2014 Year Ahead Video Forecast: Spoiled Mayo?!

So I grabbed the Housewives’ deck hoping for something light and fun for 2014. You can see how well that worked out for me. It generated another classic thumbnail shot featuring “Dixie’s most bizarre facial expressions!”

Short version: Um, yeah. Big changes, some not easy. But how much those changes end up changing YOU, that’s entirely up to you. As it should be, I guess. Just don’t expect a cotton candy year ahead. Lots of shifting and moving. The upside, however, is that makes the year potentially very powerful…

What do you expect in 2014?


  1. Interesting .. that correlates totally with my own readings for 2014. – well not the mayo .. but ya the theme.

    Gonna be an exciting one for sure

  2. EXPIRED MAYO!!! Are you freaking kidding me LOL.

  3. Oy. Though for those of us with early – middling cardinal planets, there’s also a big fat cross in the sky for a chunk of the winter/spring that includes the Uranus-Pluto square. So, you know. I would be more surprised to see light and fluffy right now.

    I used to tell my ex, who was never fully comfortable in the city: you need the grit to get the polish!

    I’m gonna be a super shiny diamond after these last few years

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