November 20

Death & Queen of Cups: Life Remodeling


I’m still going through my slow purge and I’m still working my way through my list. The sensation of letting go of so much of the past, making way for the future, preparing and processing that is simultaneously taking place for me is very much like next week’s forecast.

Maybe for you, too.

Next Week in the Cards

Death Queen of Cups

Man. I never will get used to seeing “Death” as the weekly forecast. This one and the Queen of Cups is from my go-to Radiant Rider-Waite mini deck.

As a forecast, Death would point to a difficult, albeit transformative time. I’m not expecting the sky to fall but I am expecting some thunderstorms.

Whatever doesn’t work over the long haul, whatever is compromised, whatever is rotted out WILL disintegrate and become fertilizer for whatever comes next. We’ll be tasked with moving on. Endings are required to allow for new beginnings.

I expect the coming week to be kind of choppy, with sizable shifts underway. It’s all about the transitional phases. Some transitions aren’t going to be clean and tidy. That’s the nature of transition.  That’s okay. I think of it sort of like therapy or cleaning out a closet–it usually seems worse just before it gets better.  That’s what we’re talking here.

The most workable approach will be focusing on the long haul. Think about things like structure, habits, and sustainable approaches. It’s like we’re remodeling our lives, and we’re currently in the “gutting it out” part. There is a payoff for the work coming.

Advice comes in the guise of the ever-supportive Queen of Cups. Do your “therapy,” whatever that looks like for you. Maybe it means booking a real therapist. Maybe it’s a phone call with a friend. Maybe it’s time outside, beautiful music or creating art. Whatever heals and soothes you? Do that! And do plenty of it.

Additionally, be especially gentle your fellow travelers. I mean, that’s always important, but it may make even more impact than normal this week. People can use a little of that “kindness therapy” anywhere and everywhere. You can be the Queen of Cups for others as well as calling upon her spirit to soothe your own soul. That’s a worthwhile endeavor.

Take heart, friends. We’re doing some heavy lifting for sure, but we did need the updates. We’ll be better off for the effort. And in the mean time, keep channeling the Queen of Cups. Her heart won’t steer you wrong.

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Death, Queen of Cups, Radiant Rider Waite

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