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12/07/13: Many Words / Prince of Clouds

This visual for the Princes of Clouds (aka Knight of Swords) doesn’t give us a lot to work with (Zodiac Tarot). Strictly speaking in terms of the astrology of the cards, we’ve got Air in Air. Airy!

What’s clear though: It’s a day for words. How effectively those words communicate depends entirely on how they’re wielded. For the best impact, make sure you’re thinking is clear, rational and presented without equivocation. Waffling isn’t going to get the same results clarity of intention would earn.

Which kind of makes it a perfect day for the first episode of Woo-Woo Wonderful. We’re airing HERE Saturday afternoon, 4pm/3 Central. Thanks for all the kind words of support and enthusiasm y’all have shared with Josi and I about this project. That HAS been clear—and greatly appreciated!

I’m really hoping my mouth is in fine form. Send us good word vibes!

How’s your mouth working today?

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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