1-Card Video Tarot: Strangest wants financial opportunities, pronto!

“Will I have more money making and work opportunities come up in the very near future?” -Strangest

Oh no! Money woes! I’ll be glad to see what insight I can get for your, Strangest.

Short answer: You’ve suffered a lot of losses (not just financial), and don’t feel like you have much to give. This lowers your vibration and puts off a scent of fear. Work on raising your vibration and your own self-image to increase the financial flow. Looking at probably a month and a half time frame for most of the restriction to ease.

Hope that helps! And please feel free to give us an update, okay?


  1. Thanks for talking about the blockage of energy when we’re in fear or survival mode, Dixie.

  2. Strangest promised an update in the YouTube comments here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fsobjq3JN78

    Thanks, Strangest!

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