Anna’s Long-Distance Romance: What’s next? Mini Tarot Chakra Reading

“I am dating a man that lives in a different state than I do and it’s very serious. I’m curious how things will develop.” -Anna

I’m very interested to see how this one comes out, in the context of chakra energy…hmmm. Hey, I’ll be Anna is, too. Har!

Short Answer: The future is not set yet. There seems to be an under-the-surface battle of wills of some sort–not necessarily between you and the guy, but related to the circumstances. It seems likely you’ll have an “impossible choice” coming (that’s not really “impossible” except that you can’t make everyone happy), probably within the next 6 months. It’s up to you set the parameters around what’s important to you and look to decide consistently with those values. That’s what gives you the best outcome.

Hope that isn’t too much of a downer and helps you out, dear.

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