October 30

10/31/13: Bag of Cookies / 9 of Cups


Nine of CupsOne of my earliest memories is walking around the living room as a small child with a baggie full of cookies my mother had given me. I might have been 4? I don’t know. I don’t know why I had a bag full of cookies. But I do remember clearly the feeling, sheer awe and joy at having ALL THOSE COOKIES. That bag of cookies was the coolest thing ever! I didn’t have to ask for permission or worry about running out if I ate them too fast. I had an endless supply of cookies at my disposal!

It was a good day.

This is the Nine of Cups, a card of fulfilled wishes and satisfaction! I guess if you’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, warm blanket, a gun with plenty of ammo, a radio, and a great view once the bunker-time is done could well be the picture of contentment, huh?

It makes me think—safety and satisfaction varies a lot from person to person, from situation to situation.

My comfort zone, my idea of ideal is going to be different from yours. What’s enough, or better than enough, is going to vary. It might be related to finances, or emotional support, or job security or health or creative outlets or spiritual progress. It doesn’t matter, though, what it is…only that you find and appreciate it.

Think today off all the ways you have exactly what you need. Catalog in your head what “enough and then some” translates to in your own life, and see if you don’t already have quite a lot of it. Even if you’re not quite there, I absolutely promise you that looking at the world this way will bring you a whole lot closer.

Appreciate your cookies. Count them up and savor each bite.

Are you finding “enough?” What about “and then some?”

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Nine of Cups, Zombie Tarot

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  1. Dixie,

    Dixie, did you see all planets that are at 9 degrees today?? Then you pull the 9 of cups! Do you have any insight into the this 9 energy and the repeats? If so please share, I’m curious about your take on this.

    1. I had been noticing a preponderance of 9’s in my daily draws and commented on it a time or two when I saw some astrologers mention the same regarding the planets. I think it’s fascinating!

      I’m not sure what it “mean-means,” but I tend to think in Tarot terms, where Tarot Nines are associated with nearing the end of a cycle, tiredness, perseverance and intensity. It’s associated with Yesod, 9th Sephira on the Tree of Life. It’s associated with the Moon and unconscious mind. To me, it’s consistent with what I’m seeing, lots of unconscious material coming up and becoming more obvious as it plays out in the world. Very odd time, no?

      What do you think, michelle?

  2. Thanks so much for your insight, I just noticed this today and tried to search for some info but didn’t come across much. Then I opened your daily tarot email and BooM!! There was a 9 again… which to me said…. “ask Dixie, she’s got great insight into things of this nature.” YOU ROCK!!
    Wow…. so this is why I have been fixated on unconscious material lately, both mine and others as well as societies. (I’m back at school and we just got done looking at “privilege” and discussing the McInosh article called Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack….http://www.amptoons.com/blog/files/mcintosh.html It is about socially unconscious privileges and how they effect society) It helps navigation when one is more aware of the tendencies that are unspoken/unacknowledged. I do appreciate the note on “end of cycle, tiredness ect ” I’m feeling that more then ever as I try to stay on task while adapting to extreme life changes.

    I’m extremely grateful for you insight!! Thanks again,

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