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Everyday Tarot, 05/07/011: Past Mother’s Day Mourning / Inverted Five of Cups



[This is from Mother’s Day, 2011. I ran across it tonight, and figured maybe somebody needed to hear it. ♥ ~Dix]

It’s almost Mother’s Day. And while countless images of  impeccable Stepford-style family bliss march through our collective consciousness courtesy marketing, it’s enough to make anybody feel inadequate. For too many, Mother’s Day is just another reminder of something they don’t have.

Today’s Tarot is the Five of Cups, inverted. Known as “The Lord of Loss in Pleasure,” this card is associated with Mars in Scorpio. Like all Tarot fives, there’s disruption and conflicted feelings. Quite simply, this is a card of mourning losses. Inverted, expect the mourning to be  cushioned, limited or short-lived.

Now, all those rainbows-and-sunshiny types—like, say, most Tarot readers—are going to chime right in with, “But look! Look! There are two cups still standing in the background! All is not lost! Look at what you still have.”

And you know, that’s true. I’ve said similar, I’ll admit it. But to dismiss the loss without acknowledging it is as big a disservice as to dismiss what’s remaining without acknowledging the loss. It leaves you stuck.

If you pretend like you’ve lost nothing, lingering pangs in the heart are very difficult to quiet. Dishonesty over  magnitude or euphemistic platitudes  about being “better off now anyway” won’t cut it. Maybe you are better off. Who cares? Not you, not right now. It hurts, damnit! Your heart always knows when you’re not being truthful, even if just with yourself.

happy-mothers-day-tarot-kittyAllowing yourself to feel the hurt, though, can let the pain to work itself through your system, like sweating off a fever. Fight (Mars) your way through the depths (Scorpio), to understand the whole picture. Acknowledging takes away some of its power. After feeling the pain for a while, it’s boring and yucky churning up more (unless that’s your hobby, but that’s another column).

Letting the sad pass through, we’re able to find the comfort and joy remaining. Let it come—just don’t hold on to it. Once you give the loss it’s due, it can pass through.

Then, turn to the “sweet” part of bittersweet. Give thanks for the love blessings you do have, those cups still standing. Nothing turns up the good better than being thankful for it. Happy Mother’s Day—may your blessings be many!

I’ll certainly miss my daughter a lot on Mother’s Day. But looking at those flowers she sent sure makes me feel grateful for her. And I can enjoy my furkids. Like Jewels, the Tarot kitty.

Is Mother’s Day usually a happy time for you? What about this year?

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  1. Mother’s Day is a fun day I spend with my mom and sisters… all are mom’s. I think of myself, and have been told, am a mom to the world. I tend to look out for everyone. I enjoy the day and celebrate the smiles, the laughs and good times…and some tears… of growing with appreciation for the learning experience.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. My friend lost his wife a few weeks ago, and wrote to me how he is feeling the pain as their children as still young (teens) and how this has hit a raw spot in the healing process, and how much it hurts him to comfort the kids pain.

    I wont forget the last mothers day I had with mine either, very difficult day with her illness that took her not long afterwards. Jennifer’s comments made me smile, my sons friends used to call me their second mum (groan.. I used to say I have enough on my plate with my own!!!).

    So to all those who dont have mothers to share the day, and I know there are some that may not want to acknowledge such feelings of any description – just remember, we all had one in someway that brought us into this world. That alone can be a very difficult jouney. So like the card for today, let the sorrow pass once you have fully acknowledged it, give thanks for the love past, present and yet to come.

    1. Man, that is hard. So sorry for your friend, Carole. To feel a loss we’ve had to have something worthwhile to begin with, and that essence remains on in many ways. Like your friend’s children. ♥

  3. It’s a tough day for me. My kids are like their dad in their lack of attention to holidays like this, and this is my 21st Mother’s Day without my own mom. A very, very apt card for the day!

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