December 14

Queen of Wands Reversed: Impulse Control


The last few years, I’ve aimed to make it more of a practice to mind my own energy.  So if somebody is behaving in a way I don’t like, I try to step back as soon as I notice myself reacting.

Bottom line, I have no rights to what goes on with somebody else, regardless of any relationship we might have. It doesn’t matter what that person is thinking: about me, about the world, about anything. It’s not my business. I may certainly care, but it’s not mine to own.

I don’t know why people do what they do sometimes.  I don’t always get it. And sometimes, I don’t even want to.

Does it always work? Hell no. I ain’t claiming to be Jesus here. But it’s a practice, you know? It’s a process, not event.

Following this practice will probably make next week easier.

Next Week in Tarot

The outlook next week is the Queen of Wands reversed, with advice coming through as the Two of Swords–pictured here from the Radiant Rider Waite mini deck.

This says “frustrated desires” to me. Maybe you feel disrespected or undervalued. I would expect to see dynamics like a battle of wills, attempts to force issues or people feeling generally inhibited from doing what they very much want to do.

When you feel hemmed in, tied down, or somehow thwarted, that’s your cue to take a step back. Don’t act while in the throes of frustration. It won’t end well.

Instead, calm your emotions. Get settled down and settled in, fully in the here and now. Once you feel clear, you can logically weigh it all out and you’ll be able to find the most comfortable course. The cards as suggesting a deliberate and thought-through approach, not impulsive reactions.

The question, “What do I hope to accomplish?” may come in handy here. Or maybe, “What really matters?” Because if you’re acting on impulse right now, there’s a good chance you’re going to be missing the point.

So breathe. Take a step back. Don’t take anything personally (and don’t volunteer to handle anybody else’s baggage, either).

It’s your job to figure out what’s what for you and you alone. Everybody else gets to carry their own weight on that one. While we may sometimes want to step in an “help” because it seems like folks are making a mess of it? Yeah, I get it. But it usually doesn’t work out well and absolutely, next week is not the time to try.

Be the feather – let go and wait until you’ve floated down to earth. Relax, let go and allow your thoughts to clear. Do this and everything goes a lot smoother. Go out there and have a good week!

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