1-Card Tarot: Why can’t Lilliput quit crying after quitting smoking?

“I just stopped smoking 6 weeks ago but now I can’t stop crying? Can you tell me what I’m crying for?” -Lilliput

I just hate it when I’m crying and cannot say why! (((Lilliput))) Let’s see what we get…

Short answer: You gave up the smoking, but you still don’t feel “free.” Look to the reasons why you started smoking, what the smoking itself meant to you, for clues on how to leave the sadness behind. Hope this helps!

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  1. Thanks Judith

  2. Have to say thank you Dixie. Am really enjoying your site! If I may, I just wanted to share my input on this latest post. Smoking is associated to the lungs, which are associated to grieving. Most people who think back to when they first started smoking can almost always associate their smoking to some sort of loss or separation or trauma that occurred in their lives. Having smoked myself for many years, I found doing certain yoga poses very helpful for releasing cellular grief from my body, thus making the transition of quitting much easier. There are many free yoga podcasts and videos online if you check in iTunes. If you are new to yoga I highly recommend the Yogamazing podcast with Chaz. All the best to you Lilliput. Each day without a cigarette is one day closer to healthier lungs. By the way, have you tried using Botwanana Agate? It is a very effective stone for quitting smoking. Simply carry the stone in your bra every day or soak the gemstone in distilled (bottled) water and let it sit in the sun a few hours, remove the stone and drink up! A glass each day will work wonders!

    • Thank you so much for both your kind words and your input, Judith! I really appreciate it. And love all the things I learn from the folks here.

  3. Thank you so much Dixie, that was really helpful.

    I think a lot of times people have to stop smoking due to health reasons so they are powerless over their addiction and powerless over when they have to give it up. Its a Victim mentality double whammy!

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