December 31

12/31/12: Tools for Disaster | Tower



“Trusting our intuition often saves us from disaster.” Anne Wilson Schaef

The Tower—this one with an inset image or a cocktail party—kind of says it all. Do you see the storm brewing? Hear some thunder? Hear the sounds of apocalypse around the town? Feel the wind tremors of the walls?


Yes, I know I’m a ray of freakin’ sunshine. But what would you rather have? An always-sunny weather report, or one that’s potentially useful when inclement?

This is a hard card to deal with, even a pink-haired Tarot Pollyanna must admit, but sometimes, little warning is all we’ve got and as such, it’s damn valuable. Upon the Tower’s appearance, expect disruption of a significant scale and be as flexible as possible, ready to bug out and change plans on the turn of a dime. But don’t go all hopeless when whatever falls has to fall. That’s not the same as no more parties ever. Just that particular party coming to an end.

Many times, it’s not a complete shock if you’re paying attention, but that’s not always true.

Either way, willingness to release self-imposed restraints (the lesson of the Devil) and hope for the future (the promise of the Star) are some of your best allies and navigating Tower energy. Reconsider your addictions and start making adjustments now. Use your intuition and stay tuned in and ready to go with the flow. That’s how you handle it.

You feeling this (hope NOT)?!

The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead with Deck and Instructions
The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead

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p.p.s. Happy New Year’s Eve. Snort!

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  1. Fortunately, I’m not feeling this energy now. But thanks for the reminder to keep my head out of the sand.

    Happy New Year, Dixie. Wishing you massive prosperity, peace of mind, and cups overflowing with love in 2013.

  2. “Trusting our intuition…” Yea what a great idea-if it works or we knew what our intuition was telling us instead of our ego-ruled deciphered messages.

    For me the Tower is more about revelations(not resurrections)-lol. The revelations of just how much I’ve “taught” my kids. This was big yesterday & I woke up with it this morning kind of disgusted. It’s a very cracked mirror & all the pieces are falling out of the frame.

    1. Ugh, that sounds like NO fun, Tracie. But you know, we do what we know how to do until we know better. Then we try to do better, you know? Whatever the concern, it’s a new year. Good time for a new start, if you ask me.

      Love out to you from OZ.

      1. Yea it’s a new year & a new start but the damage is done. I can’t make them more comfortable, enlightened or at peace by saying “it’s so”.

        You can’t tell someone “ok I fucked up & taught you (fill in the blank) so now that I see the error of my ways you have to stop doing it too”. No what happens is everytime they do or act a certain way you know you did this to make them this way.

        The Tower is letting go of the delusion I’ve actually done a good job. Actually letting go of alot of DELUSIONS about things that weren’t even remotely real. This has been a year of revelations & self reflection (but no resurrections) I HATE mirrors!

  3. Happy New Year Dixie!!!

    There’s tower energy and great sadness and endings but there is also new beginnings and the opportunity to create a better life.

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