November 14

11/14/11: Take Your Own Advice, Dixie! | Queen of Disks


queen-of-disksAh, Tarot. There you go, talking back to me again.

Today’s Tarot is the Queen of Pentacles (Disks), associated with Water in Earth. I draw this lady with some regularity, as she is a pretty good fit for my personality! I think of her as a lesser version of the Empress, since she does have the Earth mother vibe about her, and since the suit of Pentacles generally refers to physical manifestations—fertility of a sort, you know?

When you see court cards, you can expect it refer to one of three things:

  • An individual, who matches the card’s qualities
  • Aspects of your personality consistent with the card
  • Energy matching the court card

Regardless of which scenario the court card refers to in a reading, however, you can always use the last rule, looking for that energy, since it will be true regardless. But any way you look at it, we’ve got some caretaking going on here.

For me, this queen affirms I should take my oft-given advice: take care of yourself! If you spend your time caring for others’ needs, family, friends, clients, or even strangers and never save any healing time for yourself, you’ll suffer. If you fuss over feeding others well but give yourself a steady diet of junk, you’ll suffer (and they will too, by proxy). Part of your work is self-maintenance, friends. So today’s Tarot nudge is thus: take care of yourself! Schedule it if needed, but regardless, don’t skip it.

Are you due for some self-care?

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  1. Lovin’ the Rosetta Tarot!!!! Doesn’t it rock?

    To answer the question: God, YES!!!! I am burning the candle at both ends right now and I’m getting VERY worn down. I bought a coupon for a massage this morning though and will make the appointment for myself at some point soon…

    1. I haven’t done the best job of photographing the deck yet, Caroline. The colors are very intense. I’m not a Thoth chick but think this deck is a reasonable introduction if you’re not.

      Sounds like you should make that appointment soon!

  2. I’ve tried to take care of myself, but my body keeps rejecting the various foods, supplements, etc. Stomach issues, and hardly any of it is digesting (which isn’t good for mood, let alone health in general).

    I did avoid going for walks last year, when bertie was sick, though (because he couldn’t go), and we all suffered that way – other dogs included. they seem to be okay now, but my hip and back aren’t. I did just buy a book from Kimberly Snyder, and a yoga DVD last week, that I’m hoping won’t make me dizzy like another one in the past, or aggravate anything else. I started out this year wanting to exercise more often, and take better care of myself, make it a good year… only something keeps stopping me, and it isn’t always self-sabotage.

  3. I tend to put people’s needs before my own. I’m a Pisces, its what we do! I work in a nursing home/dixiblog/domains/ as well so I’m surrounded by sick people and it takes a toll on me. I really haven’t been taking care of myself like I should. I promised myself that I would focus on my health more. Transiting Uranus is about to enter my sixth house. I don’t want any surprises!

  4. Sounds like I’m not the only one. Even if we’ve got a lot to do, good to make a little “me time” too. I’m aiming to take off a bit early and get my hair cut today…

    1. Nope, just cut maintenance. It’s growing out to sloppiness. I’d have to change too many bio’s from “the crazy, pink-haired Tarot Chick!” :laugh:

      1. WHEEWWW! I was starting to itch a little at the mere thought of it!

        Great stuff again today dearie, a little bit of self care today and NO googling HAHAHA!

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