04/15/12: All about You! | Hermit

rp_20120406_130608_thumb.jpgOh, Tarot is such a cut-up! Yesterday, we got the Mars card. Today, we’ve got the Virgo card. Mars insists on going first, of course. Mars just went direct in Virgo. Virgo power! So let’s put it to good use, since Virgo’s got extra gas.

The Hermit keeps his solitary peace because his journey is ultimately inward. He seeks, studies and looks to understand, and can because he removes himself from distraction. His brand of solitude is not necessarily how we’d want to live our entire lives, but there at times when it’s called for. However, even if he’s not literally holed up on his own, he may be intellectually or emotionally withdrawn.

You’ll see him appear upright when you’re in a period of self-reflection, or perhaps you should be! He tells you the answers you’re looking for are not about anybody else, as much as you may think to the contrary.

The Hermit is all about YOU. Not what anybody said or did or deserves or thinks or whatever. Irrelevant to the Hermit. His question is the same: What does this mean to ME? For me? About me? Look inside.

I think of Tarot this way, myself. Much like the Hermit. All roads inevitably lead back home.

You doing any soul searching?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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Stopping your Virgo from Butting In – Knight Swords

I’m quick to defend Virgo—partially because the attacks feel kind of personal, being very Virgo and all—and partially because we’re largely misunderstood. But even I can’t deny there is some truth to the stereotypes, legitimate reasons for the complaints people have about Virgos.

We are fussy, critical, and perfectionistic at times. Some of us do insert ourselves into situations without invitation. We may even be right, but if anything, that makes the rub worse. It may help your tolerance level if you understand why. And if you have this tendency yourself, I’ve got some advice for you to keep from alienating others with your helpfulness.

Knights/princes usually represent more extreme or polarized energy. The Prince of Clouds, like Virgo, can be both very insightful and very cutting. Directness is expected and the fact may be straight, but some insights end up more overbearing than helpful. Challenges for knights always involve balancing duality of some sort.They are in an eternal quest for balance.

Here’s the thing to understand about Virgo: they don’t just like to serve, they NEED to serve. It’s a deeply rooted drive, and any Virgo ignores it at their peril. Show me a Virgo who feels like they have nothing useful to contribute, and I’ll show you a depressed Virgo. It doesn’t have to be a big help, either. Any contribution counts, as long as they feel they’re improving the situation. You want to feed a Virgo? Let them know you find them helpful.

All this sounds well and good, and by and large, it is. The problem comes in when Virgo doesn’t have an immediate problem to solve or avenue to contribute. Virgo is born processing the details and WILL see the picture that’s askance in any room. Even at your house. Not only will Virgo see it, but knowing it’s not right (and soooooo easy to fix) will drive Virgo to distraction.

That’s when the “helpfulness” kicks in. Either dropping hints or nudging, suggesting or prodding at the start, gently perhaps. Just in case you missed it…Eventually, if you don’t straighten the picture, Virgo may reach over and do it himself. He’s not trying to be disrespectful. It just pains him to see disorder, almost as much as it pains him to walk away from a need unmet. Who wouldn’t want that picture straight?

What would the world be like if nobody paid attention to the crooked pictures? A mess, naturally!  Of course, this often annoys folks, and their frustration leaves Virgo feeling hurt. He is always only trying to help.

I am SO much better about this than I used to be, but will readily admit it’s an ongoing process. Having teen-aged children helped a lot. There is nothing like watching a kid know exactly what needs to be done, articulate it perfectly, acknowledge all the reasons for it’s importance, and then ignore it until it blows up.

At first, you try dropping hints, suggestions. You explain consequences. Nag a little, maybe. Remind. Offer assistance. Eventually, it becomes clear while your ideas may be right and proper, the decision to do or not, does not belong to you. You see there is a greater service in allowing your children the space to succeed by their own hand, or fail and experience the consequences. It’s their life, their decisions and their priorities. It’s their business, and allowing them to mind it themselves helps them grow up.

That is not to say I don’t still struggle with it. If there’s a need, Mom wants to help. Sometimes Mom steps in and does too much. Shocking, huh? Fortunately, my kids love me enough to appreciate the intent even when the expression is overzealous.

There are many ways to serve. One of the strongest is by example. The Prince of Clouds reminds us to be aware of how our words and actions impact others. Stepping in to take over without invitation can become inadvertent expression of someone else’s incapacity. That isn’t respectful and doesn’t serve.

Instead, direct your nitpick-tendencies towards keeping your own affairs in order!  Serve by example and illustrate good results. Others will ask for your help. Direct your helping energy where it’s wanted, and it will do the most good. Your discrimination becomes a gift used in this way. And you really will do more good in the end. Because I understand, that’s what you’re after.

Do you get the urge to fix things without being asked? Got Virgo?

04/01/12: Getting Answers | Hermit


“Meditation is the soul’s perspective glass.” Owen Feltham

Today’s Tarot card is the Hermit (Virgo), chock full of symbolism in this version from the Rosetta Tarot. As one of the Tarot nines, you can expect a type of culmination during this time.

Keep seeking inward, not outward. Open yourself up to whatever messages, insight and guidance you can tune in to in order to guide and process. This is a solitary endeavor, a quiet time. Meditative, reflective and inward are what we’re going for now. That’s how you find what you’re looking for now.

This message is just a little familiar

You feeling the Hermit?

rosetta-tarot-cards (500x525)
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12/01/11: Rethinking Business as Usual | 8 of Pentacles, 7 of Cups

"It is the service we are not obliged to give that people value most."James Cash Penney

Having more than a smidge of Virgo, I fall very easily into a role of service. It’s natural and comfortable for me. I get tremendous satisfaction from helping! It’s what I’m built for, so it’s often win-win. But there are times when I overdo, and find it makes others uncomfortable if it’s too one-sided. They feel guilty, or perhaps feel less capable in the face of having too much piled on that silver platter I’m bustling about filling up. Or I can get frustrated, with the workload, not making an impact, or otherwise feeling out of balance.  That’s the time to rethink business as usual.

8-pentacles-7-cups-osho-zen (550x375)

Man, didn’t we just see these cards? Today’s Tarot forecast is the Eight of Rainbows (Pentacles), or Ordinariness, and the Seven of Water (Cups), or Projection from the sometimes blunt Osho Zen deck. Here, I see encouragement to do a gut check on what you consider your responsibility and what you consider not to be yours. In the heart of a Mercury Rx cycle, revisiting and reevaluating are never bad ideas.

What is YOUR job? In relationships, in living, in your inner circle, what responsibilities do you routinely take on? Are you the catalyst, the fixer, the person who says what others are thinking, or the one that cleans up the mess? Are each of the jobs still appropriate, fitting to who you are now and best served by your continuing? Or do you sometimes act out of expired expectations—either your own or someone else’s?

Don’t assume what you see is the same as what everyone else does. Your thoughts and perception filters your interpretation of the facts. What you take for granted may not be seen the same by everyone else. Feelings change over time. So before you martyr yourself (or start backhanding wantonly), review to determine what is actually wanted, needed, and in everyone’s highest interests. Look deep down, and what you see could surprise you—even change your definition of standard practice.

Are you comfortable with your responsibilities and service?

Osho Zen Tarot Set
by US Games

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Captain Virgo: Thanksgiving Edition

“I’m probably going to the store tomorrow,” I tell my husband. “I didn’t get around to it today.”

“Oh…well, I already had my speech planned.”

“Speech?” I have no idea what he’s talking about.

“Yeah. You know. It’s Thanksgiving. There are probably a lot of cops out. For a good reason! Lots of drunks out on the road.” This appears to be the Holiday addendum to his Dixie’s-getting-ready-to-leave-the-house spiel.

We started with the family motto: “No police involvement.” This is from a joke a friend made–that with teenagers, any day is a good day with no police involvement. I found it amusing, and starting telling our teenagers that as they left the house. House rule! No cops. It started to feel right to say it. Not that it portends poorly if it’s missed. But just if you remember, it feels right. Like an additional blessing, a protection. My double Virgo husband has extended this blessing to cover accidents, crazy people, tow trucks, emergency vehicles, and all manner of potential ills he comes up with on the spot to prohibit.

“You mean you planned it out? You plan things to worry about in advance?” I laughed, previously thinking all the speeches were extemporaneous. I should have known better. His mind never stops.

So, while I’m planning my shopping list, he’s planning the things to warn me about before I go shopping. And this, my friends, is life with a double Virgo. He keeps his bases covered, just in case. I’m thankful to have him in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving.  :plate:

You know any Very-Virgos?


11/01/11: Less Forest, More Trees | Reversed Knight of Pentacles

knight-of-pentacles-reversed-meaningLike a lot of Virgos, you ask me what I do well and I’m liable to hem and haw. You ask me what I need to work on, though, and I’m all over it! It’s not false modesty. It’s the combination of a sharp mind and self-criticism. I find endless areas for improvement, simultaneously dismissing the endless areas I’ve mastered. They should count as much, don’t you think? Because I don’t think us Virgo peeps are alone on this one…

Today’s Tarot forecast is the Knight of Pentacles reversed, associated with Air in Earth. So it’s thinking (Air) about the physical (Earth).  I’ve found Knights have a tendency toward all or nothing thinking, and this one, especially, can get over-focused on the details at the risk of losing sight of the bigger picture. You’ll sometimes see this fellow inverted when people are getting a bit obsessive, or having difficulty managing their physical resources. Gambling, poor financial risks, wastefulness, or following the letter but not spirit of the rules are potential manifestation.

Less trees, more forest now. Less criticism, more credit. Less obsess, more release. It’s time to cut some slack. Start at home.

Do you see areas where you could stand to cut some slack?

Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

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