April 24

Morgan Greer Tarot Deck Review


Morgan-Greer is a Rider-Waite-Smith clone from 1979. The artwork reminds me a lot of the Aquarian Tarot, if it were done with bold coloring instead of pastels. It’s indeed a lovely deck.

Those familiar with the RWS imagery should find no trouble working with these cards. The basic images and concepts are the same, although there is a little artistic license, particularly with image perspective as many are shown closer in than traditionally.

Nothing special for astrology fans with this deck, sorry to say. So just like the RWS, you’re on your own for coming up with astrological associations for the cards. But we’re mostly used to it by now, huh?

While there is plenty of detail, overall the artwork is especially fetching with bright, richly saturated color. I like the lack of borders coupled with this artwork, as it doesn’t break the flow. If you work with reversals, note the design on the back of the cards is NOT mirrored, so if you’re looking, you can tell if a card is inverted before turning it over.

I’d tell you about the Little White book, but to be honest, I didn’t really look at it. Unless I’ve got a non-traditional deck, I just don’t bother. The cards are good quality and have a very nice coating. I expect them to stand up to use well.

I’d think this to be a suitable deck for new readers, since it’s close enough to RWS that the images will be mostly recognizable for using your books and other learning resources. Or for those who like RWS but could use a little new twist in their readings, it would be an excellent choice.

Here’s a random sampling of cards from Morgan-Greer:

Anyone have this deck? You like it?

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  1. This is one of my favorite decks for several reasons. I like the boldness of the lines and that it has no borders. It’s clear and easy to read. Mostly, though, I have a very fond memory of when I bought this deck from a store called Star Magic in Manhattan. (long gone, sadly) The sales clerk who sold it to me put it in the bag, handed it to me and said, “Read it in good health.” He had the sweetest smile on his face. Everytime I pick up this deck, which I keep in a large box with stones representing each chakra and a gorgeous tie-dyed silk scarf, I remember his sweet smile.

    1. What a great story, cj! I have the Osho Zen because of the zeal of the lovely young man in the shop myself.

      And it feels like your deck is blessed from the start.

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