Opening up that Heart Chakra for Lilliput: Mini Chakra Tarot Reading

“No comment.” -Lilliput

Okay. She didn’t actually say, “No comment.” Since questions were optional, Ms. Lilliput didn’t leave one. I’ll be glad to see what we can get on the chakra scene, man.

Short Answer: It’s your heart that opens the way to fulfilling your wishes. Tarot and Dixie suggest some easy ways for opening up the flow in the Heart chakra.

Good luck!

Learn all about working your own charkas in the upcoming workshop session.


  1. Thanks Dixie,I wanted to hear what the cards said and am happy to open my heart to obtain its wishes.

    I’ll start with really thanking you over the year for your generosity, kindness and attention in doing these free readings. They have been really helpful on my journey…..

    • Awww, thank you Lilliput! That’s very kind and I’m very glad to hear it’s been a help to you. This was also a very nice reading to be able to do!

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