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Video: Psychic Strengths via Elemental Sympathies in Natal Chart

In this video, Nico explains how the preponderance of elemental energies represented in your chart impacts the way and kind of psychic info you get. He discusses the myths and stereotypes about Water placements being the only psychic-friendly ones. Fascinating!

I have a couple of Air placements, the rest evenly divided between Earth and Water and his descriptions rang quite true for me. This also explains why I hate Yes/No divination questions. I’m very short on fire!

Do you see elemental balances from your chart at work in how you get psychic info?

Foolish Friends: Sacred Gardening with the Help of Auntie Moon

I’m excited to plant my new seeds, arriving to console me after the Great Lily Massacre. But I’m trying to give it special care, extra attention, too. I want these plants to be magical–planted at the right times, astrologically. Blessed and tended with intention of spiritual feeding, you know?

I want the sacred garden to become more sacred! I know I don’t need 100 acres or rare, hard-to-find plants that only appear on holy ground or something. Grandiosity isn’t required for spirituality. But intention, focused energy and channeling love makes anything more sacred. I’m always looking to turn up the divine in the everyday.

So I’ve started following Auntie Moon’s Lunar home and Garden. This is a fun and practical little blog by astrologer and all-around-sweetheart, CJ Wright. She shares the astrological timing our ancestors used for planting and doing household tasks like you’d find in an old school almanac, but updated to fit the principles into modern life and backyard (or in my case, patio) gardening.

I was glad to realize my bulb-planting frenzy was timed to thrive, although I’d certainly not figured it out beforehand. Having held off on the seeds waiting to get pots, now that I’ve got them, I’m itching to go. I’m kind of an impulsive gardener.

But a check with Auntie Moon’s weekly post tells me this Thursday is probably the day to shoot for–a rare opportunity with the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Cancer. I also like Thursday being associated with Jupiter, so I’m thinking that’s when I’ll make my move.

So for now, I’ve got several pots set out and full of potting soil, ready to go. I’ve been setting my intention each time I go outside, just spending time looking at those pots, appreciating the dirt, the earth itself they’re filled with, and looking forward to the beautiful plants that will grow there and feed my spirit with joy as I appreciate them. I’ve said blessings. I take broken gemstones–those poor souls I’ve dropped and shattered–and place them in the dirt. This gives the stones opportunity to get back to the earth and continue to serve. I like to think it makes them happy.

Since I’ve started this, I’ve noticed a great many butterflies visiting me, each time I go outside. This makes me very happy. I think my Sacred Garden is already more sacred. Don’t you?

Do you garden astrologically?

Planetary Energy of Rings on Your Thumb: Activating Mars

Another in the “Rings on Your Fingers” series by astrologer Kathy Rose. Thumbs = Mars!

I’ve always liked wearing thumb rings (when I have done so), but never thought about why. They do, however, feel kind of powerful somehow.

Anybody wear thumb rings?

Plantentary Energy of Rings – 3rd (Sun) and Pinkie (Mercury)

From astrologer Kathy Rose – rings on the third and pinky fingers. I have my wedding rings on my third finger, and have had pinky finger rings, but again, it’s been a long time. The connection to the pinkie finger to sexuality was especially interesting. And great point about the rings needing to be comfortable!

Do you have rings on these fingers?

Rings and Planetary Energy – Saturn / Second Finger

More from astrologer Kathy Rose – rings on the middle finger = Saturn energy. This is a place I’ve never worn a ring or felt particularly moved to do so. That makes sense to me, seeing as how I have a pretty well-activated Saturn in my birth chart. I really don’t need to amp this up.

SaDiablo mentioned she just picked up some Hematite (grounding) rings for her Saturn fingers, to dampen receptivity. Great intuitive choice!

Anybody else have experience with Saturn-finger rings?