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08/06/11: Watch Your Mouth! | Page of Swords


page-of-swords-tarot-meaningI was talking to a friend recently, and noting what I consider to be one of the most challenging parts of parenting adult children: knowing when to speak, and when to keep your mouth shut. It’s like from the time they turn twelve for the rest of their lives, the whole scene is a exercise in Zen and self-control. It doesn’t lessen much as they age, from what I can see.

Today’s Tarot forecast is the Page of Swords or Prince of the Rushing Winds, associated with Earth in Air. Ideas (Air) begin (Page) to materialize (Earth). The caveat is that the ideas may or may not be sound—no telling at this stage! Are you trimming trouble from your world or simply running with scissors? Time tells.

Swords suggest conflict. With the page of Swords in particular, I’d watch to make sure all the facts are in and carefully weigh situations before alienating others.

The Page of Swords doesn’t know it all. He just thinks he does, which can get a person into trouble, you know? If in doubt, observe a while instead of running amok with the mouth. Otherwise, it could be costly.

This isn’t to say you don’t have sound ideas now. Absolutely! But the whole picture is not fully developed, and may not be for a while. That’s fine. Let it come together in due time. For now, make like a scientist and gather data. When it’s time to act, you can be confident of your observations and prepared for the outcome of speaking to them, having weighed it out and found confirmation in advance.

Walk carefully and mindfully when carrying scissors. Let’s not put someone’s eye out, okay?

How are you doing with minding the mouth?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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  1. oooh, I never run with scissors on, no, never on Saturday. Sometimes Mondays I run with two pairs..but SATURDAY? No.

    lol, that card is crazy cute

  2. Minding my mouth is not my strong suit, but I do it if I have to.

    What grabbed me from this one is: “But the whole picture is not fully developed, and may not be for a while.” Zing! Right on the head. Again. That’s what’s happening in my life at this time, and it’s a good thing I’m working on bringing to life!

  3. Okay… now I am even MORE wowed. This one must be especially for me today — so specifically on target. I am in the middle of something work related and all of us involved do need to be careful of how we discuss things, simply because it IS so hard for all parties to get the full picture and each other’s perspectives and concerns. Someone could get hurt, but none of us really want that. Will zip it now.

  4. AND… the mothering/parenting stuff totally is intertwined with it… learning when to speak up and when to just keep my mouth shut. Learning what is my responsibility and what is just interfering and meddling in business better left to others or to natural course/evolution to work out.

  5. I got a call from my mother-in-law today. She had bought two things for me while yardsaling with my step-dad-in-law. I was surprised, but her reaching out to me has happened more frequently this year than any time before. So I walked over to her house.

    She proudly pulled out two wall hangings. One actually was nice, though it matches a bathroom decor we had two houses ago (the decor she helped me buy for our first rental house in fact).

    The second one had a huge lead up. She went on about how she and Danny thought it was just perfect for me, how much I’d love it … etc … My first thought when she turned it around was “Burgundy?”

    She then said, “If you don’t like it, it was cheap. We’ll just toss it in our yard sale.” I immediately replied, “Yard sale it.” I could’ve kicked myself at the look on her face.

    So I smiled and said, “Kidding. Love the fan on it.”

    She lit up. We started talking about all the cool things about it. I resigned myself to bringing it home/dixiblog/domains/ and facing the husband over hanging it up somewhere.

    It then occured to me that if I took it apart, the frame was awesome and the matting would work great with a painting I need to frame of a crow sitting on a Crossroads marker as an homage to both our Crow family and my goddess, Hecate, Lady of the Crossroads.

    So … it’s here in my house, waiting for reconfiguration. If I’d just watched my mouth to start with, I could’ve been home/dixiblog/domains/ a half hour earlier and had a very satisfied mother-in-law to boot.

    I’m sure that’s what you meant, Dixie.

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