10/16/11: No Navel Gazing | Justice, Hermit Reversed

“Charity begins at home, and justice begins next door.” –Charles Dickens

Goes both ways, really. Sometimes, I’m way too kind to myself, not seeing the little peccadillos that drive me nuts in others reflect my own quirks. Other times, I cut everyone on the planet a gigaton of slack but myself none. Neither of these approaches is ideal, y’know?


Today’s Tarot is Justice or Daughter of the Lord of Truth (Libra) and the Hermit or the Magnus of the Voice of Light (Virgo), both Major Arcana. It’s time to impartially balance needs; fairness is absolutely required now for a good outcome. Avoid falling into a victim stance or over-focus on yourself. (That goes for being less kind to yourself as well as more kind.) Everybody has to have equal weight here. Don’t withdraw, engage. Break it down, list it out, and give everyone their due. Just maintain fairness and an even hand. This is what facilitates growth.

How are you at weighing out the facts?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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08/21/11: Personal Truth Lights the Way to Abundance | Hermit, Ten of Pentacles

tarot-of-new-vision-hermitOne of my long-term lessons relates to speaking—or more accurately, publicly living–in accordance with my personal truth. Sometimes, it’s challenging because, let’s face it: I stick out! How I see the world is NOT the same as how most do. But as long as I’m ready to adjust my action along with what I believe is a growing understanding of the world, I believe this is the only way to thrive.

Today’s Tarot forecast is the Hermit or the Magus of the Voice of Light, associated with Virgo, and the Ten of Pentacles or the Lord of Wealth, associated with Mercury in Virgo. Evidently, we’ve got some Tarot-Virgo love going as we get ready to hit that lovely New Moon in Virgo next week! I’m excited. Can you tell?

Stay on task. You want your home and family life to feel rich, abundant and harmonious? Then start with inner work. So often, we blame others for our trials and imbalances, you know? We all have our personal challenges, of course. But you cannot (and I would argue, should not) fuss with other people’s issues. Those belong to them.

So your best bet here is to get yourself some quiet time from the outside world to meditate, reflect and simply allow the facts (Virgo) to emerge. Your thinking (Mercury) clarifies. Don’t dismiss detail as trivia. Nor do you need to apply the lessons to other people. This is soul-searching, not psychoanalyzing. Understand what you most value personally, and consider the multiple manifestations of what you value in your life.

Here, clarifying your inner view, seeing your personal truth, is exactly what’s required to amplify a sense of gratitude. As the Law of Attraction followers can attest, nothing brings riches of every variety into your life more effectively than acknowledging the good that’s already there. Feeling that deep appreciation vibrates a fullness and richness that nothing else can touch, and it’s like a prayer to the Universe that attracts more of the same.

Do you feel abundance in your life?

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

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Everyday Tarot, 07/01/11: Wash that Man Right Out of Your Aura! | Hermit

IMG_1402Water holds emotion—weather you’re sweating it out, drinking it in, engulfed in a wave or crying in your beer. There’s still waters and stormy weather. Tears ease pain and expend pent-up emotional energy. We can “throw cold water” on an idea, or drown our sorrows.

I refer to showers and baths as “magic,” because soap and water clean up the energy body every bit as well as the physical body, I’m convinced. Who doesn’t feel better after a hot shower or bath? And that’s why drinking water is so helpful—it keeps your emotions flowing freely. They are less likely to back up.

Today’s Tarot is the Hermit or “Magnus of the Voice of Light,” number IX of the Major Arcana and associated with Virgo. (This card came in inverted, but I flipped the pic to see the chick.) The Hermit speaks to self-reflection, turning inward and limiting contact with the outside world. The Hermit washes off outside influences, isolates to classify, categorize, and come to understand.

This housewife Hermit is suggesting it’s time for a bath—an energy bath. It’s important to keep energy clean now. To me, that is know what’s mine, wash off what’s not. This is the only way I’ll be able to sort (Virgo) my thoughts (Virgo). If you don’t do this, you could be wearing someone else’s attitude and not even realize it.

You give and take vibrations from others in your sphere, and the more energy invested, the more similar your vibrations become. So be aware of who warrants your attention—and take regular time out to clean up outside vibes. That helps you stay balanced and not overwhelmed with other people’s energy.

Bonus tip: Spend time in, on or around water to process emotional upsets. Visualize the water washing away unpleasant feelings. Selenite is known to be a good gemstone for cleansing energy as well—and can be used to clear crystals or other gemstones.

Does your energy need a bath?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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Everyday Tarot, 06/23/11: Turning Up Your Sun

tarot-forecast-inverted-sunWe’ve got some serious Virgo ’round these parts—’course, when is Virgo not serious, but I digress—and that damn Cardinal Grand Cross action has been keeping us hanging off the edge of our seats here. And there’s more yet!  But we’re not completely adrift here.

Today’s Tarot forecast is the Sun, reversed, also known as “Lord of the Fire of the World,” associated with the Sun (duh). Now, don’t let that reversal bother you. Even  inverted, the Sun is a pretty happy card. Long and short of it, things are probably not where you want them to be (yet), but we’re still looking up.

If you’re not feeling much of the warmth yet, ask yourself how you can brighten up the weather. Can you say a kind word to someone? Can you help somebody in need? Can you look at a troublesome element in your life more generously?

The question here is, “Who do you want to be?” Make sure you are, in ways large and small, and you’ll have the power to shine.

How do you turn up your Sun?

Tarot of the New Vision (English and Spanish Edition)
by Lo Scarabeo

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Everyday Tarot, 05/23/11: Near the Deeper Truth / Inverted Hermit

daily-tarot-forecast-hermit-invertedEmotional knowing comes very differently for me than intellectual knowing. Sometimes it’s a nudge, sometimes a whap, but it sweeps through like a hot flash, near instantaneous. A visceral experience, but seems to work in conjunction with my Gemini moon rationality. For it to stick, I have to go back and fill in the blanks with my brain. If I don’t do the processing part, I don’t get full access to the benefit of the insight.

Today’s Tarot Forecast is the inverted Hermit, “The Magus of the Voice of Light,” associated with Virgo. Tarot nines usually talk of endurance or gestation—for a process, nines mark the turning point. At this stage, endurance or compromise may have been called for to make integration possible.  The Hermit is a seeker, turning inward to fashion all the little bits and pieces of wisdom accumulated into a comprehensive worldview.  Inverted, he may just be getting started or in the process of finishing up. Or maybe something is standing in his way. Hopefully not wishful thinking! But he’s a practical sort, so even denial will not interfere with his quest too long.

Virgo thinks. Virgo reasons. Virgo analyzes and weighs arguments, and Virgo identifies the weak spots and shores them up. So that’s the task at hand, while looking for the deepest truths surrounding your current quests. The question needs to move from isolated experience to a coherent whole to allow for assimilation of any wisdom hidden therein.

Even if this card is reversed, I see him as an excellent sign of being on the right track. Maybe he’s prodding you to look deeper for your answers, or maybe he’s suggesting you welcome some new ideas into the mix to fill remaining gaps. But either way, you’re near the deeper truth, and that’s always good news.

How’s your seeking going?

Tarot of the New Vision (English and Spanish Edition)
by Lo Scarabeo

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