November 6

11/06/11: Digging into Choices | Seven of Cups



“Freewill means that the Universe never judges, never interferes with your own choices – and sees you as a being of equal creative power.” –Joy Page

Some of the hardest and most worthwhile things I’ve done, after the fact I wondered, “Had I known, what all this really entailed, would I have made the same choices?” I’m not sure I would have! In that light, I’m kind of glad I didn’t always know. I did know, enough, however, to follow what spoke to me the clearest. That, I think, remains a saving grace.

Today’s Tarot is the Seven of Cups or Lord of Illusory Success, associated with Venus in Scorpio—dark (Scorpio) loves (Venus) are suggested.

The man here is choosing, between many appealing options. But is everything what it appears? The cup with the victory wreath has a skull on it. Everything he expected, and more? The snake may lie. Is that his inner light glowing under the cloth, or his self-undoing? Will the riches make him happy? Will that dragon protect him, or eat him alive? Care is in order, making this choice.

Your safeguard here lies in digging deep (Scorpio) to define your desire (Venus). Don’t go for the superficial. Sometimes, that’s just a veneer. Know what you most value, and use that as the yardstick. Make sure you stay in line, with WHO you are, who you want to be, and not the expected outcome of the choice. Focus on being present fully as an individual, and the outcome can’t go far wrong.

Have you found recent choices to be what the appear?

 Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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  1. I’ve had to weed through a lot of choices lately. As a Libra, that’s a chore. So, your suggestion of digging deep into what is valued is key in finalizing a decision. I’ve found the selfish choices are usually the ones that explode in your face. But, if you take the time to ask, “Is this in line with what I really value and in the other’s best interest as well as mine” falls into place rather easily
    :turtle: :rainbow: :turtle:

    1. wise words Josi! At least if we are doing what we feel is best, hopefully, it falls into place for others as well…kinda like the Shakespere quote on to oneself be true

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