Mini-Reading: Will Lee’s kid get into that school?

“Will my son get a placement at the school we wish him to go to soon?” -Lee

Let’s see!

Short answer: The Six of Cups. I sure think so–and furthermore, you can trust it’s going to be an excellent choice. I love giving good news! Lee, we’d love to have an update once you have the final news…

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  1. JUST HEARD BACK from Lee: despite the many obstacles and discouraging signs along the way, her son was just confirmed a spot in the school they wished to place him in.

    YAY!! I wish him all the best.

  2. Lee Satherley says

    Hi Dixie,
    Thank you so very much for your reading. Super encouraging result so fingers & toes crossed as there are limited spaces avaliable. Wishing you were the principal right now. Will certainly let you know the outcome. Love your work sister. Love & Light – Lee (short for Leeanne :))

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