December 7

2016 Tarot Forecasts: Themes in The Collective


The Year-Ahead 2016 Tarot forecasts work I’m doing isn’t screaming a singular theme to me, as is sometimes the case. But there are definite trends, and I suspect it will behoove any of us to remain mindful of them.

Of course, when does it not behoove one to remain mindful?

The 2016 Tarot Forecasts Say:

“Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

If I had to make one characterization of what to expect for 2016 based on the readings I’ve done thus far, it would be “eventful.”

Even where I’ve had calls for patience show up, it’s not been in the context of static situations. The energy we’re talking is highly dynamic. The patience bit comes into play with being satisfied with progress and outcomes, not stagnation.

In this context, I’m seeing people put aside things they formerly considered important–particularly social approval (or disapproval)–simply because they don’t want to use the emotional bandwidth required to fret about it.

“Level up!”

People always have a mix of easy and hard in their lives–although some of y’all fall more solidly on one side of the scale. But it’s a reminder to me, while easy is welcome, it’s not always objectively “better.”

I keep hearing myself saying things like, “This is not going to be easy, but you have the opportunity to make tremendous progress here.” Like an emotional cleaning of the closets, if you will. Old issue purge fest! Which sounds awesome. But of course, you cannot clean out those closets without getting dirty in the process.

However, I’ve been very grateful to realize: although the challenges shown are not trivial, support avenues are particularly pure and undiluted. Page of Cups in the 7th house relationship position, or the Ten of Pentacles in the 4th house, for home and family. Some classic placements here, offering very clear counterbalance to struggles.

As a result of this phenomena, I’ve been able to pinpoint which avenues people can turn to for solid, unambiguous support when needed. Yay!

“Make self-care sacred.”

If you tend to play fast and loose with your own needs or health, either physical or mental…well, sorry. The importance of staying on top of self-care is coming up repeatedly. Think the Tarot Strength card approach: gentle, consistent, and unwavering.

Mostly, I suspect it’s because the year itself looks to be demanding. Those that wait until breaking point to address self-care are going to be hurting and have trouble making up lost ground. It’s much easier to intervene preventatively than retroactively. So make note, oh self-care procrastinators!

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That’s what’s standing out to me, thus far. If you’d like to help further my research, get yourself a Year-Ahead Zodiac Reading here.

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