June 6

Surfing the Waves: Weekend Flow, June 7 -8


June 7 & 8 TAROT

This looks like an emotionally saturated weekend. That is neither good nor bad in and of itself, but most likely some of both. I’m thinking of grabbing surfboard here. Don’t walk into the waves or try to run away from them or curl up and cover your head waiting for them to overtake you. Surf the cresting feelings. That keeps you on top of all the emotional tides, where you can be true to the experience but still see what’s going on. You dig?

Saturday, Health – The Moon, Reversed: Maybe trouble sleeping sprinkled with a dash of hypochondria. Sounds like fun, huh? Ha!

Here, the worry looks psychosomatic, for whatever that’s worth. Generalize the concept of “health” symbolically to make this forecast more utilitarian for whatever is on your mind. So you can consider this your physical state, sure. But also think in terms of your emotional state, your psychological state, the state of your relationships, the health of your work/life balance, whatever.

In terms of advice, I’d suggest being scrupulously honest (with a reversed Moon, blowhard can come off as crazy and lies will stick out like a sore thumb). A little escapism, getting wrapped up in a good story, eases the tension. And keep the disaster scenario scripts to a minimum, please! They aren’t helpful.

Sunday, Hopes & Fears – Four of Swords Reversed: It’s hard to put fears to rest today, so don’t bother trying to iron-will through it. Instead, do SOMETHING, anything, any little thing, to help yourself feel more in control or bring your dreams a bit closer to grasping.

I am not suggesting you’ll be able to climb all life’s obstacles by Sunday afternoon. I am suggesting that you can do a spot of research, make a contingency plan, write a list, or otherwise take a concrete, constructive action that is soothing and reassuring.

Coping –  Knight of Cups: With the Knight of Cups as coping advice, I’m going to say mood swings are expected so do what you can to enjoy the ride. Feeling melancholy? Watch a sad movie. Feeling irritable? Scrub down the floors. Feels joyful? Dance! Express those emotions instead of fighting them and stay in the moment.

Affirmation – I can gradually change my vibrational frequency. In terms of reaching for the experience you want, I suggest the “one step up” approach. This is reaching for a thought just a little bit more optimistic, a perspective just a little bit more generous, than where you start. The key is to move upward but stay within the realm of what feels believable and true to you. Taking a one-step-up approach allows you to increase your vibration surrounding issues that are causing you anxiety or stress.

Here’s an example with job hunting:

  • “I’ll never find a job” becomes “It will take a very long time to find a job.” You could believe that, right? But it still feels a little better than the absolute, never statement.
  • “It will take a very long time to find a job” becomes “It COULD take a very long time to find a job.” Will vs. could adds a little optimism but doesn’t deny the time concern.
  • “It could take a very long time to find a job” becomes “I don’t know how long it will take find a job.”
  • “I don’t know how long it will take to find a job” becomes “I continue to apply for jobs as long as I have to.”
  • “I continue to apply for jobs as long as I have to” becomes “I’ll keep looking until I find a job.”
  • “I’ll keep looking until I find a job” becomes “The more I work at it, the sooner I’ll find a job.”
  • “The more I work at it, the sooner I’ll find a job” becomes “I’ll find a job before long because I’m working hard on it.”

So we’ve gone from “I’ll never find a job” to “I’ll find a job before long because I’m working hard on it.” BIG difference in vibration surrounding the job search, don’t you think? It goes from absolute pessimism to acknowledge personal effort and create at least a partial sense of control and even a little optimism surrounding a situation that provokes anxiety for most people. If you had two people, one making the first statement and one making the last, who would you expect to be the most successful?

Most would not be able to leap from the starting point to the end statement and still feel authentic, but in gradual, baby steps it’s quite possible. That’s the basic principle for anything you want to change in your life. If your feeling state is low surrounding anything, start reaching for the next-step-up best feeling statement that you can genuinely acknowledge as accurate. Lather, rinse, repeat.

How’s your weekend looking?

Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires
by Esther and Jerry Hicks

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  1. What I like about your affirmation approach is it has an element of evidence needed for the shift, so baby steps are being taken on multiple levels. It is often hard for me to use affirmation when there is no evidence to support the statement I’m suppose to shift towards.

    1. I know exactly what you’re saying, Michelle. If I’m trying to use affirmation to alleviate anxiety or improve my emotional state around some area, I have sometimes ended up feeling worse because the place I was trying to get to was too far from where I was. It didn’t feel honest and highlighted whatever I wanted to leave behind. I do better with the one-step-up from where I am.

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