others’ impatience, consciously call upon patience within yourself. In this way, you can channel the Empress and activate her creative forces.

Or maybe I’ve been spending too much time watching Qabalah videos. Ha!

Are you feeling a submerged creative force?

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08/25/12: Living Perpetually Pregnant? | Empress


I was complaining about the Empress showing up in these daily draws…of course, that is exactly how the cards work. And if you’re writing a column, or doing a Tarot journal, or doing a draw on a regular basis for any reason, you’ll find the same thing.

Some cards show up so frequently, it’s almost like being haunted. Hunted?  Maybe you have no idea what it means. Or maybe you think you know exactly what it means. Whatever you think you know, don’t be overly sure.

The same goes for whatever you think you don’t know.

Mother is home! The Empress is ruled by Venus. She’s the Tarot Mama, with all that entails. She’s perpetually pregnant, and her magic powers of creativity are what transform whatever she touches into abundance.

I think she’s here now to nudge me into higher levels creative freedom. On my radar lately, I’ve been getting pings about living out loud, with an authentic voice as route to professional (and personal) growth.

That takes some guts, if you want to know the truth. But then again, being perpetually pregnant takes some guts, too. Nobody said it was an easy job, being the Empress!

Are you feeling the Empress?

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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06/12/12: Feeling the love? | rev 2 of Cups, rev Page of Wands

8-rev-2-cups-page-wands (625x476)

Man! Partnerships are really getting a beating in the Everyday Tarot lately…maybe it’s Venus Rx, showing us the history and shadow and backwards part of pairings? I don’t know.

If the love’s not all the way there, neither will the results come out as if it were. Don’t miss the message because you don’t want to here it, or because it doesn’t reflect the perfect balance you’d like to see.

You know what’s off. So don’t ignore it.

Are you finding yourself questioning the love?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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08/20/11: The Empress, Pomegranates and Paradox of Mothering

IMG_1542I’ve still got mothering on the brain. Having my daughter home, talking to moms in consults, watching friends lose or worry over their mothers, looking at whom and how I experience mothering is inescapable. So it’s not a shock to see today’s daily Tarot forecast centering on motherhood.

We have the Empress or Daughter of the Mighty Ones, associated with Venus. She embodies the maternal archetype, companion and counterpart to the Tarot’s Emperor. She often appears in a reading to signal pregnancy—literal or figurative. When you see the Empress, look to ways to nourish, nurture and care, for others or for yourself.

As one of the Tarot threes, her emphasis is on creativity, birth and joy. As one of the Major Arcana, her brand of mothering is transformative, both to herself and her progeny. The Empress is a powerful woman not to be underestimated, because her strength stems from the purity of her love. That love is an absolute force of nature, make no mistake. Yin or not, she is a very capable woman.

maj02sHer dress is white (signaling purity), covered with Pomegranates, which hold numerous symbolic associations—many surrounding fertility and mystery. You also see the Pomegranate elsewhere in Tarot, like on the banner behind the High Priestess. Fertility and mystery both surround these women. Both of them carry more force than is initially obvious.

For me, Pomegranates always evoke the myth of Persephone, who ate Pomegranate seeds while in the Underworld. According to the rules of the Fates, she would have to stay in the Underworld for having eaten while there, but her mother Demeter, Goddess of the Harvest, raised holy Hell by stopping all greenery from growing in protest. A compromise was reached, committing Persephone to spending half the year with Hades and forming the ancient Greek explanation for the seasons.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti's Persephona

Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Persephona

You think Demeter wouldn’t have kicked some ass to keep her baby from having to spend half the year in the Underworld? Yeah, buddy! But it wasn’t her choice. And those seasons we’re left with, sometimes kind, sometimes harsh, are very much a part of living, both for mothers and their children. Uncomfortable as they may be at times, they foster growth and perpetuate the cycle of life.

Inherent in this story is the paradox of mothering—you give birth, but you cannot live your child’s life. You cannot protect them from al darkness or (more likely), themselves. So they remain a part of you, but separate. More as they grow, the mother’s job is to continually step back, respecting their children’s process and lessons, while remaining receptive and alert for when loving kindness helps. Stepping back is a much harder job than making sure they eat right and are dressed warmly.

Demeter and the Empress both know, you do what you can for your offspring, but you don’t call the shots once your little creations have taken a life of their own. You may care more than anyone else can, but wrapped in that love is the recognition that part of the caring is letting go. That’s the natural order of life; refusing to do so cripples both mother and child.

The Empress would gladly sacrifice her own well-being for the sake of her children. Except by doing so, she shortchanges everyone. She is not a martyr, because she realizes she cannot offer the same gifts if she doesn’t remain healthy herself. The gift of a good example is one she could not provide otherwise.  The Empress reminds us that mothering starts at home—by nurturing ourselves.

Are you feeling the Empress?

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

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Everyday Tarot, 05/10/11: Mother’s Day Recovery with the Empress

daily-tarot-forecast-empress-legacy-divineHeard some reports on Mother’s Day. Sounds very much like it was a mixed bag for many. I was lucky—I had a quiet, low-drama day, just the way I like it. I received a boatload of well wishes, and my husband made sure to pay me a little extra attention. That’s not easy, since I already command a fair amount of his attention as it is. Ha!

Considering we’ve just had Mother’s Day and it’s undoubtedly still on many people’s minds, I wasn’t too surprised to see the card for the daily Tarot forecast.

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