The Only Responsibility: Tarot Forecast, Nov 14 – 20, 2016

“I don’t know what’s going on in anyone else’s head. I assume most people mean well and are doing the best they know how under the circumstances as they perceive them–this is almost universally true. I don’t need to figure out the specifics. I just do my best to be happy and kind and live well…and leave other people’s lives to other people. Much less complicated.”

I was talking to a friend, quite upset by another’s behavior. The complaints were beyond understandable and certainly had merit. Many would have passionately agreed with them. I understood completely.

I didn’t agree. I didn’t disagree either. Because it was not my place.  I didn’t feel the need to be outraged or conciliatory. That is not my role, in the conversation or in life. I am not the declarer of what is good and bad in the world, for the world. I am the declarer of what I want for me.

That’s my intention. I’m looking to focus my energy on living MY OWN life the best I can. I have core values that I look to embody at all times and in all situations.  Whether it’s easy or especially when it’s not so easy. Personal integrity, being true to who I am and holding fast to values I find meaningful–this is my only goal. I think of this approach to life as a personal practice. I’m far from perfect in execution, mind you! But I am committed to the practice. It’s made a tremendously positive difference. It gives you a sort of protected space within your own heart.

That groove–being true to who I want to be, while allowing others to do what they will–well, I see this as true freedom. When personal peace is not conditional and when compassion is not conditional and when love is truly not conditional–literally nothing can disrupt the resulting zen.

Of course I don’t like everything I see. Who does? But whatever I see, I do look to apply a framework of love, compassion and peace through which to view it. Sometimes it’s harder and sometimes it’s easier, but it gets easier the more you do it. And I don’t think of it as abdicating responsibility, either. It’s more taking ultimate responsibility for the one and only thing that I truly am responsible for: me!

Live the life you wish to advocate. Those who are vibrationally close to that will be encouraged and empowered by your example. Others will go their own way. This is really the only way change happens anyway. It’s an intimately personal, individual, one-soul-at-a-time affair.

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You can always, always, always have your peace. The trick is, you have to make your own and bring it with you.

Tarot Forecast Nov 14, 2016

Man, the energy in the wild is crazy right now, huh? Fortunately, “fixing” this is not my task. Thank the Gods!  (I’d also say it’s not your task, but that decision is yours to make, not mine.) We’re using the Zodiac Tarot, which is an interesting deck as it’s based solely off the astrological connection.  Some cards will have traditional meanings and others, not as much. But it’s a fun deck and man, do I love that Sun card. So how about a little sunshine to start the week?

Monday, The Sun:  Find joy in the little things (or big). Be silly, be happy, have fun, and appreciate, appreciate, appreciate! It will make for an awesome day.

Tuesday, King of Pentacles: Take care of business. Don’t be afraid to entertain or otherwise offer concrete assistance to those you care for. Not meddling, mind you, but be ready to show up. Stay focused and take action you’re inspired to take and the day should go well.

Wednesday, Seven of Cups rx: Possibility for delusion and confusion. Sort of like a drunken feeling on some level. So be aware. If info doesn’t make sense to you, realize it might not be right. And this may take a bit to come out. Confusion is running amuck! Take it slow and easy and double check facts, okay? No drinking without a designated driver. Watch your back.

Thursday, Six of Cups: Feels like hesitation around issues of trust. Which is fine. Just wait until you’re feeling less conflicted. Take it slow and easy and all will be well.

Friday, The Chariot: And this is an “all will be well” card. If you waited until you comfortable yesterday, today things are move. It may not seem direct, but it is moving and you ARE getting where you want to go. Be confident and enjoy the ride.

Saturday, Justice rx: Maybe imbalances, sense of unfairness or whatever. But it’s coming together. Don’t get too wound up about it. Just take your time and let it work out on it’s own schedule.

Sunday, Nine of Pentacles: Beautiful rendition of this card. Look to what makes your heart sing. Simple things like nature would work great. Good day to enjoy the particulars of natural beauty, walk along the beach if you can, enjoy a leaf or sunset or arrange colors in pleasing combinations. Basically look for beauty and harmony everywhere and appreciate it to have an awesome day!

Overview/Advice, Two of Pentacles: You can manage whatever you have to manage. Understand the sense of burden may be due to stuff you’ve signed up for sketchy reasons: nobody else is doing it, I want people to think well of me, etc. Only volunteer for stuff you want to do, you’d enjoy doing or find benefit from doing. Forget the secondary reasons we sometimes sign up. Anything less than those solid reasons, you’ll be less than pleased.

Affirmation: My attention to it invites the essence of it. What you’re thinking of and focusing on is what you’re broadcasting. Other things, which may seem unrelated, are still of the same vibrational essence. You can tell by how you feel. If you’re thinking on a subject and you feel good, you’re attracting something you’ll like. If you don’t, you’re attracting something you won’t. So change your thoughts or change the subject, but be mindful of your attention and prioritize feeling good.

Are you finding your peace? 

This week’s forecast features the Zodiac Tarot, along with an affirmation from Money and the Law of Attraction Deck. More Tarot writing in my book, Everyday Tarot Archives, or a personal consult can be yours, easy peasy.

12/10/13: Light a Candle and Believe / 6 of Stones

“Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you.” –Saint Augustine

This is the last day I have slated for the Zodiac Tarot in this run. I am happy to end it on a friendly card: the Six of Pentacles (or Stones). Traditionally I associate this card with the concept of charity. Here, we see a inside the church. She appears to be lighting a candle. The “votive offering” is actually an ancient practice. It’s not hard to imagine her lighting a candle with a prayer for her husband, children or grandchildren. She appears confident in what she’s doing. And the healthy plants in the foreground suggest to me a certain kind of stability, you know? This is a place where they are well-cared for and grow.

Being that we’re talking about a steadfast (Taurus) emotional nature (Moon), I’d suggest being both faithful and generous today. Send your good will (with prayer if you’re so inclined), do what you can to contribute positively, and expect it to be so.

Do you have some good will to share today?

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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12/09/13: Wet and Sharp / Queen of Clouds

Oh man…another rather uncommunicative illustration. Oy. At least it looks sharp in the red spread cloth. This watery/cloudy scene belongs to the Queen of Swords though, so we have some idea the vibe we’re talking about.

And talking we are! The Queen of Swords tends towards emotive as that’s a built-in function of the Queens, but hers is an airy sort of emotion. She may have feelings, but she’s not going to go all broody-silent rolling around in them as the Queen of Cups might. She’s gonna let you know, man! And while logic and rationality are among her strong points, sarcasm and a sharp-tongue can follow frustration.

Your best bet today is limit frustrations, be it for yourself or other people. And if someone gets sharp with you, try to let it slide with the understanding that it’s the water talking, not the air.

If it’s you, catch yourself as soon as you can, and apologize. You may not fully “feel” it, but it’s probably the rational thing to do.

Are you running across sharp words fueled by emotion?

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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12/08/13: Value-Added Proposition / 4 Torches

Today, the beauty and value (Venus) comes from the doing (Aries). That’s the message from this version of the Four of Wands. Maybe it’s an event in the traditional sense, or maybe not. Either way, it’s a great day for “putting your money where your mouth is,” as they say.

Put your focus, energy and effort into what you most value and expect satisfying results. Anything else is anybody’s guess. It also turns into a value-added proposition. YOUR energy makes that which you value more valuable.

Do you have plans to do this?

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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12/07/13: Many Words / Prince of Clouds

This visual for the Princes of Clouds (aka Knight of Swords) doesn’t give us a lot to work with (Zodiac Tarot). Strictly speaking in terms of the astrology of the cards, we’ve got Air in Air. Airy!

What’s clear though: It’s a day for words. How effectively those words communicate depends entirely on how they’re wielded. For the best impact, make sure you’re thinking is clear, rational and presented without equivocation. Waffling isn’t going to get the same results clarity of intention would earn.

Which kind of makes it a perfect day for the first episode of Woo-Woo Wonderful. We’re airing HERE Saturday afternoon, 4pm/3 Central. Thanks for all the kind words of support and enthusiasm y’all have shared with Josi and I about this project. That HAS been clear—and greatly appreciated!

I’m really hoping my mouth is in fine form. Send us good word vibes!

How’s your mouth working today?

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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12/06/13: Blooms vs. Weeds / 10 Stones

Ten of Stones (or Ten of Pentacles to the rest of us) is associated with Mercury in Virgo. Here, we see a little girl picking flowers. This expression of the card is very, very physical, earthy and (as far as I’m concerned) beautiful.

The sense of “richness”and a feeling of abundance can be accessed in very simple ways today. Sure, you can come across it traditioanlly via a family dinner in comfortable surroundings. But you can also find it in blooms other people would  deem weeds.

Think about what’s beautiful to you, whether someone else would call it a weed or not.

Do you have plenty of it? (It’s a good day to notice.)

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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