October 31

Knight of Cups: Can’t Talk People Outta Their Religion


We’ve been watching a run of cult documentaries. So I’ve been considering belief systems lately: How we get them, how they frame our perspective, and particularly how they change over time.

Things look so different when you look from the present into the past, you know? Not a single minute I’m sorry to have traversed, though. Every bit was the right thing at the right time, helping me move forward from there to here.

You might want to take next week with a similar attitude. Everything is however it needs to be. My job is to be clear in my own head.

Next Week in the Cards

Happy Samhain! As Mercury prepares to go direct (thank the Gods!), we’ve got a full blue moon in Taurus on All Hallows Eve. Looking at next week’s vibe, I would also say we’ve got our work cut out for us.

Knight of Cups King of Swords

For outlook, it’s the Knight of Cups, with sage advice following from the ever-clear King of Swords. Cards pictured from the Gilded Tarot deck.

Tarot Knights herald a very mobile, fluctuating energy–shifts can be quite rapid under a Knight’s watch, although not always. Jumping to conclusions and knee-jerk reactions are likely to be “a thing.” Knights often demonstrate impetuousness, idealism, all-or-nothing approaches, intensity and a general lack of patience.

Knights do, however, tend toward sincerity and good intention, even when the approach is beyond clumsy. That little tidbit might be useful to remember over the next week. Take absolutely nothing personally, because it isn’t (even when it feels that way).

In the suit of Cups, the highlighted realm is emotional. Heightened emotion with chance of outburst.  Intuitive facilities are also ruled by Cups–emotion and intuition share the same channel, essentially–so some may notice increased access to psychic insight.

Staying centered and a routine of solid self-care can make the difference between experiencing this week as flat-out emotionally exhausting vs. taking advantage of added wattage amping up your radar.  How much you get from said signal, however, is be entirely dependent upon how much noise you’ve got running through your head. Ground, center and stay clear. Meditation is your very best friend this week, along with good food, lots of water and plenty of sleep. All of this will help you stay replenished and clear.

In terms of advice, the King of Swords skews towards goal-oriented action or communication. Pragmatic is one of his keywords. He’s not going to try to talk anyone out of their religion. Not only is there no point, but he realizes it’s not his right.  Instead, he makes his own call  when to engage and more importantly, when to disengage. Follow his lead for the best results.

One of this King’s most effective tools is the question, “What do I hope to accomplish?” Ask yourself this question before charging forward and adjust your approach accordingly. It will make a huge difference.

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