December 12

Light Your Match: Weekly Tarot Forecast, Dec 14 -21


Light your match. It counts.

Can you think of a time, when just a little bit of encouragement, a smile, a kind word came in exactly when you needed it?

Sometimes, it’s the smallest things that make a difference.

Weekly Tarot Forecast, December 14, 2015

There are a number of repeat cards from the recent forecast, “Choose Joy.” I totally shuffle, but when you’re doing forecasts, cards have a way of haunting you. So understand, this week my have a similar feel to the first week of December. I don’t usually suss out the astrology to look for parallels, but wouldn’t be surprised  to find them. We’ve got a nice mix of elements represented, with Pentacles/Earth energy a bit louder than the others.

Monday, Choose Your Battles – Seven of Wands: That’s advice I give–and try to take myself–on a regular basis. It’s good advice. We’ve only got some much time, so much energy, so many physical resources. How I spend mine is a matter I take very seriously. I believe I have a responsibility to be a good steward of my life energy, not to squander it. Plus there is that other, pesky issue: sometimes we fight about things that don’t matter to distract ourselves from working on our issues, that do matter. Setting priorities and being very clear on what is one’s business and what is not one’s business is a solid antidote to such problems.


Tuesday, Simply Love/Sacral Chakra – Six of Cups: I really like having this card paired with the Sacral Chakra, the card that came up first in this position (because this deck has Chakra cards). This energy  center rules pleasure, creativity and contentment. It’s so appropriate! And the love of the Six of Cups is not akin to the “it’s complicated” relationship designation. It’s simple generosity–trust, kindness, perhaps naive? Maybe sometimes. But without agenda. This kind of love is very comforting and healing for everyone it touches. So touch!

Wednesday, Strengthening Bonds – Ace of Pentacles: Think “tangible” today. Tangible connections, tangible commitments, tangible results. Measurable? Even better. You want manifestation energy here, even a very early form of it. So show up! Set a date, sign on the dotted line, update the resume, make the purchase–take action on whatever it is you’re toying with in a real, solid way. What is made tangible today sets a string of events in motion.

Thursday, Lead – The Emperor: The Emperor is a tricky guy. He looks so in charge! Almost authoritarian and he can be, a smidge. But more than he’d like to admit, he leads courtesy the tacit agreement of his subjects. Edicts would be without teeth if his example didn’t inspire followers. He also shoulders the weight of responsibility because of that, understanding he needs to set an example. Today, act as if you’re being watched. Not paranoid! But work to set a fine example, behaving in a way you’d be proud to have emulated. That’s the leadership that’s required right now: a fine example.

Friday, New Vitality – Ace of Wands: [Recent repeat.] Get your recreation on! A great day for going out, physical activity, date night, writing, crafts, baking, painting, etc. What brings you joy? Do some of that, and it will be like a breath of fresh air for you!

Saturday, Seek the Truth – Seven of Swords: [Recent repeat.] Observe and run all unsubstantiated claims through the Bullshit Meter. Does it make sense? Is it consistent with what you already know? Is there documentation to back it up? If not, withhold judgement, even quietly. All Tarot Sevens suggest personal responsibility, not group or collective endeavors. So make it your job to do your own fact checking today.

Sunday, Open Up – Four of Pentacles: Get ready for the coming week and pin down details. Do what you need to do to feel prepared, secure and ready for important events coming up. This can be as basic as food shopping and meal planning. It can be a little budgeting, or paying a bill. It can be slating out time blocks for what you need to accomplish in the coming days. It can even be laundry! But look to physical preparations today, for things that make you feel prepared and secure to deal with the coming week. You’ll be glad you did.

Overview/Advice, Dedicated Effort – Eight of Pentacles: [Recent repeat.] Work through it as it comes up, baby! This is a pounding-away-at-problems, a bit at a time.

Affirmation: I am a magnet, attracting unto myself. I’m not going to interpret this as “Law of Attraction” as it’s intended. Instead, I am prompted to tell you to focus on your own experience primarily right now.

What’s important to you? What work do you have to do? What contributions do your thoughts, your decisions, your actions have your life, your community and the world at large? I don’t mean to stop caring about other people. Instead, LIVE in your own now, your own life, your own issues, your own contributions.

There is a world of difference between fretting or lecturing about personal or societal problems–which evokes “problem” energy on a personal level as well as adds to the collective problem energy tone–or taking even the most ridiculously humble step towards a solution, which evokes solution energy.  You can say a prayer, light a candle, make a donation, be kind, help one person, give love.

We can feel so helpless in the face of tragedy, of pain, of hardship and think, “My little contribution doesn’t matter.” But every bit of light helps! It helps light your way, and maybe allows someone else to connect with hope when it’s needed. Like the butterfly effect, love ripples in ways you couldn’t possibly predict.

Light Your Match

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