Tender: Weekly Flow Tarot, May 9 -15

You know how the word “tenderness” can mean kindness or a soreness, a hurt that is vulnerable?

That’s the temperate I’m getting right now. Tender.

And from both ways. And for the ouchy way, I’m sorry.

So I’m here to remind you, the most powerful protection from the tender causing injury is self-care. Being kind loving to yourself, so you can be kind and loving to everybody else. Without adding undue injury in the process.

For this next week, some sore spots coming in and out of focus, like tides rolling in and out. Tender. And how they heal, how we make our way through them going forward will be shaped and shifted and altered by displays (or withholding) of compassion.

I suggest invoking the kindness bit, as it will ease the sting of the sore spots tremendously. As always, start in the mirror.

May 9 - 15 2016

Monday, Shine – Queen of Wands rx: You focus must be directed upon your own part in the play, not that of anyone else. Stay firmly in your own space, with your own values and objectives and tune out everything off-task to shine your inner beauty all over that mess. Okay?

Tuesday, Find Balance – Two of Swords: This combo smacks of decision-making and compromise. Key is leaning in to principles and values, while letting go of what doesn’t really matter vs. win-lose scenarios. Keep your ego off to the side to focus on objectives and you’ll get further.

Wednesday, Release – Ace of Cups rx: It’s an emotional thing. And it would not take a big change, to shift how you feel from hurting to better. Just a little shift, in the way you choose to frame it. Hone in on what’s kind or loving that you can find in or around the situation. Any way or time you can invoke love, you’re calling upon one of the Universe’s most powerful healing forces.

Thursday, Just Breathe – Six of Cups: Great day for daydreaming, reminiscing, or otherwise allowing your imagination to roam. Please do not put a lot of stress on yourself today, okay? It would be a great time for something fun, and especially activities that remind you of your youth. Exhale, folks!

Friday, Darkest Fears – Eight of Cups rx: Scared you won’t be able to let go of your lifeline? That thing that doesn’t really work for ya so well anymore, but it feels safer? Fear that you’ll fail without what you’re increasingly becoming to expect is a false sense of security? This is a worry about not being able to do without. I’d suggest looking at what the fears tell you about how you perceive yourself because that’s the most fruitful focus of this laser beam.

Saturday, Believe & Succeed – The Lovers: Make your choice, and commit to it. While the couple on the Two of Cups is young love, the Lovers are seasoned. Look to maintain as much harmony as you can between who you are and what you do. Harmony between who you are and what you do yields success. Helpful Hint: At least one of the people you’re believing in has to be you.

Sunday, Giving & Receiving/Heart Chakra – The Fool: You cannot hold onto preconceived notions AND have a completely open heart. The two are mutually exclusive. You have to be open to the energy exchange itself to give and receive. Preconceived notions serve as walls, keeping us from experiencing the present moment and truly being with others. The secret is being discriminating in whom you opt to share heart energy with.

Overview/Advice, Love Abounds – The Star: LOVE GIVES HOPE. Love heals.

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Affirmation, Water: “Water represents emotional energy, intuition, the deep mind and receptivity. Water’s fluidity adapts to whatever environment or form it finds itself in, without losing its essence. As the ocean mother responds to the pull of lunar energy, we, in our bodies of water, respond to the ancient ones. Listen to your inner rhythms.”

This is a fluid week. Understand that there is a heightened emotional sensitivity right now, amongst yourself as well as everyone else. Take your time and take the space to allow yourself to feel your way through the challenges. It’s not only okay it’s that way–it’s perfect that way. Because it’s exactly what we need to get through our respective challenges. The Universe hands us retrograde soups like we have presently s to allow us to rewire sections of our lives. How foolish it would be to waste the opportunity! It really is a gift in ugly wrapping paper.

Purge Therapy, Retrograde Style: I’ve set up a box for donating to the thrift store, and in gradually adding bits and pieces of energy I want to release in this box. I’m doing this very gradually, just when I’m picking up or it happens to occur to me. I’m doing gut checks and reviewing what kind of feelings, what kind of energy is attached to each object. I’m cleaning out emails and pictures. I’m looking at things in my house and saying, “If I were to move, would I want to take that with me? Do I want this to be in my future?” The release you get when you “weed for the future” this way is wonderful.  And what you’ll also find is that circumstances in the physical tend to shift, sometimes very promptly after you cut your energy from whatever you’re purging.

So do that – release. In doing, you’re weeding for your future so your selected seeds will have the best chance to grow healthy and strong.

Are you feeling this?

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02/13/12: Private Moments |3 of Cups, Queen of Cups

“Truth should not be forced; it should simply manifest itself, like a woman who has in her privacy reflected and coolly decided to bestow herself upon a certain man.” –John Updike


Today, we have the Three of Cups (Mercury in Cancer) and the Queen of Cups (Water in Water)—looks a bit sloshy! The Transparent Tarot’s layering creates a very interesting composite. While the communication (Mercury) is full of feelings (Cancer), the watery Queen seems to be a bit in her own world, off to the side. Not surprising, as the Queen of Cups sometimes retreats to her own world.

She feels much more than she says—and her celebration may well be a private one. Look to events having not only a community impact, but also a very personal meaning as well. This is neither right or wrong. Just a reminder—you don’t  know what’s in someone else’s head or heart. I’m not saying you or need to know or there is some deep, dark secret. Only that each individual has their own path. Have faith that you get what you need, and may everyone else, as well.

Are you seeing (or having) private moments?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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11/04/11: Bury that Dead Horse | Reversed 6 of Cups, King of Cups

What works, was right, was the best choice at one time doesn’t always remain the best choice forevermore. Shifts happen and if we’re stuck in the past, we miss the promise of the present. One modest, clearly defined action in the NOW trumps a million years of reflection, planning, or daydreaming over what once was or might have been. Dreams can inspire and uplift, but they’re most effective when based on a picture of the energy as it now exists.


Looks to be an emotional day with the Water Element reigning. We have the inverted Six of Cups (Sun in Scorpio) and the King of Cups (Fire in Water). It’s not the time for nostalgia or acting like it’s still “the good ol’ days.” It’s not. You can, however, do well by remaining true to your emotional feedback system, acting from your heart. The trick is doing a gut check, and making sure the conditions you’re responding to are CURRENT, not old stimuli. Big difference here. The field has changed.

So if you find yourself feeling unsettled, lacking trust, fearful, longing for the sense of safety and certainty from days gone by, that’s a hint right there, your head IS in the past. Beyond learning from the experience, not much you can do there. Instead, try visualizing a release, cutting those energy cords, forgiving and blessing and letting go of old paradigms. They no longer suit and cloud your perception.

The inverted Six of Cups suggests we let that dead horse rest in peace already. The King of Cups promises emotional fulfillment if we stay attuned to our heart, our intuition, via the grand emotional feedback system that serves as compass. It’s easy, if you remain aware.

Got any dead horses to bury?

Tarot: The Complete Kit
by Dennis Fairchild

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10/13/11: Compassionate Zen | Ace of Cups

“Had we not loved ourselves at all, we could never have been obliged to love anything. So that self-love is the basis of all love.” –Thomas Traherne

ace-cupsToday’s Tarot forecast is the Ace of Cups – a nice change from the tension lately!  The Ace is a nice, warm, happy energy. The beginning, of a smooth emotional flow, you know? Shadowscapes shows a still, reflective water in the cup with fish guardians swimming about, keeping a watchful eye.

The Ace of Cups can speak to whomever or whatever you’ve made friends with—it’s a place of comfort, joy, and ease. There’s no cynicism or distrust. As the root of the Water Element, this energy is the very seed, the heart of love.

The Ace of Cups would have you come from a loving place, whatever you’re doing. Let go of frustrations. Isn’t it a relief, not to have to make sure everyone is “all right” by your standards? You’re looking for that place of compassion, where you support what you can and release what you don’t wish to support. This is that sweet spot where Zen lurks.

Whatever concern you have, whatever worry or irritation, whatever fear that crops up? Pour love on it. Be compassionate, first with yourself. Because the love you give yourself? It’s the seed, from which all the love you have to share takes root. Being generous with yourself, there’s less to defend against, less motivation to blame. It makes it safe to open your heart. That’s where you grow.

Are you compassionate with yourself?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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09/28/11: Acting on What you Value | Ace of Cups


“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” –Dalai Lama

I had an astrology reading recently. She noted I’m wrapping up a phase of defining what I truly value. You’d think that wouldn’t be much of surprise, wouldn’t you? But it was. Without the benefit of conscious awareness, that is exactly what I’ve been doing. Today’s Tarot forecast showed up to drive the point home.

We’ve got the Ace of Cups or Root of the Powers of Water, associated with the Water Element. Aces mark potential and  beginnings: young, sometimes fragile energy. As Water, this ace may appear as indication of a new love of any type, a renewed passion of some sort, or even to herald burgeoning development of intuitive ability. The Water element rules feelings, imagination, and psychic ability.

Tarot Nova excels via simplicity, and this Ace is a great example—our hand holds the cup. We have the power. Ivy and greenery exemplifies growth spurred through acting in concert with our feelings. Grapes feed us physically, the flower shows us blossoming spiritually, all accomplished through the virtue of an open heart.

Having what someone else values is irrelevant. Knowing clearly what YOU value, so you can make sure you live in concert, brings the deepest reward.

The Ace of Cups carries a message both simple and profound: follow your heart. Even when you don’t know the way, your heart does.

Are you following your heart yet? If not, can you move in that direction?

Tarot: The Complete Kit
by Dennis Fairchild

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09/11/11: Emotional Hangover? | Queen of Cups

queen-of-cups-tarot-meaningI love my Cancer friends. They have ginormous hearts! They are sweet and kind and touchingly protective of their tribe. Few things are as moving as a Cancer’s love. There’s a purity that’s fierce.

There are times, though, when I see emotional squishiness costs in terms of clarity. Once the emotion starts flowing freely, it’s pretty easy to wind up drunk before you know what hit you. The line blurs between reality and imagination; emotions take on a life of their own and you’d best find yourself a designated driver when the full force kicks in. (Look for some Earth energy.)

Today’s Tarot is the Queen of Cups or Queen of the Thrones of the Water, associated with Water in Water (or Cancer, as Cardinal Water). She’s a very watery lady, this queen! I sometimes see her in reference to therapy, introspection, sentimentality, intuitive work, or just flat out emotionality. This version from the Housewives Tarot is clearly not on her first drink, you know?

The Queen of Cups reminds us to take stock of our emotions. What’s in that drink, anyway? And how much have you had? Just enough to relax, with a free flow of feeling, or so much as to secure a killer hangover? You may not have been counting the drinks, but the tab always comes due. So while it’s easy enough to get lost in the fog for better or worse, stopping to ground and reassess regularly will help prevent reveler’s remorse later.

Do you relate to the Queen of Cups?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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