August 21

08/21/11: Personal Truth Lights the Way to Abundance | Hermit, Ten of Pentacles


tarot-of-new-vision-hermitOne of my long-term lessons relates to speaking—or more accurately, publicly living–in accordance with my personal truth. Sometimes, it’s challenging because, let’s face it: I stick out! How I see the world is NOT the same as how most do. But as long as I’m ready to adjust my action along with what I believe is a growing understanding of the world, I believe this is the only way to thrive.

Today’s Tarot forecast is the Hermit or the Magus of the Voice of Light, associated with Virgo, and the Ten of Pentacles or the Lord of Wealth, associated with Mercury in Virgo. Evidently, we’ve got some Tarot-Virgo love going as we get ready to hit that lovely New Moon in Virgo next week! I’m excited. Can you tell?

Stay on task. You want your home and family life to feel rich, abundant and harmonious? Then start with inner work. So often, we blame others for our trials and imbalances, you know? We all have our personal challenges, of course. But you cannot (and I would argue, should not) fuss with other people’s issues. Those belong to them.

So your best bet here is to get yourself some quiet time from the outside world to meditate, reflect and simply allow the facts (Virgo) to emerge. Your thinking (Mercury) clarifies. Don’t dismiss detail as trivia. Nor do you need to apply the lessons to other people. This is soul-searching, not psychoanalyzing. Understand what you most value personally, and consider the multiple manifestations of what you value in your life.

Here, clarifying your inner view, seeing your personal truth, is exactly what’s required to amplify a sense of gratitude. As the Law of Attraction followers can attest, nothing brings riches of every variety into your life more effectively than acknowledging the good that’s already there. Feeling that deep appreciation vibrates a fullness and richness that nothing else can touch, and it’s like a prayer to the Universe that attracts more of the same.

Do you feel abundance in your life?

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

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  1. Dixie, I have been getting this message as well, through various other avenues. Speak your truth. It’s difficult for me, because I’ve always enjoyed living incognito. I figure I can think and do as I please, as long as everyone believes I’m just an “Average Joelle” lol. I believe it has to do with my split between my strong Aquarian/Uranian influences and my just about equally strong Cappy/Saturn influences. Hmmm…. maybe just baby steps.

    1. Welcome, Beth. Yep, Uranus and Saturn can make for uncomfortable bedfellows, I know. And this is a message I’ve been getting for literally YEARS. I think “my people” must be insanely patient with me sometimes…

  2. This is right on point, Dixie! Thanks. Oh, and reading the first paragraph reminded me that in my dream last night, I had dyed my hair the same color as yours, except mine didn’t look as shiny. Totally forgot that detail.

  3. I do feel the abundance especially when I step back to see all the blessings I have, including those found here. When I focus on a specific thing, no matter what it is, I have a tendancy for THAT to be my existance & any feelings associated with them. Sometimes they aren’t even my things or things I can do anything about no matter how hard I want to.

    “Stay on task. You want your home/dixiblog/domains/ and family life to feel rich, abundant and harmonious? Then start with inner work.” There has been lots of it this year (THANKS DIXIE) & I need to keep moving forward with this work.


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