Incremental Improvements – Eight of Pentacles

The amount of energy most adults spend criticizing themselves–for something, anything, everything!–it absolutely stunning. Usually when things aren’t going as we want, when being kind to ourselves could offer salve for battered feelings, we start in on the “why’s” and good chance, we’re gonna blame the face in the mirror for doing something wrong.

Not successful enough. Not thin enough. Not spiritual enough. Not smart enough. Not dedicated enough. Not kind enough. Not efficient enough. Not busy enough. Not organized enough. Not a good enough parent.

Not enough, not enough, not enough.


You ever notice how little kids don’t do that? Babies aren’t born into bodies, feeling “not enough.” Which means it would have to be something we pick up along the trip. Feeling Not-Enough isn’t something that’s part of who we inherently are.

I suspect the absence of self-criticism has a lot to do with why small children are usually so tuned in–and why it can be so refreshing and healing to soak up that energy.  Babies don’t criticize themselves. And they don’t criticize you. They just are, you know?

You’re at where you’re at. You can find fault with it–and you, for being there. Or you can just be there, and look at ways to make wherever you’re at, better. More like how you want it. More comfortable. More fun. Easier. Softer. Smoother. More peaceful. More joyful.

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Video Transcript

Hey. This is Dixie from A Fool’s Journey dot com. I’m going to bring in the, the vibe of the moment to you, what’s on my radar for you to kinda get a clue about what maybe to expect this week.

So hang on.

I got the eight of pentacles. The eight of pentacles. This is Virgo. Basically, this is just keep working it out. You’ve got what you need. You have the skills. You’re refining the skills. Okay? It’s just do a little. Do a little. Do a little.

Look at it and see where it needs to be adjusted. So this is a pretty comfortable vibe to me. Of course, I’m a Virgo, so, you know. I get that.

Don’t look at the whole, like, what has to be done, the big picture, blah blah blah. Just, you’re chunking it out. Like, a little bit at a time. Just like, this item on the list, and this item on the list, and this item on the list.

Just a little bit, a little bit, a little bit. And trust that all of these little additions are gonna add up to what you need to do.

Do your thing, and then, kind of evaluate. And say, okay, well, I can improve this a little bit. What can I do a little better? How can I put this a little better? And look for incremental, gradual improvements. That’s what’s gonna get you where you want to go. Okay?

I hope that’s helpful to you! And I hope you go out there and have a great week! Take care, peace out from the Goddess. Ommmmmmmmm. Bye bye.

[Outtakes] Virgo, Virgo, Virgo, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.

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Calling Stuart Smalley for the New Moon in Virgo

“Because I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.” -Stuart Smalley

I’ve been noticing a whole lot of self-doubt in the wild recently. “I suck, I suck, I suck, ” boom, boom, boom. Like that. And it just now struck me, maybe this is related to the New Moon in Virgo that’s upon us.

People are quick to point out how Virgo is so damn critical. The un-evolved Virgo can indeed be harsh, I know. But far more than Virgo criticizes you, Virgo criticizes Virgo, man! A Virgo that feels ineffectual, unhelpful, or just plain lacking is the Virgo that heaps nitpick upon  fellow humans with a shovel. This is a classic defense mechanism. When people are uncomfortable with themselves, they become extra critical of others. Whatever stirs up a sense of inadequacy tends to make us cranky, man. With precious few exceptions, a person that says you’re not “enough” is one who isn’t feeling like enough him or herself. That doesn’t mean you’re golden; the criticism may be valid but the way it’s delivered is more about them than you. And vice versa.

If you are feeling unusually dissatisfied with yourself or the people around you…well this New Moon in Virgo provides an excellent opportunity to declare a whole new game. You can check to see where it falls in your chart if you want. Or not, I’m not going to quiz you on it.

The point is, New Moons are a great time for fresh starts, do-overs and new beginnings. Use what you’re unhappy about as intelligence, laser pointing areas for overhaul. List it out if you like. Make a plan, break it down, organize or categorize to your heart’s content. Virgo approves! And if you don’t have much Virgo and have no patience for that approach, okay. Just pick up the biggest, brightest threads of discontent, resolving to taking specific action to make manageable strides.

The details are always what turns things around for Virgo. Because you know what? Those details add up. That’s the “new plan” part of riding the New Moon energy.

And the feeling better about yourself bit can be delivered via details as well. Channel the spirit of Stuart Smalley and remind yourself of specific reasons supporting the conclusion that you ARE good enough, smart enough, and many people that like you. Doggone it!

Because you know what? Stuff to feel good about is there. You will find it if you start looking. Use this simple plan as a 1-2 punch to beat the I-Suck Blues.

You have use for Stuart’s philosophy?

08/24/13: Snail Shells & Slime Trails / Hermit


There are people who would assert that nit-picky Virgos have NO shell, what with the propensity for unsolicited advice. But if Virgo has a shell, they’d hope for ‘em to crawl right back into it!

I ignore those people.

The Virgo who dishes out criticism—er, excuse me, “clarifications” and “assistance”—well, the Virgo doesn’t suffer well being recipient of the same. And you know why? It’s because we are intimately, completely and utterly familiar with our own failings. We have them categorized, outlined and ranked by descending order of magnitude. We have them cross-referenced with childhood trauma and footnoted with DSM-IV differential diagnoses.

In short, we already are pretty damn familiar with our own shit. Or at least, we THINK we are. But therein lies the rub, my friends.

Today we’ve got the Hermit from Tarot Nova, economically illustrated with a snail’s shell on his back. He’s dressed simply and modestly, probably for utility and comfort. Because Hermity-Virgo thinks of things like that.

It’s a time for self-evaluation, pulling back from the stimulus of the crowd to find the voice within. This is necessary even if you feel you have it all figured out; Hell, you need it especially if you think you have it all figured out! The Hermit challenges you to go deeper than before, trudging through the darkness (and maybe slime) that lies within your own shell to get to the heart, the inner truth that cannot be altered or hidden.

If you have problems with this yourself, you can seek a role model to emulate; that’s an acceptable expression of Hermit energy. But just remember whomever you teacher may be, the teacher cannot provide your own answers. Your answers belong completely to you and you alone. And picking apart other people? Well, that’s just avoidance, and it ain’t even in a pretty dress. Start at home, y’all. The work you do on yourself ripples outward, not the other way around.

Feeling introspective?

Tarot: The Complete Kit
by Dennis Fairchild

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Weekly Forecast 7/15: Don’t let perfectionism stop you from acting!

Interesting, to see the weekly forecast share today’s card (although I don’t read inverted on the Transparent Tarot).

Short version: Okay, so everything may not go “just so,” but that doesn’t excuse you from action. Maybe it’s me projecting again–hello, Virgo perfectionism! But either way, I know I’m not totally alone. Don’t just think, don’t just plan, but act. Use the call of your heart to give you info on the most appropriate, effective first steps to take.

You feeling this?

02/13/13: Priority, Surrender / rev 8 of Pentacles


The Eight of Pentacles often shows up when someone needs to work through something—perfect a process, as it were. Traditionally, it often speaks to craftsmanship, careful attention to detail, and simply hammering through the tasks at hand.

Reversed, I’m thinking of it like bread dough: don’t overwork it, or it’s just going to make dinner unnecessarily tough!

We got the Princess of Cups yesterday. It’s emotional, it’s flowing and tidal right now. I liked Bal’s simplification of the faith concept: surrender. That’s a reasonable working definition, if you ask me.

Don’t overwork what you’ve got before you now. Sure, notice the details. Sure, do what you need to do. I’ll never tell you otherwise. But don’t stress over the details. (This is a sun in Virgo card, folks! You may have work at not over-working it. Har!)

But still…don’t overwork it. Just take it all in and observer the tide as it continues flowing.

Are you feeling this?

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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07/06/12: Prescription: Mirror for 1 | Hermit


“No man is hurt but by himself.” – Diogenes the Cynic

The Hermit (Virgo) is both delightful and utterly frustrating at the same time when he shows up in a reading. On the one hand, he very clearly lets us know the information we really need is already available. Great, right? On the other hand, he tells us to “look within” to find it! Ugh.

Not unlike those trite-but-true homilies like “being yourself” to attract a mate or “you already have all you need,” he hands us a prescription that’s a lot easier to give than to swallow oneself.

Notice the moon in the background; the Hermit, like the Moon, is one of the Tarot Nines.  The Moon is all about illusions, trickery and uncertainty, whereas the Hermit’s job is to clarify his singular reality. Both are cards of integration, where light and dark must fraternize.

The Hermit’s task can be grueling because he must stop looking outside himself. While there is power becoming guided from within, there is also plenty of discomfort! The purity of the Hermit befits virginal Virgo symbolism. Because of his self-definition, outside forces cannot taint the well. But neither can they dilute it when the realization runs a bit sour, so it’s a dual-edged sword.

The Hermit tells me I must rely on my own emotional and spiritual resources. A truth can only be mine after I’ve integrated it. He reminds me to stay squarely upon my own path, lest I get distracted by the illusion that I do not chart my own course. Being over-involved in others’ lives, opinions, needs, wants, desires is one way I might avoid facing my own lessons.

My job is singular—learn my own lessons the best I can. Leave others’ lessons to others.

What does the Hermit have to tell you?

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