Tarot Working Guidelines for Happy Sessions

Folks working with Tarot usually will (or should) have some sort of Tarot Working Guidelines.

Every reader is different, and every person seeking a reading will show up with a different set of experiences and therefore, expectations.

Here, you'll find my basic philosophy, approach to potential ethical concerns, and information about what to expect when booking a private session. (You'll be asked to agree to these guidelines when booking a private session.)

Philosophical & Ethical Tarot Working Guidelines

  • I believe in free will and self-determination. Your decisions are always your own responsibility. My goal is to support you in consciously guiding your own life.
  • Your session is confidential; if you refer others, their sessions are also confidential.
  • I do not inquire about absent third parties outside the context of your personal relationship with that party.
  • I am not qualified to provide legal, medical, or financial advice. Consider Tarot a supplement to (and not replacement for) qualified professional support.
  • I reserve the right to refuse to work with anyone for any reason. Harassment or threats will forfeit the right to confidentiality.

Session Terms

Tarot working guidelines for payments, scheduling and the managing the details of a private session.


Please expect to pay in advance if we've never worked together. Exceptions are extending a session in progress or honoring prior arrangements.

Turn-Around Times

I generally acknowledge requests within a day of the initial contact. Most email readings are completed within a couple of business days. If there will be a longer wait time, I'll let you know. If you don't hear from me within a day or two after contacting me for any reason, please reach out! I may have missed your email.

Time Zones

Please convert times to US Central whenever possible. I will do my best to verify we're on the same page confirming appointments, but it helps tremendously when people just use my time zone from the start.

Same-Day Sessions

I do same-day sessions as my schedule allows, but usually reserve them for people I've worked with previously. It's much easier for me to read through emotional distress when I'm familiar with your vibe already. Folks who are seeking same-day Tarot sessions tend to be especially emotional. I've found a client's state of mind often impacts my work


Please contact me as soon as you realize you cannot make a session so we can reschedule. No-shows are NOT rescheduled or refunded. Of course, in the rare event I must cancel a session, I'll offer a refund or option to reschedule.

Barter & Discounts

I very rarely offer need-based discounts or barter in lieu of payment. Occasional exceptions will be posted or shared in my newsletter. Thank you for your understanding. Regular clients may be offered bulk-purchase discounts or "Frequent Flier" rates. Contact me if you'd like to purchase time blocks at a special rate.


If I'm unable to provide an effective consultation for any reason, I will gladly refund payment or reschedule. Refunds are generally not offered for completed sessions.


I can provide recordings from telephone sessions without charge. Please let me know in advance (and remind me at the beginning of the call) if you'd like a recording.

Email Follow-Ups

You're welcome to ask for clarification on anything I've said in a session. We can reserve part of your time for a back-and-forth discussion if you let me know in advance. For follow-ups beyond simple clarification, please purchase additional session time when you're ready to explore further. 

That being said, I'm always down for feedback on how things played, so long as it's understood such updates are not an extension of the session itself. I do care about how things work out for you!

Help Interpreting a Tarot Spread

Please don't send pictures (or lists) of cards from your Tarot draws and ask me to "just say what these cards mean." That's not how I work. If you'd like a consultation, book a private session. If you'd like coaching to develop your Tarot skills, contact me to discuss possibilities.


See what others have said about working with me. Learn about my philosophy from my Tarot FAQs. Feel free to ask questions if you've got them. Thanks for your interest in working together. Be well!

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